Are Dating Sites a Waste Of Time + Dating Sites That Actually Work?

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There are 45 million dating users in the USA alone. However, many people are now giving up easily on them and calling them a waste of time, just because they didn’t meet their soulmates or they didn’t get as many dates as they had hoped for.

So are dating sites a waste of time?

No, they are not a waste of time. People that don’t find it useful have the wrong expectations of dating apps. Dating apps help you discover people wanting to date and hook up just like you. But they are still people. You need to be able to communicate, stand out, and to have patience in finding someone that you truly match with.

It’s generally hard to date anyone. Whether it is on dating sites or outside a dating site. There are however some hacks and dating app recommendations that I will share with you. These are currently the best option for getting more dates as well as getting into more serious relationships. Such as eharmony and Christian Cafe

Are Dating Sites a Waste Of Time

What do the facts say?

  • 77% of people had gone on a date with someone they had met through a dating app or website
  • 63% of people came across someone they had already known on dating sites and apps
  • 39% of the people on dating sites and websites married or got in a serious relationship with them
  • 49% of dating app users stated that they used these services to look for an exclusive romantic relationship.
  • 23% of respondents listed sexual encounters as their main incentive. 
  • Men make up 52% of online dating users compared to 48% who are women.
  • Female users generally witnessed more negative behavior from their chat partners.

What do the people say?

What is my opinion?

The first time I downloaded my first dating site, I barely even got any matches. And considering that a girl has over 100 more guys sliding into her Dm’s it felt like if you weren’t a guy that was at least 6 feet tall or didn’t own a fancy car, dating apps were a waste of time.

After 4 years of downloading my first dating app and seeing zero success, I decided to download it again around 2 years ago. And just a few months later I met the love of my life. And we have been in a very happy and intimate relationship ever since.

I went from hating and seeing dating apps as a complete waste of time to witnessing the potential it really has.

So what changed? And how did I begin to use dating apps as a tool for success rather than as something which destroys all hopes?

Below, I am going to go over the most negative points people make about dating sites, and then I am going to reveal to you my secret about actually succeeding on dating sites.

1) Women find that men can be rude on dating apps and none of them are really serious about relationships.

I agree with you that men are insane. Most of them want to just get into your pants. And especially when they see that you don’t reply back to them on dating sites. They are going to throw a lot of hate toward you because they think you owe them something.

But, that is not the cause of dating apps. Men are built like that. Even if you were to meet a guy in a club, he’s still going to have the same intentions. Dating apps just set the place for people looking to date, hook up and get into relationships.

Dating apps can actually help you more in finding the right guy in comparison to casually trying to find and flirt with a guy outside. Because you can get to know them better online before you meet. You see their Instagram, you learn about their hobbies and you can get more comfortable before you actually go on a date.

“Many women have had their hearts broken on dating apps and many of other women have found their soulmates”

And it has nothing to do with luck. There is no such thing as luck. We all create our own luck. Through how we think and how we approach things.

My Advice For Women On Dating Sites:

  • Find the right dating site: Many dating apps these days have become driven by money. Scroll down further as I explain why apps like Tinder are a waste of time and why you should be using dating sites such as eharmony.
  • Don’t drag it out too much: Don’t try to learn everything about the guy on the dating site. Once you have established an attraction, meet up with him. And let the other questions build the attraction more. (You won’t be able to build greater attraction if you have nothing to discuss more)
  • Build the right profile: Design and build your profile around who you want to attract to your page. Write a description describing who you are and what you find interesting. Put pictures of yourself doing your favorite things. (Don’t just put selfies of yourself looking nice)
  • Be honest and open: “He is either going to like you for what you look like, sound like or they won’t” Don’t try to use filters, or don’t try to take pictures from just the waste up to just impress these guys. Being more open and honest about who you really are, might not get you more likes but it will get your matches and likes from the right guys.

2) Men have a very slim chance of succeeding on dating apps”

Everything in life is harder for men. Why do you think the king on a chess board can only be moved one block and the queen on the chess board can move in all directions? It requires more time and hard work for men to just make one single move.

A girl can move and live on a yacht with a random guy tomorrow. While it took years of hard work and struggle for that one guy to get the yacht in order to get girls.

I think many guys get the wrong impression of dating apps. I believe that they think that it should be this easy-to-access thing to dating and getting laid.

In comparison to picking up girls in the mall or the club, dating apps are much better.

I mean you have all these options and girls putting it out there that they are single and ready to mingle.

My Advice For Men On Dating Sites:

  • Find the right dating site: Many dating apps these days have become driven by money. Scroll down, further as I explain why apps like Tinder are a waste of time and why you should be using dating sites such as or Christian Cafe
  • It does not matter what you have or what you look like: Change the mindset that you are not a top top-tier man. You don’t need to be this adonis to get girls. I am 5’5″ feet tall without a car or many expensive things, but I learned the secret to getting girls on dating sites.
  • Pictures and a Profile which girls can Trust: Guys don’t take many pictures in comparison to women, but it can just be your door to having more women consider giving you a chance. Besides, take pictures, and make sure your profile has everything about you. Women can be very cautious about who they meet or talk to. So make sure you have your Instagram account there and a nice description of who you are.
  • Learn game: Saying, “Hey” , “Hi” , “You are Hot” or “Hey where do you live” will cut your chance to absolutely zero. She has 100 guys on her dating app and another 100 on her Instagram. Stand out!!! And learn how to keep the rhythm going.

