8 Signs Your Girlfriend is Hiding Something From You|Do’s Tips From My Experience

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There is nothing worse that can put you in doubt in your relationship than some shady behavior from your partner. Have you ever suspected your girlfriend of hiding something from you? If so, you know how hard it is to know if it is true or not.

Don’t worry because in today’s article you will learn all you need to know if your girlfriend is hiding something from you or not?

What to do when your girlfriend is hiding something from you?

1) You should pay close attention to her Body language, skin color changes, voice as a lie detector, and behavioral changes.
2) Forgiveness or breakup depending on what she is hiding from you.

Personally speaking, if I tell a lie, everyone will understand easily, as I’m a terrible liar. But that doesn’t hold true for everyone. Some people are geniuses in telling lies. It’s nearly impossible to see your girlfriend in a person and not believe her lies when she shows you a decent poker face.

1) Body language

Your Girlfriend is Hiding Something From You
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The first body language I want to mention here is head/eye movement.
Are you feeling that she is hiding something from you?

Bring up the thing that she always tries to avoid talking to you about. But this time, I want you to act smarter. Observe her reactions and her eye/head movement.

Sudden head movement can be a great sign that she is trying to find an answer quickly. Hasty answers usually lead to anxiety and stress in the person’s eyes.

Look her in the eyes and see if she looks anywhere else but can not look at you straight.

In one of the researches, group of volunteers took a test for some true and false questions. After observing their eye movements when they made false statements as well as truthful ones. The psycology professor concluded that there is no correlation between eye movement and honesty.

Tnx to psychology professor, Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire.

On top of head/eye movement, touching the nose and licking/biting the lips is a blocking behavior. If she touches her nose while talking with you, that gives a message she is uncomfortable with something.

Besides, licking the lips is a sign that shows the lack of sufficient water in the body. When someone gets stressed, the lips get dry, and she unconsciously licks the lips.

It could be a solid but not for sure sign that she is hiding something from you. I’m talking about probability.

All body language I am talking about here shouldn’t be the only reason to judge your girlfriend. You would also have to consider other factors to put 2 and 2 together, whether she is hiding something from you or not.

If you see more than 4 signs of the list in her behavior, then it’s highly likely she is hiding something from you.

2) Inconsistancy is a Red Flag On The List

If you smell a rat and feel your girlfriend is hiding something from you, ask your girlfriend to repeat her story again out of the blue.

If she tells the story confidently without changing a word then you don’t need to be worried. Have it in mind to ask smart and indirect questions.

Reminder: Do not overdo it. If you ask her repeatedly to explain the same story, she will easily read your mind.

And if it happens the situation gets worse. Because now she will act better the way you don’t suspect her anymore.

Before I talk about what to do if she is hiding from you, you need to know the reasons behind the scene.

3) Paper and pen

That being said if you want to conclude a topic write it down on paper. There are tons of different things, are going and coming from your mind.

It depends on you either let them occupy your mind and make it hard to judge, or you can easily take a note of anything that made you suspect your girlfriend.

Nothing can stop you. All you need is paper and a pen. Empty your mind. Make a list. Well done. After doing the first task, you are ready for the next phase of evaluating.

Weigh up all shady behaviors you listed. What I mean by that is observing those behavioral changes that happen frequently.

Now you have the targeted list on hand and are ready to confront her about the list of her shady behaviors.

4) Ask her straightforward

Everyone has secrets in life that they don’t want to share with others. You can not force your girlfriend to share something if she prefers to keep it to herself.

Confront her about it. let her know about your concern. Ask her straightforward if there is something you need to know or not. Her response most likely will clear all doubt you have in your heart and your mind.

It’s human nature to complicate simple issues in mind, and that is different from reality.

You better learn to trust your girlfriend and not doubt her when you see any sign of awkward behavior. It might be because of other factors like:

she is on her period, so she is not in a good mood. Here is a link to complete a full guide on how to treat your girlfriend when she is on her period.

She is busy with her life and needs time to find h

She might need a break in a relationship to refresh her mind.

Try to think things at times in her situation. She might be a private person and not talkative like you. Not all couples necessarily have the same personality.

On the other note, you misunderstood her, and your mind is blowing by thinking like:

  • She is cheating on me.
  • There is something in her past she tries to hide.
  • She doesn’t trust me to tell all her secrets.

Stop overthinking. That’s just like trash for your brain. As much as you give space to these thoughts, you will ruin your relationship with your girlfriend.

5) What if she hides something positive

he hides something positive
Image credit: freepik.com

Who knows what she is planning for you. Let’s assume she is preparing a surprise party for you without telling you. In such a case, you can expect some changes in her behaviors. Don’t judge her before you find out all facts.

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Don’t buy any necklace as a gift for your partner before you learn all tips and tricks about necklace experts in this article.

Give her a second chance.
In my eyes, everyone makes a mistake at some different point in life.
And your girlfriend is not the exception.

Talk with her calmly without any harsh response. Remember, you are here to solve the issue that happened between you two. Let her feel comfortable sharing the secret with you.
Before everything, find out what did she hide from you?

After you know what she kept a secret so far, and you have only 2 options to choose from?

Break up or give her a second chance.
You might get out of control and press the break-up button. But I advise you to keep the relationship as much as possible. Here I am talking about little issues that you have to get over it.

To give you an example she didn’t tell you that her classmate flirted with her or she just met her ex on the university campus.

I agree that for some mistakes like cheating, there is no place for forgiveness. That’s the worse thing that ever can happen.

6) It’s all about the behavioral background

Does she lie over tiny things?
Is she used to bringing many different excuses for her mistakes?

Does she keep a straight face while lying?

What I mean by behavioral background is about all these unwelcome behaviors mentioned above.

Remember, if she can easily lie over little things, she will also lie for bigger things.
If she is such a person, then your suspicion about her will be most likely true.

7) Long answers

Long answers
Image credit: freepik.com

A personal story from one of my relationships:

I was in love with an Iranian girl back in the time when I was a student in Cyprus. She was everything to me. I could find all the beauty of the world by looking at her eyes. But I didn’t know her eyes, are hiding something from me. It was on Monday morning when I saw her talking with her ex, and seems happy. She didn’t even mention it till I asked her if she met up with her ex recently. It took her 30min to give me the answer. She was trying to play with sentences and confuse me by giving me different stories altogether.

And now I understand the technique she was using.
She was confusing me by giving me a multitude of wrong answers to mislead me.

In the end, she told me the truth, and she didn’t get my 100% trust like before. I noticed later that she was in touch more than I thought.

Therefore long answers could be a sign of lying and hiding something from you if she also has some blocking behavioral background.

8) Her best friend

Every girl has a friend who knows everything about her. Her friend knows much more about her personal life, her past, her family than you.

Why don’t you use this chance to clear all doubt in your head?

Share your concern with her best friend.
Remember, you shouldn’t expect her friend to tell you everything on the first try.

You need to convince her first and give her the reason why should she help you?

You need to insist and show her you are a caring boyfriend. Tell her you are attempting to keep this relationship strong, but not everything goes well like before.

This reason is good enough to encourage her to tell you what you have to know about your girlfriend.

This is because I highly suggest you be on good terms with your girlfriend’s best friends. They play a significant role in your relationship.


That is the end of today’s article. You learned all must learn tips and tricks to spot a sneaky girl.
I got you covered with 8 signs as mentioned in the table below.

1) Body language.
2) Inconsistency is a red flag on the list.
3) Paper and pen.
4) Ask her straightforward.
5) What if she hides something positive.
6) It’s all about the behavioral background.
7)Long answers.
8)Her best friend.
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