From Dating To Marrying a Turkish Man|5Pros &Cons+What To Expect

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After living and working for a couple of years among Turkish people, I can walk you through what you should know about dating a Turkish man.

He is a RomanticHe can get very jealous
He is trustworthy in a relationshipHe smokes too much
He looks up to his customs and traditionsSome Turkish men are racist
He is hard-workingHe is not a quick language learner
He is family-orientedHe is controlling

If you really want to experience a relationship with a Turkish man keep on reading, to learn more about their culture, and what makes them special to date.

Characteristics of a Turkish man. Pros and Cons

1) Turkish men are Romantic

Turkish guys fall in love fast. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, I highly suggest you travel to Turkey. Once a Turkish man invests his heart in a girl, he will become extremely romantic and in love

That being said, music is the shorthand of emotion. Turkish culture is tied up with tons of emotional songs.

When you walk down in Istanbul you will hear some popular Turkish songs like: Yan Benimle , Icimdeki Duman and Hesret Negmesi.

There is a traditional custom where Turkish couples get together and have a local drink named Raki. They raise a toast to relationships and happiness. Parents raise their children with these traditions.

2) Turkish men are loyal in relationships

I can say Turkish men respect a relationship, and it will be unlikely to find a Turkish guy cheat on his girlfriend. I’m not referring to all Turkish men, but it holds true for most Turkish guys.

3) He looks up to his customs and traditions

For those who don’t know Ataturk, he is the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Without any doubt, all Turkish people speak highly of Ataturk. They are impressively proud of their first president Ataturk.

I have never seen any Turkish guy who says something off about his/her culture and traditions in Turkey. When you talk about Turkish culture, a Turkish man strives to represent the rich history of turkey.

Examples of famous Turkish customs and traditions:

Tavla is a popular game which couples are used to play with each other in café restaurants. Another common custom they still keep and never forget is Turkish coffee. The Turkish man drinks a Minimum of 3 Turkish coffees per day.

4) He is hard-working

Turkish men are very hard working. They have been brought up as hard-working individuals that as a man have the duty to give the best to their family.

From experience of working with many Turkish people I can say that they are very hard working.

When you ask a Turkish man, don’t you get tired? He will respond, why should I feel tired. He can work from dawn to dusk every day. He is not afraid of working hard. This is one of the characteristics I always speak highly about a Turkish man.

5) He is family-oriented

He is committed to the family. Turkish men grow up with the respect for family, and they keep this attitude after marriage. You can’t refer it to all Turkish men. But the family is the priority for them.

1) He is jealous

All guys can indeed get jealous when their girlfriend talks with the opposite sex.

Turkish men have a high level of jealousy. Turkish men take jealousy to a whole other level.

Don’t talk about your past relationship or any guys around you the better.

He has a boundary, and you better not cross this boundary. He doesn’t want you to get comfortable with other guys. Unless he has given you a green light himself.

2) He smokes too much

If you are the type of person who gets headaches from a cigarette and shisha, I wish you luck finding a Turkish man who doesn’t smoke. Because a good significant amount of Turkish people either men or women smoke excessively.

To be precise (47.9% among males and 15.2% among females) smoked cigarettes based on research down.

3) Some Turkish men are racist

It’s disappointing when I was in Turkey, and seeing some Turkish people who were so racist and rude to black people. I’m not talking about a couple of cases. It’s much more.

You will understand this when you live with Turkish people. To give you an example, if you go to a restaurant and see an African who works as a Garson in the restaurant, you will notice how some Turkish men give dirty looks.

When I was in northern Cyprus(Turkish part), They didn’t treat black people well. Still, they hire African for some low-paid and dirt cheap jobs, like washing dishes, and this colorism always gave me a hard time.

It would be great if I share with you my personal experience:

I had a Nigerian girlfriend and I was out shopping with her. The way Turkish people looked down on my African girlfriend and the way they approached her in front of me was so frustrating. Although their way of thinking is disturbing, Not all Turkish men are the same.

4) He is not quick language learner.

I studied for four years in an English-speaking university in turkey where the city was full of international students. What I figured out is that Turkish people are not interested in improving their second language at all.

They don’t have a passion for learning a new language. I have a Turkish friend who lived in the UK for more than 15 years and still doesn’t speak English fluently.

5) Turkish Men are Controlling?

To cut a long story short, yes, a Turkish guy tends to control his girlfriend. He wants to be the one who makes significant decisions and feels superior to his girlfriend.

It’s good to commit with a Turkish guy with open eyes. Discuss with a Turkish guy early in dating and know what commitments you are going to make.

