Best Friend Likes My Brother| Tips On What To Do

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Having a best friend is not like any other friendship. It’s like this inseparable bond that goes beyond telling each other how much you’ll do for them, you share everything and support each other through thick and thin.

When you’re best friend likes your brother, it can feel like a surprise and a threat to your friendship with your friend. But don’t worry I will give you some tips on how to handle the situation.

Before we jump into the article, let me give you a quick answer to what to do when your best friend likes your brother.

The best thing you can do is to talk to your best friend about it first. Have a talk with her about how serious she is about dating and being in a relationship with your brother. And vice-versa have the same talk with your brother about dating your best friend. The more serious and committed they seem to be the better it will be for your friendship with your friend and brother.

Best Friend Likes My Brother

Romantic interests among your friends and family relatives can become a problem if you aren’t really sure about the people dating each other. Issues in their relationship can affect your life badly. Continue on reading as I explain more in detail how to avoid these bad situations.

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What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Likes Your Brother?

Before you decide on what you should do when your best friend likes your brother, you should first consider why you want to do something about it in the first place?

1) You don’t want to lose your friend?

We have all had the fear of losing our closest friend to someone else, especially when that someone is your brother that they are dating.

The feeling of falling in love is possibly the most occupying feeling in the world. You don’t want to do anything else but be with your crush.

Could you possibly what to prevent this relationship, because you feel as if you might lose your closest friend to her crush?

If so, the best thing you could do is to have an honest conversation with your best friend about it. Be frank with her, and tell her exactly why you are feeling down and upset about her dating your brother.

Tell your friend something like this: “Hey I understand that you have feelings for my brother, and I’m fine with that. I’m just afraid to lose you and the time we would spend with each other. Just promise me that you won’t forget about our friendship once you start dating my brother”.

2) You don’t like your brother?

Brother sister relationships as we all can agree, sometimes get very complicated and crazy. It’s totally normal and healthy to have that competitive aggressive back and forth with our siblings.

But ask yourself this. Should you really let this sibling rivalry get in between a love shared between two people?

If your best friend truly loves your brother, it shouldn’t be your concern about what happens between the two of them.

If there isn’t really a genuine reason why you wouldn’t want your best friend to date your brother, then you should just stay out of it.

Stopping and pushing away this romance between your best friend and brother will just make you seem crazy and controlling.

3) Do you feel like things aren’t going to work out between them?

This is a genuine reason why you wouldn’t want your best friend to date your brother.

Since you are very close to your brother and best friend, there is no other person that would know them better than you.

You might feel that your brother is the kind of guy that’s been in one too many relationships that haven’t seen past a month.

If you get the feeling that the relationship will end up disaster full because of both of their personalities, then it is better to not allow this relationship to not go through.

Tell your friend something like this: “I want to be honest with you, the reason why I’ve been acting cold towards you dating my brother is that I don’t want to see him break your heart. He’s my brother and I know him. He isn’t the most suitable person to be in a relationship with”.

Is It Ok For Your Bestfriend To Be Dating Your Brother?

It is ok for your best friend to be dating your brother. But the way I see it is that your friend has to be very careful because close friendships with special friends should be handled with the utmost care since they are most likely the most important thing you have in your life.

In order for your friend to date your brother she has to make sure she does these things:

She should tell you about her crush on your brother and to have your blessings.

She’s planning on being in a serious and committed relationship with your brother.

It is not a crime to have a crush on anyone. Having a crush is a totally unpredictable thing that can’t be controlled by anyone.

But of course, I do realize the concern about your best friend ending up with your brother.

The problems of your best friend dating your brother?

  • If the relationship ends in a bad way you have to deal with the drama and problems that come with it afterward.
  • It can get uncomfortable when you have your brother kissing and hugging your best friend in front of you.
  • Things can get uncomfortable and awkward if they break up. Your friend is not going to be as comfortable coming over to hang out with you as before. Because she’s afraid to see your brother.

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There is absolutely no issue with your best friend dating your brother. But because she’s your best friend and because your brother lives in the same house as you, you should make sure that they are both serious about being in a relationship together.

It can be off-putting to have your brother dating your best friend, just because you don’t want to be stuck in the middle, if things go south in the relationship your best friend is going to be crying on your shoulder telling you about what a jerk your brother is.

Since both your best friend and brother are going to be thinking about it very emotionally, it’s up to you to tell them about your feelings about them dating and if they want to date each other, they should. But only if they promise that their problems wouldn’t affect or bring drama into your life.

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