Is Dating Allowed In Dubai? Simple Guide To Love Life In Dubai

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Dating is a location-dependent concept and varies from country to country. Dubai is an exciting place to visit, and I surprisingly enjoyed my time, when I was there for 3 months. But when it comes to dating, I have to mention it’s not as interesting for someone that comes from a pretty free country such as Cyprus. The extent of freedom you can have in Dubai is limited to what you can do with your significant other. In this read, I’ve got you covered, and I walk you step by step through dating in Dubai.

Is Dating Allowed In Dubai

Is dating allowed in Dubai?

Dating is allowed in Dubai. As of the beginning of 2021, Dubai has eased some of its rules on dating. Such as, unmarried couples can now stay together In hotels and rented houses. However, the rules of showing public signs of affection, such as kissing and hugging do still violate U.A.E laws.

Can unmarried couples live together in Dubai?

It used to be illegal to live with your unmarried partner under the same roof. And you were required a marriage license to do so. Just recently during the first few days of 2021, the story has changed. UAE has updated and changed the law. Accordingly, you can live with your unrelated partner without the fear of getting reported or any penalty.

Considering the law of any country to travel is essential. Therefore Let’s take a look at the rules you should know before going to Dubai.

What is Forbidden in Dubai when it comes to dating?

1. Public display of affection like kissing.
2. You can not have a baby out of wedlock.
3. Homosexuality is prohibited.
4. Dubai follows sharia laws and has strict rules about wearing. So girls please avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing and any dress, which draws too much attention.
5. Do not mess around with Emirati people. Emirates are religious people who care a lot about their traditional customs. For example, some risky behaviors like flirting with local girls can quickly land you in a trouble and even cause deportation from the country at some point.
6. Keep that in mind to not take any photo from local people unless you have their permission. One of my photographer friends had no idea of this law and thought it would be the same with western Europe to take photos freely from people in no harmony. This lack of knowledge got him into serious trouble for taking a photo from a local lady.
7. Government has serious control over social media and you need to be cautious to not publish any other’s private photos. It’s against the sharia law and I recommend you to not take any uncalculated risk.

Pros and Cons Of Dating In Dubai


1) STD Checkup

You are required to do an STD check-up before getting the visa. So it assures that girls and boys who live in Dubai have no health problems. It gives you quite the confidence to approach people and find your future partner without concerning who has health diseases and who doesn’t.

2) Shocking Age Demographic

The median age in the UAE is 33.5 years. This is one of the major reasons why Dubai adapted to the modern changes smoothly moreover, as to dating you feel more comfortable finding your loved one when more than 6 million people in UAE belong to median age. (


1) Dubai is not a right place for Serious Relationship

UAE is the most recognized country for tourists.  As a result, you will find Dubai somehow unstable for dating if you are looking for a proper relationship. You will find people in Dubai for different purposes. One might come to Dubai to just chill and fly back home in 2 weeks or the other one has a temporary business trip. Hence building long last relationship is insanely rare there.

2) Language

As I said earlier, you’ll find different people from different countries such as India, Egypt, Ukraine, China, Germany, etc. Not all of them speak the same language.

If you plan to go to Dubai based on the English language, as a medium of communication you shouldn’t expect everyone to speak English fluently, and that makes it difficult for you if you come from one of the English-speaking countries.

It can be a big problem when you are on a date with someone who doesn’t speak English properly. Imagine you tell a jock to change a mood while the other one on a date, just staring at you without understanding your sense of humor.

Don’t Even Think You Can Date Emirates In Dubai.

Cultural background is the priority to Emirates, and they hardly marry someone outside their community let alone foreigners with different attitudes and mindsets. Their first choice is dating someone in the family or at least someone who comes from the same ethnic group. 

According to the gender ratio, dating is difficult for guys.

As reported by UAE population Statistics, 72% of the population are male, and only 28% are female. Hence the competition is too much among guys to date a girl. While girls have many options, they are selective.

Status Overcome Personality

Dubai is the wealthiest country in the middle east and most of the people there are rolling in the money. As for, there is an unpleasant trend among guys and girls in Dubai that make them rely on status rather than personality.

Dating Websites

I have to let you down if you are decided to find your partner through dating websites. UAE blocks any dating website. However you can use VPN to solve this issue.

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Q & A

Can you kiss in Dubai hotels?

Any public display of affection in Dubai, whether in an airport or Dubai hotels, is against sharia law. However sharing a room with your significant other is possible and what you choose to do in private is totally fine.

Is Sexting legal in UAE?

Sexting is illegal. Don’t share any sexually suggestive photos of yourself or others online including sexually suggestive text messages

The UAE government heavily monitors all conversations and any data you send and receive. So avoid any conversations online that include any sexual concepts.

Is It Easy To Get Laid In Dubai?

Surprisingly, this is the question some people are excited to know about, and friends often ask me, Could I get laid off easy when I was in Dubai? or Is it allowed? Let me answer this question here once and forever.

Any sexual contact out of marriage is illegal, but you can have sex with your partner in secret at your own risk. Depending on your financial situation, It could be either easy or difficult to hit on a girl, while guys are more in numbers than girls.

Therefore, you can not skip the fact that girls have a high standard in dating. Hence if you can afford to take a girl somewhere cool by considering the high prices in Dubai, I say yes it is easy to get laid in Dubai.

Where Should I Take a Girl On a Date In Dubai?

Despite the few regulations mentioned above, UAE is open to nightclubs and bars. Alcohol is openly served in these places, and you can take a girl there and experience the amazing nightlife. If you are not a party guy, I can recommend malls and coffee houses.

Dubai is very famous for its dazzling and lavish malls and cafes. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Festival City Mall, and Deira City Center is on top of this list.

Though, You can meet many girls on beaches like Jumeirah, Sharjah beach, and shopping centers like Jumeirah center, which is one of the largest malls in the world. It could be one of the most fashionable dating places ideas in the UAE.

Dating apps in Dubai

Dating apps are banned in UAE. Still, you can get over this problem by using VPN. There is an alternative way to dating apps. Associations like international organizations that organize a get-together, and it is so popular among expatriates.

Dating An Emirati Man

Emirati Man

More recently, I noticed a trend among Some girls who are fond of getting into a relationship with Emirati guys. Let me open your eyes to some facts you have to know if you seek your future husband among UAE people. There is a different social culture in Dubai from western countries. If you live in America, you find it normal to take a girl outside and build chemistry between the two of you.

Conversely in Dubai, there is no place for US dating style and Emirati guys have a fear of dating girls outside their community. Fear of being seen by family members. As mentioned earlier dating, is not part of their culture and the UAE is a strict Muslim country. From knowing some UAE people, I can say they usually look for 11 pm booty calls, and see foreigners easier to sleep with.

On another note, there is a 99% chance they are not looking for marriage and no intention of getting to know you as a foreigner with a different cultural background. This is why they usually date women secretly and refuse to date in public. To cut a long story short, you’d better avoid dating men from UAE.


It was exciting putting the “Is it allowed to date in Dubai” guide together. I did my best to share with you all about do’s and don’ts in Dubai when you are on a date. You also know about the pros and cons of dating in Dubai.

Side note: I created an Ebook about dating and relationship tips that drew on 4 years of my experiences. Back in the time, I couldn’t always have a healthy long-term relationship. I started developing my personality. I invested considerable time in myself, and I am glad to talk with you as a relationship enthusiasm now. A lot of work has gone into this ebook to help you how you can better your relationship and take your dating skills to the next level.

 Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s time to challenge yourself.

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