Relationship Hypnosis Course

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Hey dear readers, Nurlan here. Back in the day, when I was a college student, I always feard of talking with girls.

Awkward moments fueled with constant disappointments of trying to seduce or date girls.

I was in a constant battle with myself. Every time that I would proceed in making eye contact with a girl, I would spontaneously shut down from head to toe. My lips zipped shut and my face would turn blush red. One of the worst experiences a man can go through is the fear and anxiety of talking to a girl.

But, I decided to change the situation. Through 1000’s of experiences, heartbreaks, relationships-self help classes, I merely broke through and conquered my fears and struggles in talking to women. Until I came upon a study done by an Iranian professor in the master of hypnosis and psychology.

Hypnosis? Seemed like a magician’s trick (Visually appealing but a far-fetched scheme that was nothing more than science-fiction).

However, it was worth remembering that some of the most talented, intelligent, and creative minds in the world practice hypnosis.

Notable people are:

Mike Tyson – was professionally hypnotized several times a day and before each fight at the request of his manager Cus D’Amato.

Michael Jordan – used hypnosis before every game to increase his mental stamina.

Adele – uses hypnosis to overcome stage fright.

Princess Diana – used hypnosis to help her with public speaking.

Since 8 years ago, I have been on the road of learning and applying hypnosis in my everyday life. I had gone beyond the research of hypnosis, by binding aspects of self-development into the concepts of self-hypnosis. Although the knowledge shared on my website:, is a way for people to break through their dating and relationship issues.

This book becomes the truest testament to my true research in uncovering the secrets and the power of the human will and spirit. This book although short, the exercises and advice shared here can truly change a man’s or woman’s life – But only if believed in its utmost power and dedicated to with great discipline.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Have you ever felt an emptiness within you?
  • Do you sometimes become anxious when you think about giving a presentation or talking to your superior?
  • Do you get that uncontrollable emotion when you want to approach a girl?
  • Or perhaps you find it hard to control the relationship you are in. You are constantly giving into your emotions and you fail to lead the relationship to the path it needs to go.

The most basic advice is to pop depression pills or to pay $1000’s of dollars for a relationship or life consultant.

What if I shared with you a couple of exercises that would cure all your relationship or personal problems for just $14.99.

This very unique method and solution is called Self-Hypnosis.

What Is In This Course?

What Does The Book Look Like?

How Can I Get This Book?

Hi! I am happy to see that you are interested in this book. The Book is currently not available for Sale. However make sure to come back on 20/11/2022. We are celebrating it’s launch very soon!