When A Guy Kisses You Goodbye On The Lips: Signs Of His Affection

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Imagine you have had a perfect date, and now it is time to say goodbye to each other. A guy decides to kiss you before going away, but what does it mean? Let’s find the answer together!

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If a guy kisses you before leaving: possible meaning

The answer depends on what type of kiss it is. And we can assure you that there is a great variety of these types!

Is it a kiss on the lips or the cheek? Is it a virgin kiss or a passionate kiss? All of it should be taken into account.

In this article, we will tell you about all the main kiss styles and types, so you can decide what it is in your own case.

Kissing styles

A man’s kissing style can say a lot about his attitude toward the woman he is kissing.

Sometimes his kiss has no love intention behind it, and sometimes it functions as a true sign of love and affection for the woman.

Anyway, let’s look through the main styles of kissing, so you can decide for yourself.

Peck on the cheek

It is one of the fastest types of kissing. Some people even consider it not a kiss but just a friendly gesture.

When a man gives you a peek on the cheek, he tends to do it quickly with sucked-in lips.

By kissing this way, a guy wants to show his kind attitude toward you, but it is difficult to say whether he has a romantic interest in you or not.

Some nations use this kiss as a way to greet someone they know. There is nothing very personal about it.

We can’t say for sure what it means in your case.

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Kiss on the cheek: option number one

A cheek kiss is not something unambiguous; it can have several meanings that differ from each other.

What are the main meanings? There are several of them.

To start with, it may be a sign that you are just friends, and thus he only wants to show you that he appreciates your friendship.

Depending on the culture-specific features, some nations use this way of kissing to greet each other or to say goodbye while parting.

Kiss on the cheek: option number two

As for some other meanings, a man who is in love with a woman may also kiss her cheek.

In that case, it means he has a love interest in her, but he doesn’t want to be too insistent.

If it is your first date, he can do it, slightly hinting at his sympathy while at the same time demonstrating that he respects your boundaries.

If you have been familiar with each other for many years and your partner gives you cheek kisses, it is an indicator that he still appreciates and loves you after all this time.

Closed-mouth kiss

When a guy kisses you with his lips closed, that is a true sign that your relationships are stable and healthy.

A closed-mouth kiss usually takes place when the partners are in long-lasting relationships.

You can kiss like that at home when one of you is going out or coming back after a long day. In this case, even the words are not needed.

At the same time, if your partner kisses you like this in a crowded room, it can also be a sign that he appreciates your connection and does not want to flaunt it.

Some girls consider this type of kiss a sign that their partner is ashamed of showing his preference in public or that he is not passionate enough.

However, we strongly urge you not to think about it in that way, as the man may be just showing his deep feelings for you.

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Forehead kiss

Forehead kisses are considered to be one of the most sensitive and gentle. What does it mean when a man kisses your forehead?

One such kiss may say much more than a hundred words. It symbolizes that the emotional connection between you is the strongest.

People usually kiss their children on the forehead, thus showing their deepest love and support. It is a sign of deep devotion.

Therefore, when a man gives a forehead kiss to a woman, he shows that he truly loves her, wants to protect her and that she is one of the most important people to him.

Hand kiss

We used to see this type of kiss in old romantic movies a lot, imagining that this situation happened to us.

When a man kisses a lady’s hand, it shows all his respect and light feelings for her.

It is a gentleman’s sign, which can characterize a man as a polite and decent person.

This kiss is not as straightforward as a passionate kiss on the lips, but we can’t underestimate its importance.

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Shoulder kiss

A man kissing your shoulder is usually a sign that he deeply appreciates your presence and support.

A shoulder kiss can function as foreplay. If a man starts to kiss your shoulder and then moves up to your lips, it can be a sign that he is hinting at sexual contact.

Neck kiss

It is very intimate, as the neck is an erogenous zone. If your partner kisses it, it is a sign that he wants you.

Even the touch of the neck can be considered intimate; it shows that you are close enough.

Kiss on the nose

It is a very lovely and gentle way of showing the kindest and most positive feelings for a person.

For example, mothers tend to kiss their children’s noses as an unspoken way of showing true love.

When he kisses you that way, there are usually no sexual intentions behind this action. He only wants to show you that he is glad to have you around.

Blown kiss

Blown kisses may be a way to show your affection when you are not close enough. That is quite a playful and lovely gesture.

Usually, it is the girls who blow a kiss. They do it to show their sympathy, without saying it directly.

However, if a man does it, it means that he wants to interact with you humorously, showing his sympathy for you.

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French kiss

This type of passionate kiss is a process where your tongues touch and play with each other for quite a long time.

In most cases, French kissing leads to sex (not always, though).

Many teenagers like to give these kisses to each other, searching for a new experience.

This kiss means that a man is deeply obsessed with you and sees you as his sex partner.

Sensual kiss

Sensual kisses are often the ones that take place when you are at home alone.

It is a slow kiss when you just enjoy each other and explore your bodies’ erogenous zones.

When you spend your time that way, it is often about giving your partner pleasure.

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Kiss on the stomach

Many women tend to feel uncomfortable when a man tries to kiss their stomach, as they don’t feel confident about their bodies.

It is considered one of the most intimate things; it is a sign of absolute trust!

Therefore, when he kisses your stomach, he truly loves and believes you. Anyway, if you don’t feel comfortable, you are free to say it to him.

Kiss on the wrist

This type of relationship is uncommon, but it still takes place.

It is a very intimate process that shows all the man’s best feelings for you.

When a guy kisses your wrist, a place where the veins are located, he shows his strong appreciation and affection.

Kiss in the eye or around it

As with the previous type, this one is also uncommon and quite intimate.

Anyway, we can’t underestimate its importance and deep meaning.

When he kisses your eye closed or the area near it, it means he is interested in you not only as a sex partner but as a life partner.

In general, it is all about a very close connection.

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Kisses: why are they important?

In general, a kiss between partners is a significant part of their relationship. It has many benefits and meanings.

Let’s see together the main factors that show the importance of kisses.

A mood sign

To start with, kisses between people show their true and deep feelings for each other, as well as their mood at the moment.

For example, if it is a French kiss, it can be an indicator that a person is in a playful mood.

If it is just a kiss on the forehead, it can indicate that a partner is tired and just wants to show his affection without any sexual implications.

Emotional state

When we kiss, this process causes a so-called “love hormone” to burst. Due to it, we feel positive and full of energy.

Moreover, regular kisses in the relationship help to strengthen it, creating an emotional and physical bond between lovers.

If a man kisses you before parting, he wants to show his true sympathy, which sometimes can’t be expressed by words.

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Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

Let’s consider them one by one.

What does goodbye kiss on the lips mean?

When a man kisses your lips as a way to say goodbye, he shows his love and passion for you.

When a guy kisses you on the lips what does it mean?

It means that a guy feels love and affection for you.

How long is a goodbye kiss?

It all depends on different factors, including the type of relationship (friends, family members, lovers) and how long you have been familiar with each other.

It also depends on the kissing zone (lips, cheeks, forehead), if the place you are in is crowded, etc.
In general, it may take from three to ten seconds (or much more, as for sensual kisses).

What is to kiss someone goodbye?

When you kiss a person goodbye, it means to give him or her a kiss before leaving.

Final thoughts

Overall, as you can see now, there are various kissing styles, each of which shows a little bit of the different feelings that a man has for you.

We hope that, after reading this article, you are fully aware of your man’s intentions and emotions.

Remember that sometimes one kiss is louder than a hundred words spoken!

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