Thank me later. Here is a course called “Unlock the scambler” It’ll teach you everything you need to know when it comes to getting women online or in person

  • Quality time over Quantity: Dating apps can be addicting. Make sure you’re not wasting hours on end on them. Put an hour a day on them, but make sure you are making the best use of your time. Generate and come up with good lines and responses to hook her on.
  • Focus on yourself: Dating women is like getting a top job or getting into a very good university. You need to differentiate yourself from the other guys. If you don’t have a mansion show your potential in confidence, body, humor, and seduction.
  • Learn more about women and dating: Getting a woman isn’t actually the hardest part. Keeping her and building a long-lasting relationship is the hardest part. Don’t go through your relationship without thinking its all going to be fine. You’ve got to know how women think as well as what you should do when things get out of hand in your relationship.

If you want to build a relationship that lasts, make sure you check out this course.

What is your opinion?

I would love to hear from you.

What do you think about dating sites and applications? Are dating apps a waste of time or not? Share some of your favorite stories or struggles.

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What are The Best Dating Sites Applications Out there Right Now?


eharmony has one of the best algorithms out there for doing searches and locating possibly suitable companions for you. And another is that its more costly than most dating sites out there – Which is actually a positive thing.

If you’re seeking a committed relationship, eHarmony is definitely the finest pond to fish in.

If you are interested in joining eharmony click the link here

eHarmony tends to self-select for individuals who are more mature, have more discretionary cash, and are more eager in finding a mate for a long-term relationship than one for a one-night.

The fact that it is a paid service also means that users won’t bother setting up phony profiles, reducing the risk of catfishing and people lying about their identities.

Tinder and other dating apps tend to become overwhelming. Becasue you can scroll through every user on the platform. eHarmony however doesn’t offer a search results page where you can view and scroll through every user on the site.

Instead, it only offers you a small number of daily matches that the computer predicts will be a good fit for you.

At first, this can be beneficial because it prevents the above-mentioned overwhelming issues.

However, if you believe the personality test it put you through was inaccurate, or the algorithm is being a little too strict in choosing who it sends you, it may get a little annoying over time.

But besides that, I loved how eharmony actually felt like a real dating site rather than being this overwhelming and noisy dating site such as Tinder.

Christian Cafe

44% of American state that having similar religious beliefs was key to a successful marriage.

Christian Cafe consistently receives good ratings from users seeking for a mate who shares their religious beliefs, especially when compared to other faith-based dating applications.

Since its launch in 1999, this online dating service has paired hundreds of thousands of couples searching for long-term relationships. It claims to be responsible for roughly 30% of partnerships that started online. There are millions of its members, most of them are young adults in their twenties to forties.

If you are interested in joining Christian Cafe click here to get your 10 day free trial

Because it is exclusively for Christians, members won’t have to worry about dating people who don’t share their beliefs or who are just looking for hookups or more. This website and app is a favorite among faith-based singles. Rather than people looking for a one-night stand.

Why Tinder Is Not On The List?

When we think of online dating, our first thought is going to be Tinder. Tinder has become the giant of dating apps. But, this massive dating site’s time has come to an end. In accomplishing of being in a real relationship.

These giant corporations such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder have now become money driven. Meaning they will do their absolute best to get you addicted to their platform and make you waste your time and money more on them

The most frequent criticism is that Tinder “gamify” dating. According to my observations, this is typically the main cause of my friends’ complaints about dating apps: the continual display of profiles that must be evaluated and divided into “yes” and “no” piles eventually gives the impression that you are playing a game rather than looking for love.

In a documentary I watched not too long ago described how Tinder uses the same user mechanisms as gambling. So they are just trying to keep you hooked, with the intention of gettin you to enjoy the application rather than to find romance and a relationship.


Dating apps are waste of time depending on your expectations. Dating apps are simply social networking sites aimed at people wanting to meet and date other people with similar interests.

But, unfortunately, there are a few things you are doing wrong which make you “feel as if dating sites are a waste of time”

  • You are on the wrong dating applications. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have become too mainstream. These applications are more concerned with making money rather than helping you. Opt to join dating sites such as eharmony and Christian Cafe, their intentions are more clear in helping people.
  • As a guy, you have to build a lot of trust through your profile. Meaning that the girl should not have any questions in her mind about what you look like and what you like doing.
  • As a girl you should not jump into a guys arms just becasue he said he few charming words. Build the friendship first and dont have sex too early. Make him earn it.
  • Don’t waste your whole day on dating sites. An hour a day is enough. Remember quantity over quality. The faster you rush it the worse it’ll be. Try to enjoy the processes

Here are a few recommendations I have for relationship courses

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Getting back with your Ex“Seduce Your Ex” is one of the best, no-nonsense books on recovering from damaged relationships and how to get your ex-boyfriend back that I have ever read. Jason Collins definitely shows he is a very experienced relationship coach. The book is packed with immediate, usable information and can help you get him back very quickly.

How to turn any girl into your girlfriend: The course “Unlock The Scrambler” is a system that teaches men how to make any girl into your girlfriend and how you can come out the same cycle of getting rejected and working hard for a girl.

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