How To Win a Mans’s Heart Forever (The Simple Truth)

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I want to grab you by the shoulders and tell you that love is right out there. You might have gone through a few, or maybe a lot of bad breakups. And you might feel that all men are deceptive. You are right and wrong at the same time.

NOTE: In this article, I aim to give you the best advice out there on how to win a man’s heart. But I also focus on recommending you the best books and courses that will help you in your relationship and dating life.

It’s time someone told it to you straight about men, and what you actually have to do to win a man’s heart and to make him yours forever.

  1. Learn what love means to a man
  2. Try to be his Queen, not his Princess
  3. It’s not you vs. him. It’s you and him vs. the problem
  4. The importance of sex in a man’s life.

Here I will share with you in-depth what these points mean. But, that is not enough. If you want to win a man’s heart and make him yours forever you must invest more time in your spare time on reading and learning about men and love, here I will also give you a guide on books and courses that can help you achieve what you want in your love life.

1. Learn What Loves Means To a Man

For Men, Love = Sacrifice

It is crucial to know how men love. It’s obvious that you know how men think and love differently. But do you know how it’s different?

Men show their love through Sacrifice. How?

Let’s start off with a couple of examples on how men show their love.

Example 1: You both have to go to therapy today.

So you tell him that in a couple of hours you both must go to couples therapy. He rolls his eyes and sighs heavily.

In your mind, you might begin to question his actual love for you and his commitment. Because you would at least assume that he would show some interest in going with you to work on your relationship with you. Your thoughts about how he feels towards you become negative

But, he shows up. He comes with you and tries to work things out in therapy.

This is a man’s way of showing you that he loves you.

When men sacrifice their free time, their money, and what other activities they could have done during this time, it means that they love you.

Example 2: When a man goes to his daughter’s dance show at her school

When a man gives up a day of his work and gives up everything in order to get to his daughter’s school dance show, it means that he loves his daughter and he values his family.

Don’t you think that he could’ve done something better during his time. Maybe catch a football game with his friends or stayed at work?

A man loves you when he makes sacrifices for something he was doing or could be doing instead

Example 3: He answers your phone and video calls even though he is busy.

My girlfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship. And although I talk with her an hour or two a day, she get’s upset on why our conversations together has become less. And why I hang up sooner than usual.

I am a blogger and relationship consultant plus I work my extra hours as an English Teacher. So Im super busy these days. Even though Im in the middle of my work I answer her calls and try to fit any ounce of the day talking and making time for her.

Truthfully, 80% of them time I dont want to talk or answer because Im super busy these days.

But I try to. I make the sacrifice to pick up the phone and communicate with her. This is because I love her. And I don’t want to make things harder for her in our long distance relationship.

My sacrifice is to put aside my work and my tiredness from work, and to pick up the phone for the person that needs me and loves me.

Key Take Aways:

  • Men dont want to watch those romantic movies you suggest. They do it because they love you. They sacrifice what else they could be doing for you. Because they care for you.
  • “Love” in the male definition means “Sacrifice”
  • DONT try to change your man or look for a secret on how to make a man behave the way you want him to. Instead, learn the Love Psychology of a man.

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2. Try To Be His Queen Not His Princess

4 years ago I thought my Ex was the one I wanted to be with my entire life. She was my first girlfriend and she had it all. She was beautiful and our sense of humor was the best part. I had never felt so close to someone like this before.

But, even though she had it all. I felt that she didn’t belong in my life in the long term. After living with her for half a year in the same house.

It was something about her that just completely shifted my mind about her. I started questioning whether she belonged in my life or not.

This is not just my experience and my personal opinion. Many men face this dilemma with their women as well

So What Do Men Want! How Can You Make Him Yours Forever?

  • Beauty and connecting physically and mentally with a women is one in a million for any man. But for most men these days, it is not enough to keep him with you forever. He will eventually become distant from you over time.
  • Being a princess means that you have all the qualities he is looking for, except one. You lack the one that is the most important to a man, that is trying to build his future and to make a name for himself.
  • If he is trying to build his future, he needs someone that is there to motivate him. To become his asset. Someone that will take off some of the burdens in his life, in order to free up his time and mind, so he can find ways to grow.
  • Realize that men have a financial clock. They want to be wealthy and financially free. Dont beg and create problems for him when he isn’t spending 4 hours with you everyday.
  • If you want to be on the journey of life with him then be his Queen. Be a bit more independent (Men like to be Heros of the day for their significant other) But they cant handle babysitting you all the time. Sometimes you should take a stand and fight for your own goals and ambitions. This will attract him more towards you.

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You may have heard that saying that goes like this: “Arguments are a normal part of a relationship.” – Correct! Arguments will happen but dont fall back and accept this saying. Although they do happen, beware of the words you say to eachother during the argument.

What usually happens after you two have an argument?

  • You completly stop talking with eachother for a couple of hours?
  • You leave the house and go meet up with your best friend to tell them about the argument.
  • Do you become more cold and distant for a couple of days right after the argument?
  • Do you choose to sleep in different rooms from eachother?

It may seem normal, considering that you always make up and go back to normal again after every conflict and argument. Right?

But “Death is not caused by 10 paper cuts but rather 100s of them”. – If you continue on your journey like this with him, then eventaully one of you will lose it and decide to end things.

Keep our problems and arguments locked without opening them up and talking about them is dangerous . “We all can forigive but we dont ever forget.”

