How To Stop a Guy From Flirting Over Text:6 Tips

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In today’s article, I will talk about 6 tips on how to stop a guy from flirting over text.

How many times has it happened to you that you met a guy somewhere, like at work, college, café, and after spending some time with him as a friend, you will notice that the guy is hitting on you and flirting with you over text?

Have you ever been in a situation that your guy friend is sending you flirtatious messages, and it makes you uncomfortable? Here I will show you 6 tips of what you can do to politely turn down a flirt.

  1. Tell him straight up
  2. Change the topic
  3. Act like you are already in a relationship
  4. Reply late with short responses
  5. Ghost him
  6. Don’t let him think you enjoy the way he flirts with you

1. Tell Him Straight Up

There is no doubt about gender differences. And one of the common differences between males and females is the ability to communicate. Women tend to have an indirect communication style versus men.

And at this point, some guys consider it as a green light and letting themselves keep sending you flirty texts. This is why you are better off making your intention clear from the very beginning, by telling him you are not interested in him.

In this day and age, social media is an inseparable part of our lives. We see a lot that guys easily flirt with girls over texts without considering personal space.

If you are not able to tell a guy straight up that you don’t like these kinds of messages, you will create a misunderstanding for a guy that you might have some feelings for him, and you allow him to keep sending you flirty text. I will walk you through some tips If you have a hard time saying NO to the guy.


You, don’t need to use the word “NO” directly. If you have no feelings about a guy, and you want to stop him from flirting with you over texts.

Clearly tell him you will think about it, and if you see any potential feeling about him, you will get back to him. It gives a guy the message that you’re trying to send him off politely.

You don’t need to have a reason to say NO to a guy. I see a lack of confidence among many girls as to say no to a guy. They feel guilty after rejecting a guy. They think it hurts a guy’s feeling if they ask them to stop sending them a flirty text.

Or she starts panicking on how to persuade a guy she is not into him. What I’m trying to tell you is to be confident and set your boundaries.

One of these boundaries could be stopping guys that are trying to flirt with you over text and give you a hard time. Saying NO is a great way to help you stand by your standards.

2. Change the topic

It is not the best solution to respond to unwanted flirty texts, but it is worth trying to do. I recommend you to keep messages between you and him as short as possible. Otherwise, it encourages a guy to flirt more as much as you respond to him more.

This way works well when your close guy friend flirts with you over texts.  You necessitate being cautious not ruining your friendship with him. If he says something flirty, pretend it was never said. he will realize you don’t like flirting with him.

You also have to show him that you don’t like the way he is flirting with you over text. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Farid: You are so smart; you passed all exams with good grades. Hmmm, I wish you could be my girlfriend to teach me how to study for exams.

Salia: Oh tnx. Sorry, I’m in a rush. I have to go somewhere to meet a friend of mine.
Farid: you looked so cute tonight at the party.
Salia: by the way, do you know when the new season of picky Blinder will be out?

You don’t need to go hard and reply harshly. Reply politely and ignore him by changing the topic over and over again. It will turn him off soon. 

3. Act Like You Are Already In A Relationship


Sometimes you need to come up with a fictional significant other. Directly tell a guy you are in a relationship, and it’s not ethical if he keeps flirting with you. Most probably, you are good to get rid of a guy by following this tip. Let’s take a look at the example below.

Farid: Salia, I have a good feeling about you, I want to know you more.

Salia: Well, I appreciate it. But I’m in a relationship and I am so happy with my boyfriend. So I see no point talking about these things again.

4. Reply Late With Short Responses

This is one of the best ways to stop a guy from flirting with you over text. Guys typically react to ignorance fast. There are two statements here.

  • If a guy is your friend and you would like to remain the friends, pretend that you are busy and have no time for him. Message him back a couple of hours later with short answers. Keep your distance from him and reduce your conversation with him slowly.
  • On the contrary, If you don’t see him frequently, close the notification and never check his messages. Let him text you as much as he wants. Whatever he says will never reach you.

5. Ghost him

I recommend it for the last try. If you did all tips that I told you earlier, and you are still struggling to get rid of a guy, then it’s time to press the block button.

6. Don’t let him think you enjoy the way he flirts with you

This is a girl’s nature to love being wanted. You like to get attention, and once a guy gives it to you, you feel great and unique. It is one of those ways many guys use to draw a girl’s attention. This is your decision if you want to flirt back with a guy or not.

But if you don’t like flirting with a guy over text, then you shouldn’t let him think you enjoy the flirting in secret. Apart from all the tips you learned earlier, you will need to have some sentences in your pocket that give him big fat hints you are not into him.

I’m not looking for any relationship right now.
I just broke up, and I’m still thinking about my ex.
I’m dating another guy, and I can’t think about someone else at all.
You are a good guy, but you are not my type. I have no feeling for you.

How do you know if a guy is flirting with you over text or just being friendly?

Flirty or friendly. Sometimes figuring this out is like trying to see clearly without your glasses. Is he into me or just being nice?

Let’s get down to 5 texting signs that give you the confidence he has some feeling for you.

1. What type of questions he asks you?

Obviously, you will hear general questions like “how are you” or “what is up” in any normal conversation. You are not going to take it as flirting.

These are only random questions that flow in any normal conversation. However, if he gets into details. Asking about your personal life, then it would be a sign that he is flirting with you.

2. Does he remember things or not?

Another note you need to keep in mind is, does he remember things or not? If you talk about your favorite food and after some time, he brings it up again, that means he has been listening to you and is not only your friendly dude.

3. How often does he text you?

Does he text you from time to time and ask you about some general things or is he in touch with you regularly?

In other words, he looks for any opportunity to text you and open up a conversation with you.

4. Do you see any sign of romantic conversation

Definitely, he is flirting, if you wake up in the morning by this message. “Good morning.”

5. He tries to connect you to part of his day

If he is just kind to you, he doesn’t need to let you know about what he is doing. Therefore if you see he tries to keep you posted about what is going on in his private life, you can conclude that he is flirting with you over texts.

6. Is he willing to meet you outside?

Why should he text you and ask you to go out with him? if he is not into you? If he is willing to invite you somewhere over texts, you can count it as a part of the flirting procedure.

7. He puts an effort to make you smile


If he asks you a question with multiple answers then I would have to say he is flirting with you over texts. Let’s get into the example.

Which one would be your dating place?

  1. Restaurant
  2. Café
  3. Bar
  4. Theater

8. The Frequency Of Emoji Used

Paying attention to what emojis he uses in texting with you is the most common hint to realize if he is flirting with you or not. Does he try to express his feeling by emojis secretly like these


Once he sees any progress in dating you, the emojis above will turn into emojis below.



The average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day. That means you might get many flirtatious messages every day from different guys that you don’t even know them.

If you don’t know how to stop guys from flirting with you over text, it can distract your mind from having a healthy relationship.

You might say it’s cool to have many guys around to look after you. But after a short time, you will realize how it can ruin your life and manipulate your self-worth in the long run.

You now know how to stop a guy from flirting with you over text. You also learned how to distinguish between who’s flirting over text or who is just friendly.

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