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Hi! I am happy to see that you are interested in this book. The Book is currently not available for Sale. However, make sure to come back on 21/11/2022. We are celebrating its launch very soon!

Why Was This Book Written?

“Once You Become Fearless You Become Limitless”

Anxiety and Depression. There is not a single one of you on this page that hasn’t felt this certain feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty in your chest. Like something is wrong.

Anxiety as I have found is something that is perpetuated by the mind because it does not accept the position in life that it is in right now. Your mind is screaming for something, it is yearning for you to act and be a certain way.

You are a man. Your ancestors battled lions and conquered lands. They slept with hundreds of women and commanded their respect. As a man, it is shame for you to lay in your bed, eat garbage and whine about having problems in life and with women. That pounding sensation in your head is not the problem.

Your mind is telling you that you are not supposed to be in the place of your life that you are in right now.

The matrix of love is a book devoted to opening your eyes to the world, and your true self, and giving advice so that you can live every day of your life with purpose and fulfillment.

This book is not meant to be a prescription, I’m not telling you how you should live. The matrix of love is simply a suggestion, things that I have experienced and learned about life, I just think that these are some things that all guys should think about and apply in their lives.

The things I mention are universal and you can apply them where ever you feel that is most applicable to you.

Why Is The Book Called “The Matrix Of Love”

The book is called the Matrix of love because we are living in a fake, made-up world, where everyone is brainwashed to try to make everyone average. This book is devoted to opening your eyes to Love, relationships, and your true masculinity.

The secrets and truths that they don’t want you to know are meant to open your eyes to how much more you can accomplish in your life and with women.

Why are you the same as 90% of the people?

  • “Study for 20 years and hope that you can make $80k a year”
  • “Just be a nice respectful guy, study, work in a normal job and provide for your wife and children”
  • “Respect your wife, be nice to her and give her whatever she wants”
  • “Just focus on one woman, find her, marry her and be with her for life”
  • “Forget about being a multi-millionaire, that is just for extremely lucky people”
  • “Money is the root of all evil”
  • “Times have changed, as a man you should try to be a home-stay dad”

This seems to be all that people are preaching. “Be a good person and just be average”.

And all I keep seeing is good people getting screwed over or living lives of quite desperation.

50% of these men go through life-shattering divorces, where they get half of their money taken away from them, as well as their children.

While you got 10% of the other male population owning Ferraris, Aston Martins, and massive acres of land filled with any women they so desire. Did you know that if you were a Dr. and you were making $150,000 a year, it would take you 10 years to save up your money to just get one of those super fancy supercars?

How can you live a life similar to 90% of people without questioning and wondering how you can buy your own freedom?

Life is all but a game. To unplug yourself from this skewed reality. You have to do it within your own mind.

If you really want to win in life. Whether it is to have a loyal girl, to be wealthy, or to be happily married. Whatever it is, it’s in your hands.

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