Great Communication in a relationship doesn’t mean that you two can connect on every level and laugh at everything.

Great Communication in a relationship means that you can control your words and say what you have to say to him in a controlled and understanding manner.

It is the hardest thing to do. I know. Even for a relationship consultant like me, I find it extremely difficult to control my anger and judgemental thoughts I have to say to my girlfriend.

An Effective Communication Technique That You Should Use In Your Relationship

Be specific about the message you wish to convey. Make sure your partner receives and understands your message by speaking clearly. Discuss the situation and how it impacts you. Use ‘I’ expressions like ‘I need to’, ‘I want to’, and ‘I feel’ to express what you desire, need, and feel.

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4. The Importance Of Sex In a Mans Life

The honey moon phase is filled with fireworks. You just cant get enough of eachother. The affection and intimacy are at their highest.

But when the relationship gets longer and longer over time, you guys get busier with life and the stresses of work kick in. Sex starts to become into a Chore.

You start forcing yourself to have intimacy with your husband or boyfriend.

“A lack of sex can destroy your relationship, especially for the man”

Historically men have been disensenitized to feel and express their feelings. Becasue they are the hunters, and providers of the family. Too many feelings can stop a man from providing for his family and going through the tough challenges of doing so.

Why Is Sex So Important To Men?

  • Through Sex and intimacy men are only able to feel emotionally connected
  • Women need everything to be alright and perfect around them in order to connect physically
  • Sex is a huge part of a mans psychology. Sex gives them the sense of confidence and wellbeing

So, sex is very important for men. Does this mean that you should have sex with him even though your not in the mood. Should you make sex into a chore?

Should Sex be a Chore?

Sex will at one point, either in your marriage or relationship turn into a chore. This is becasue we become busy with life, we have children, our own professional careers and when we get home we end up being being completely exhausted.

First and foremost, sex is important but it should never turn into a chore, even though there isn’t much of a sex life between the two of you.

Forcing yourself to have sex can actually destroy the relationship. Because he will gradually come to feel that you are having sex, not becasue you enjoy it, but becasue you are doing it for the sake of keeping the relationship alive. And he might not even say anything to you, but he will start to feel a void and uncertainty in his relationship with you.

What Can You Do When Your Partner Wants Sex But You are Exhausted To Have Sex?

1 day full of affection and attention is better than 7 days of carless love making.

Time almost becomes like a impossible commodity to have when you are working, studying or taking care of your children. But, if you want to make your relationship and love life work you must make sure of these couple of things. ,

1) Get Your Priorities Straight!

Just because he is in your life, it does not mean that he should get neglected or be give half of your un-divided attention. Just because he is your husband or boyfriend doesn’t mean that they are going to be there forever.

In order to grow your business you would need to put time and effort for it to thrive and grow. A business would stagnate and start to fall apart ove time if the right attention and energy is not given to it.

Your boyfriend or husband are your long term investments. If you want him in your life forever either in a relationship or marriage with the burning desire and affection you always wanted in your marriage and relationship, you would need to put effort and investment into your life with him.

2) Physical Touch and Genuine Affection

You dont need to have sex everyday or once in while. But dont completely pull away from physical touch and physical affection.

Handholding is the act of showing love. A kiss on the cheek. A tender look into his eyes. a comb through his hair

Your spouse wants to have sex, but a lot of the time he really wants to be touched. a solid link made possible by a physical connection. You must keep in mind that most males do not receive platonic attention from their family or friends.

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3) It’s All About That Special Sunday Weekend

You have more time on your plate than you think. Every day doesn’t have to be a day where you are working or stressing about taking care of the kids or something else.

It just takes one day to completely change the course of where your relationship will be headed.

This is a method that many of my clients have been doing. And it has completely changed the course of their relationship and intimacy.

How Does The One Day Intimacy Day Work?

  1. Put aside your phones get a maid for the kids and dedicate your entire day to each other.
  2. Go for a romantic afternoon date.
  3. Go for a 30-minute walk and try to really feel each other presence and communicate.
  4. Build your sexual attention with each other, by building the anticipation for sex. Reminisce about your honeymoon phase and why you both fell in love with each other in the first place.
  5. Don’t rush the sex. Incorporate your wildest fantasies and truly explore each other.


If you want to have an amazing life with a ton of luxurious and expensive designer goods you need to work your ass off.

If you want to pass your university with amazing grades you’ve got to study your butt off.

The same goes for winning a man’s heart and making him yours forever. Great things require work and effort. Don’t be afraid to invest in your love life. Your love life will be so much sweeter when you learn how things work and what exactly to do in certain situations.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Are you ready to have your “happily ever after?” If you are, then reading this article can help. But this is barely the tip of the iceberg. Everything I’ve learned comes from reading books and getting educated.

Take the step and conquer everything and anything you wish to gain in your love life.

Here is a recap of my favorite women’s relationship courses.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful as you aim to win a man and to keep a man in your life forever. Here are some notable courses that I hope you’ll also find helpful. These are affiliate links. So if you do decide to use any of them. I’ll earn a commission. But in all honesty, these are the same exact course I have reviewed and recommended to everyone.

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Making a relationship last forever: The book “Keep The Fire Burning In The Relationship” I have found is a book that is more suitable for couples that have been in a relationship for more than 5 years. It will help you figure out how to keep your relationship fresh? And you’ll learn strategies to overcome difficulties and move your relationship to greater depths.

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