4 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Posts Revealing Pictures On Instagram

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Landing a smoking hot girlfriend can be like a massive accomplishment for most guys until they see her Instagram. It seems like all her posts are flirtatious and suggestive. Although it’s very confusing and hurtful there are reasons why she posts revealing pictures on Instagram, as well as solutions on what you could do.

So let’s get into the 4 reasons why your girlfriend posts revealing pictures on Instagram.

  1. Looking for a new partner
  2. Attention and compliments
  3. She was singel for too long
  4. It’s from her passion and profession

It’s either her personality which causes her to post racey photos, or it could be because she’s looking to entertain being with other guys. Either way, below we will take a closer look at each one, as well as how you could approach her about it, and what you could say.

1) Looking For a New Partner

Female nature as I have studied is much different from males. Women do things much differently in the sexual strategy of attracting a partner.

If you look at most girls that are in happy and committed relationships, you will see that they have a lesser interaction with posting pictures and interacting with others on their social media accounts.

That is because women go out in the sexual market of attracting a mate by showing off themselves and their beauty. When a woman posts more and more revealing photos she is giving a greater signal to men that she is more open to talking and seeking a lot of attention.

Male strategies focus on obtaining access to the vast number of females on the sexual market and seeing who he can see to mate with. As for females, they are more choosey and their action and choice of choosing a man is something known as open hypergamy

What Is Open Hypergamy?

Hypergamy is a women’s taste towards mating. Women will try to date and mate with the best possible man they can find.

When a man and women get into a relationship they strip themselves away from the sexual radar of opportunity. So a man will stop expressing his desire to the vast number of women, and women will have to show that she is off the radar i.e. Not posting a lot of Instagram pics and interacting with a lot of different men.

“Girls that are happy and in committed relationships don’t post provocative pictures on social media”.

Threat Level To The Realtionship: 10/10

What Can You Do?

If your girl is posting a lot of photos, doing polls, bikini pics. She is seeking a lot of attention and validation from other guys. She is opening all the doors for other guys to talk with her.

If your girl is putting herself out there on Instagram in that manner, then there is a problem with her loyalty and love for you.

When your girl is in your frame and you are the best man she could do she won’t go out on Instagram to post all these attention-seeking and provocative pictures.

Communicate to her why she is deciding to post so many revealing pictures. Express to her that it makes you uncomfortable.

It’s not about seeming weak or insecure. If your girlfriend really respects you and loves you, she will try to understand you and work on herself to not make you feel uncomfortable. If she’s throwing lines at you such as “Your insecure” “Stop being childish” That just goes to show you her immaturity.

Decide on how to deal with it. But when a woman can’t respect her man’s feelings, then consider if she is the right long-term partner for you.

2) Attention And Compliments

With dozens of selfies taken every day and dozens more being posted every day, women thrive for that double tap on their photos as well as the attention of the opposite sex.

Unlike men, who get satisfaction and joy from either playing football or playing video games, women get that dopamine release from gathering as much validation and attention from other people especially the attention of men.

So the sexier and more revealing her pictures, the more likes and thirstier comments she’s going to get. Posting on Instagram is like an addiction, your girl might just want to go a bit sexier every time in order to get more likes and comments and therefore fulfilling her feel good satisfaction

Threat Level To The Realtionship: 8/10

What Can You Do?

Although it doesn’t make your girlfriend unfaithful. Posting revealing pictures on Instagram could attract the wrong and dangerous attention of other guys.

When shes posting revealing pictures it’s like waving a steak in front of a lion.

It is impossible and a waste of time in convincing her to stop posting any pictures on Instagram. You can do two things, however.

  • How is your relationship with your girlfriend? Are you complimenting and giving her enough attention and admiration? Girls who don’t get enough compliments and admiration in the realtionship tend to seek for those feeling from other sources.
  • Communicate with her and reach a compromise with her. Never be passive and controlling with your girlfriend. Always use “me” and “I” when communicating. Tell her how it makes you feel when she posts these revealing photos. Tell her you feel uncomfortable and you would appreciate it, if she would tune down the sexiness a bit.

