5 Easy Steps To Dating a Native American Man. Learn the Culture

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Let’s get into the discussion of dating a native American man. After hearing from my cousins in America, that they wished to date a Native American man, I went on a research quest. And I’m glad to bring to you a complete guide towards dating a native American man, successfully.

Dating a Native American Man
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So, to tell you early on the 5 step process, to dating a native american man successfully would be:

  1. Go to cities where most native American men are.
  2. Join online dating communities to find your perfect match.
  3. Go on a guided native American tour.
  4. Get comfortable with meeting his family. (Family is really important for native American men)
  5. Their traditions and cultures are different. (Learn about it as much as you can)

Today there are only 5 million native American men left in America, so I would understand why people would like to date a Native American man. Read on to learn more about native American men and how you can go about happily dating one.

1) Travel to cities where most Native American men are

If you are really serious about dating a Native American man, what’s a better way than going to the cities in America with the most native American men. Below I will mention the 5 most populated places in America, with Native American men.

1) California

With 400,000 native American people, California resides the most native American people. However, due to the reason that California is so massive, only 1% of California’s population has Native American people.

2) Washington D.C

Washington D.C’s population is 1.5% of native Americans. There is a small town on the coast of Washington called Hoquiam, that has the most native American population of 4.9%.

Did you know?
There are 567 different recognized native American tribes in America.
And 78% of Native Americans now live in cities. Compared to 1940 when it was 8%

3) Wyoming

Only a small town called Riverton Wyoming occupies 6.8% of native Americans. And as for the rest of Wyoming, there might be Native Americans here and there, but there are very small numbers of them.

4) Arizona

4.6% of Arizona’s population is occupied by Native Americans.

5) North Dakota

5.4% of North Dakota’s population is occupied by North Americans.

Native Americans in the U.S today

Today there are 5.2 million Native Americans living in America. Which is 1.6% of the total population in America.

The U.S government has established large native American reservations throughout America. Check this site out, to learn more about the Native American reservations in America.

2) Find your Native American man through Online Dating

With the constant evolution and growth of technologies. Meeting and dating people online is becoming much simpler. There are 2 specific Native American dating niche sites that I will introduce to you.

Going online, especially a site designed for Native American singles is much more effective if you want a native American man. Because you are sure that the people on the site are looking to date.

1) Meet Native Americans: Meet Native Americans is a passionate dating site that cares about the niche it serves. If you are intrested

2) eharmony: eharmony Isn’t a Native American niche dating site, but it’s still the number one option in the online dating scene because of its unbeatable size and success rate. The site has more than 16 million members and counting.

3) Native American Dating Service : The best site, where you can find the most native American men. This site is really good because everything is free from registration to matchmaking.

3) Go on a guided Native American tour

Only 2.4% of the U.S. population are native Americans, and if you truly want a native American boyfriend I suggest, you take a guided native American tour.

Going on a chronological tour to all the important places in Native America is a great way to:

  • Connect to the Native American culture
  • Connecting to actual tribal people
  • Finding personal answers to your deepest questions about Native Americans.

This would be a great way to connect to the culture, and who knows? You might find your native American man-crush there.

Now that we have covered how to get a Native American man. The other tips that I will mention are going to be about, the cultures and what to expect when dating an native american man.

4) Meeting a Native American man’s family

Well who knows right? He might end up really liking him, and he decides to introduce you to his family.

Native American people are very connected and close to their families.

On average, the Native American people have 3 times bigger families than the average American family. So don’t be surprised to be greeted by his 4-6 brothers and sisters.

5) Learn about Native American culture and traditions

When you want to date a Native American man, I highly advise you to learn about their culture and tradition. The 2 reasons, why it is important to learn about his culture are:

  1. Learning about his culture would make him appreciate that you put in the time to learn, about his culture
  2. Its good to learn about their dating culture, so you could know what to expect from your Native American boyfriend

(Black Indians) – Is a book you can listen for free on Auible. The book highlights the origin of the Native Americans and how they ended up in America

Below I will be mentioning a few points on Native American culture and traditions, but mostly on the dating and relationship side of things:

  • It has been known that Native American men are extremely good lovers. Native American men have a closely guarded tribal secret, on how to please a woman. And this doesn’t just cover love-making. Native Americans have been known to have very low divorce rates and this is because Native American men demonstrate great kindness and respect towards their women.
  • Native American men drink a lot of alcohol. They drink a lot because they are always happy and celebrating their lives. Not because they are depressed or sad.
  • Marriage isn’t as important in their traditions compared to other major racial or ethnic groups.
  • Native Americans highly value traditional beliefs concerning, harmony, relations, balance, and spirituality. For them, relationships are at the core of their values

(The Wisdom of the Native Americans) – I would highly recommend you to check out this book on audible to learn about Native American Native American philosophy as well as the Colonial and pre-modern American mindset.

Related Questions

What are some romantic Native American words to use?

Although Native speakers speak English, they are still very well rooted in their culture and native language.

To Capture the full attention of a Native American man, it would be very useful if you learn about some of their native words.

  1. Osiyo (hello)
  2. Detsadoa (what’s your name)
  3. Osda sanalei (good morning)
  4. Dohitsu (how are you)
  5. Osda iga heda (have a great day)
  6. Ditsoduhi (you are beautiful)
  7. Adageyudi (Love)
  8. Gesdi yigoliga (I don’t understand)

Why do Native Americans have such long hair?

North Americans have a very strong connection with their culture and past. Long hair signifies strength, connection with the earth as well as allowing native Americans to preserve a deep bond with their ancestors and culture.

Do Native Americans prefer to be called Indians?

Most Native Americans prefer not to be called Indians or Indian Americans. The wrong term “Indian” was labeled on Native American people, because Christopher Columbus believed he had landed in India. And as a misconception named the natives in America, Indians.

Native Americans are called various different names from, Indigenous people, aboriginal people, and the two most famous names being, Indian Americans and Native Americans.

It is a personal preference of choice, on what to call native Americans, but native Americans do not like being called Indian or Indian Americans.

Final Thoughts

There are only 5 million native Americans left in the USA. meaning their race is almost instinct. Although there are very few native Americans left in America, the culture is very appreciated and conserved by the USA, after all, native Americans were the first settlers on American soil.

It may seem difficult to get a native American boyfriend. I mean there are only 5 million native americans in the U.S. That is only 1.6% of the U.S population.

Don’t lose hope though, there are many native Americans who marry women from different nationalities. Native Americans are very welcoming to different nationalities and cultures.

Don’t stop till you get a Native American Boyfriend:

  1. Online dating sites
  2. Going on a Native American
  3. Going to the most populated places with Native Americans

If you want a North American boyfriend, then go after him. There are many online dating sites, just designed for meeting native Americans. So why are you waiting to sign up? Go and find your native American boyfriend.

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