When a Nigerian Man Calls You Dear? What Does It Mean?

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After living and working among Nigerians for a couple of years, I came to understand, that they have different lifestyles and attitudes. In this read, I want to bring up the topic of when a Nigerian man calls you dear and what does it mean?

If a Nigerian guy calls you dear outside of a relationship, he is flirting with you. But if he calls you dear in a relationship, he is showing his love to you and is proud of you.

From my experiences I had with Nigerians, I found them to be very talented in flirting with girls. They know how to win a girl’s heart. They speak well, and there’s no surprise if you hear some words like” dear” and “darling” from them.

Before getting to this question, “when a Nigerian man calls you dear?” You might want to know that Nigerians are very smart and will do anything and everything to get girls’ attention. Such as calling you dear and buying you 10 bottles of Hennesy in a party.

Has a Nigerian guy ever called you “dear”?

Nigerian calls you dear

Do you think a Nigerian man is attracted to you when he uses these words? It really depends on the context. Below I will be going over some of the situations where a nigerian man calls you “Dear”

1) In a Relationship with a Nigerian

As you are in a relationship with a Nigerian guy, you most likely will hear him say “dear” many times, this is a common thing among Nigerian men to show love and respect towards their girlfriends.

2) Not In a Relationship with a Nigerian man

It is common to hear from a Nigerian guy, these kinds of flirtatious words. In this case, Being called “dear” is a very common word used by Nigerian men, to attract and show appreciation towards a girl they want to impress.

Keep reading as I have tons more to open your eyes on, when a Nigerian guy calls you dear and what is the right decision you need to make.

When a Nigerian man calls you dear?

1.He is flirting with you

Girls are important for Nigerian guys. They use any flirting technique to win a girl’s heart. It’s entirely normal when a Nigerian guy expresses his feelings by saying some words like “dear”.

To give you an example, If a Nigerian guy calls you dear from the beginning of the interaction, you can take it as a common word.

But if dear, turns into my dear”, then I can say something is going on.

2.He’s just friendly

Unlike European people, they have no formality. They become friendly fast and are not afraid of breaking the ice by calling you dear, baby, and cute. I saw it much specifically among Nigerian teenagers when I lived in Cyprus. 

It’s interesting to share the reaction of one of the Turkish girls when my Nigerian friend called her “dear“. I was out with a couple of friends, and during a conversation, a Nigerian friend called a Turkish girl “dear”.

After, the Turkish girl assumed he was flirting with her or trying to hit on her. But he didn’t mean it because I knew he was just saying it. So It might be part of a conversation, and in their culture, that is something normal. They usually feel comfortable with girls.

3.He’s attracted to you sexually

Back then, I was a bartender in one of the biggest Nigerian nightclubs and, I can’t stress enough how this word is familiar to me.

Though it may not always be the case a Nigerian guy will call you dear when he’s attracted to you sexually and wants to get you in bed.

I repeat myself, it depends on the situation when and where a Nigerian guy calls you dear. If it’s in a nightclub, then you know what goes through his mind.

If It’s inside the university or workplace, he is looking for a girlfriend

Depending on the place and the way a Nigerian guy approaches you, you can decide what it means when he calls you dear

4.Age also matters

Nigerian men tend to use the word “dear” for females, especially those they are older than. So if you are older than a Nigerian guy, and he calls you dear, just get over it, and don’t take it seriously.

What do you need to do when he calls you dear?

Girls tend to hear sweet words from guys. It fuels their confidence. But that doesn’t mean every person who calls you dear is falling for you. If a Nigerian guy calls you dear, do not lose your heart to him quickly.

Take time to get to know him. Don’t get into a relationship with the wrong person which leads you down a really bad road. 

Remember, sweet words are not always true.

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