Why Does My Girlfriend Call Me All The Time? Is She Using You?

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Many couples presume just because they are now in a relationship, they have to call each other 24/7. This belief is wrong. Many individuals in relationships actually prefer not to call that often. This can sometimes be taken as a bad sign to the other person in the relationship.

So, If you are facing issues with your girlfriend’s excessive calling habits, stick around. Because I’m going to share with you what you should do in that situation.

One main problem couples face these days are What to do if their girlfriend wants to always call.

The key to any healthy relationship is compromise. So, if you’re not such a calling person, and if your girlfriend is, you should work it out, and meet at a point where both of you are left satisfied. For example, if you don’t want to call your girlfriend on some days, just tell her via text that you prefer to text now rather than call.

Texting and video calling people we like are like their own big world, separate from face-to-face contact. We are sometimes left overwhelmed and tired of our loved ones texting or calling us. So what can we do? Continue reading to find out.

Why Does Your Girlfriend Call You All The Time?

Smartphones were mainly made for calling and then texting. But the US smartphone users send and receive five times more texts than they make and receive calls. On average, Americans spend 26 minutes per day texting compared to 21 minutes per day calling.

Even though most of us may favor texting over calls, some other people prefer to call rather than text.

Ok cool, so we now know that your girlfriend just prefers to communicate through calls. But the real question is, why does she call you too much?

1. She’s a Clingy Person

She constantly calls you nonstop, because she is a clingy person

Rachel O’Neill, an Ohio licensed professional clinical counselor says that there are a number of reasons that contributed to someone becoming clingy

“Often, it can be due to feelings of insecurity, self-doubt or anxiety about the future.

She also said “A lack of confidence in relationships can also contribute to clinginess. For some people, the idea of being alone can be uncomfortable and so they may cling to other individuals in an effort to avoid feelings of loneliness.”

Even though she is in a relationship with you, she may still not have much of a social life besides you. So she constantly clings and talks to you to fill that void in her life.

2. She Is Stalking You

Continuous messages and phone calls might be viewed as a form of stalking since they check where the person is, what they are doing, and whether or not they are available at all times.

“Constant messages and phone calls are a technique of keeping tabs on someone else’s activities. This frequent touch may appear to be a sign of love in the early stages of a relationship.

Over time, you may find yourself unable to live your own life without being constantly interrupted by messages and phone calls.”

Don’t jump to any conclusions yet! Don’t mistake your girlfriend’s care for stalking.

Girls are more emotional and loving by nature compared to guys. So it just might be in her nature to want to hear your voice from time to time when you are busy.

Signs that she really just cares about youSigns that she’s a toxic stalker
She doesn’t pry too much about where you’re going or what you are going to be doingShe asks a lot of questions about where you are going and who you are going with.
She gives you your space, and hardly calls you when you are busy or with your friendsShe’s constantly insecure about what you’re doing, and constantly messages you or calls you to see what you are up to.
When you get home, she’s interested to listen to how your day went. She doesn’t ask many questions about what you did and who exactly was thereWhen you get home, she’s dying off insecurities and wants to know exactly what you did from A to Z. She’ll make you feel stressed out from every word you are going speak

One of the most toxic traits is when your girlfriend brings up the past, check out this article to learn more about it, as well as what to do about it.

3. She Really Loves You

Since you are in a relationship, that can mean that she’s in love with you and can’t go a second without hearing your voice or seeing your face.

I’m pretty sure you’re are glad to hear this rather than the first and second reasons to why she constantly calls you.

But, you are probably wondering how you could find out exactly whether she really loves you or she’s just lonely and clingy.

How to know if she really loves talking to you on the phone?

After talking to a girl for a year every day on the phone, before she became my girlfriend, I have picked up on some behaviors that will help you know her true intentions to talking to you on the phone.

When I initially started talking to my soon-to-be girlfriend online, I could really sense that she was just talking to me to just fill in her time. As well as to get me to react and listen to her own stories only.

She hardly added anything to my interests or talks, she was merely just listening and nodding away on what I was talking about.

However. A few months later when it got to the later stages of our talks, I could sense that she had developed a romantic attraction toward me.

I sensed her genuine interest in me, by seeing how observant and curious she was about the topics I talked about. She was now contributing to the conversation and wasn’t merely limiting herself to just reacting to my conversation”.

Her body language changed from just looking up and down the screen. To locking her eyes to my eyes, smiled most of the time, and laughed at all my funny comments even if they were not very funny.


We aren’t all supposed to be the same in relationships. People in relationships get mad just because their spouse requires extra attention. Or many times they get mad because one prefers to video call rather than text each other.

It can sometimes crawl under our skins and make us frustrated with the amount of attention our lover needs from us.

But granted, considering the loving boyfriends and girlfriends we are, we have to try to understand them and try to communicate and fix this misunderstanding with our lovers in the best possible way.

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