Give your girlfriend the attention and love she deserves so she would stop posting revealing pictures online. Here are 25 gift ideas that are sure ways of giving her the attention and love she deserves.

3) Her First Relationship

Dating a girl who was never been in a relationship can be very hard. Besides the various other responsibilities which come about when dating a virgin, not being in a relationship is going to leave her pretty inexperienced in the field of boundaries and what’s right or wrong in a relationship.

When you start dating a girl and it seems like she’s still pretty active on her social media without any regard to you or the relationship, that is most likely her misunderstanding of the rights or wrongs of the relationship.

Threat Level To The Relationship: 4/10

What Can You Do?

It can be a sign to other guys to hit on her harder when she’s still posting provocative photos on Instagram. But there is no need to worry too much. She is most likely blocking or keeping conversations very timid and short with them.

In this situation, you have to consider how you really feel. If you feel uncomfortable, then it is better to approach her and discuss with her calmly, what the relationship with her means, and what boundaries to set

Exp: “Hey babe since we’ve started dating I’ve seen that you’re pretty active on Instagram, and to be honest in the relationship I don’t feel too comfortable letting you share too much of yourself to the world like that. I’m not the kind of boyfriend to limit you in anything, but I would be happy if we could come up with an understanding”.

4) It’s From Her Passion And Profession

The reasons why your girlfriend is posting revealing clothing doesn’t always have to be something sketchy. Living in this day as a woman there is a chance that she could be doing it either because of her passion or profession.

With the evolution of online business and online shopping, many girls are contacted by clothing brands to be their affiliates. Affiliates work by selling their product online and in return, she gets a percentage of the sale.

Another popular common online pandemic for women is modeling. It is becoming absolutely crazy how most girls are getting modeling gigs. And it’s not something hard to achieve. I’m not talking about Victoria’s Secrets or something crazy.

Many cheap brands find girls on Instagram and ask them to model their clothes on their instagram page.

As for profession. My girlfriend is a dancer and she posts a lot of dancing videos on Instagram, and of course, her clothing is pretty revealing. But that doesn’t concern me because she is expressing and showing off what she loves doing.

Threat Level To Your Relationship: 3/10

What Can You Do?

There isn’t a need to worry or get worked up about it when your girlfriend is posting revealing pictures of herself if it has to do with her passion or profession.

Although any racey photo or video will indefinitely get thirsty eyes and attention from random guys, you don’t have to worry about her keeping her commitment especially when a girl is dedicated to her job or profession.

But if you find yourself feeling worried and stressed, I suggest you talk to her about it. Communicate how these constant photos and revealing videos make you feel.

It’s something she has to do or loves doing, so it might be hard reaching a compromise. But the good thing is letting yourself be heard and felt assured.

And statistics show that 65% of divorces occur because of bad communication.


The situation is simple she either respects herself or not. Why does she have to feel the need to put up that picture when she knows that she’s going to get a bunch of likes from a bunch of guys in the comment section saying things like “oh baby your so hot”

You shouldn’t be mad at the people commenting, if they are seeing sexy photos of your girlfriend that’s what they are going to like and that’s what they are going to comment on.

  • Consider her postion first. Is it her profession or hobby which makes her post revealing photos. Not all revealing photos are meant to entertain attention and validation.
  • Instagram is a very powerful tool for women too expand their presence on the sexual market. So when she’s posting everyday, if its either polls, bikini shots or selfies then something is not right.
  • It doesn’t make sense for a women in a commited relationship to post and interact too much on social media.
  • Im not saying that she is going to do something and cheat. But when a girl has a bunch of dudes making comments on her posts and stories shes definitely entertaining the flirting, but that is dangerous flirting, which has the potential of becoming something worse.

Hi! I hope you enjoyed that article.

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[…] 4 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Posts Revealing Pictures On … […]


[…] 4 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Posts Revealing Pictures On … […]

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