Should I Date My Friend?

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Hey Ali,
As you explained, some signs show he might have some feelings for you.
He checks your social media status, and he’s your friend.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to date you or has a crush on you.
We are talking about possibilities that you need to be certain of before making any love story with him in your mind.

Some signs ensure that he wants to date you or not.

Does he invite you out for different reasons?
Does he have deep eye contact while talking with you?
Does he get close to you physically, like touching your hand or sitting next to you?

Sometimes guys feel shy to express their feelings, and if that is the same case with him, you can help him by asking some smart questions to find out if he is interested in you emotionally or not.

Ask him if a friendship can turn into a relationship.
Ask for his opinion about your personality.
Ask him to give you a playlist of music he listens to.
Ask what type of movies he likes to watch.

What I mean by these questions is providing him with a chance to overcome his shyness and feel free to tell you what feelings he has for you.

Dear fan, after doing all these steps, it’s just the beginning.
We emphasized enough that getting into a relationship is not a big deal. You must know what relationship is best for you. Because not everyone fits into your life.

I don’t want you to judge before you don’t know his character but if you want to get into a relationship with him do it with open eyes.

It can open your eyes before dating him.
Don’t hesitate to contact our consultation service for further assistance. 

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