You need to feel comfortable in a relationship otherwise you will experience a toxic relationship with a Turkish guy. if someone wants to keep telling you what to wear, where to go, and what not to do, it will give you a hard time in the meantime.

Be aware of what commitments you set with the Turkish man otherwise, you will suffer much later on in your relationship with him.

What you need to know before dating a Turkish man

50/50 Relationship

It’s interesting to know the Turkish man shares the payments with the significant other.

No matter how much he loves his girlfriend.  Still, he shares expenses with his girlfriend in the relationship. If you get a Turkish boyfriend and living with him under the same roof, do not get offended, if you hear him telling you to share a house rent.

The average Turkish man believes he doesn’t have any financial responsibility for a girlfriend out of marriage.

Turkish men are quick to say they “Love You”.

Did you know there are more than 10 different ways to say I love you in Turkish?

They have this kind of exaggeration in expressing love in a relationship. Therefore don’t get surprised if a Turkish man you are dating tells you “I LOVE YOU” from the very beginning.

They are emotional and it’s better to take it as his excitement for a new relationship. You have novelty for him and there are tons of things he wants to discover about you. Hence, he expresses himself by shooting romantic words. Who knows if your relationship is going to last or not.

Get ready to hear “I LOVE YOU” from a Turkish man many times. Time will tell if he really loves you or not.

The mother is everything for a Turkish man.

A typical Turkish guy is notably dependent on his mother. This is part of a Turkish guy’s expectation to date a girl who can handle house chores great.

He expects you to clean a house, do laundry and cook well like his mom

When it comes to cooking, no doubt if he compares you with his mom. A Turkish guy has specific respect for his mother, and as soon as you try to put a distance between him and his mother, you will destroy your relationship.

A Turkish guy looks up to his mother as a hero, and no one can change it. Therefore, accept this reality and respect his attitude about his mother if you want your relationship to last

Related Questions

Can you kiss in Turkey?

Turkey is much more relaxed and open compare to some of its neighbouring countries. Kissing from the lips in public is not at all against the law, but however many Turkish people see it as rude, so it is better to kiss from the lips in a less crowded place.

Do Turkish men like black girls?

Many Turkish men like dating African girls because Africans and foreigners require less maintenance compared to Turkish girls. And secondly due to the small amount of African girls in Turkey, Turkish men may date African girls to show off to their friends that they have dated a African girl.


Dating is the skill that can transform your love life to the next level. So it’s worth putting in the time and learn it thoroughly. Dating a Turkish man can be compelling and expressive if you know the Do’s and Dont’s while dating a Turkish man.

You need to get familiar with Turkish man culture and his attitude. Proper dating is the first step to get into a healthy relationship. I highly recommend you read the other articles I wrote about dating and relationship tips to figuring out how much information is out there and you didn’t know non of them.

Dating is the starting point of a perfect relationship. So learn it like professionals

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Louisa M Byrd

Thank you for this great article that you wrote. I am an American Black woman. Do Turkish men date American Black women.

Farid Babajan

Hello Louisa. Great to hear that you enjoyed the article.

Many Turkish men in Turkey aren’t very fluent in English, which stops them from interacting even if they find you attractive.

In Turkish culture, they prefer to get married and date women that come from their own culture and nation.

However, there are exceptions of course, like everywhere else in the world. I have also realized and spotted from time to time again some Turkish men who date African Americans.

You can find Turkish men who speak English and have experience living abroad. These Turkish men are much more open to dating women from other nationalities. Since they have experienced more traditions and cultures abroad, making them more open-minded to newer experiences

So if you find a Turkish man who you fancy, make your move. Or leave signs of interest and let him make the move. Most Turkish men that speak English can make great boyfriends and husbands because their culture comes from a place of loyalty and respect.

All the best to you.

Nurlan Saint

Rika du Plessis

I am dating a Turkish guy its know 4 months i must be true we have only been online and we text everyday and he video calls me every time he can. i have met his family and he have met my kids and family over the phone. It is still very frustrating due of our distance i am from south Africa but other then that in my life its the first time a man really put me first and currently we both work hard to safe up some money so we can unite one day. I am just afraid we would properly not last forever but if i can only meet him once i would be so blessed. Thank you for your information it do help me a lot because most only have bad things to say about Turkish men but this one he is not like what they disc-rip.

Farid Babajan

Hey! great to read that this article has helped you in some way. I would love to know how it’s currently going with him. And please don’t hesitate to email if you have any further questions

The Best To You!

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