Full Guide On Dating An Iranian Man (Pros and Cons)

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Iran, a country full of rich history and very little freedom. What can it be like to date a man from such a love-restricted country? He may be good, but culture and habits can shape a man’s personality, In this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons of dating an Iranian man, as well as what differences they have in dating, compared to other western countries.

So to answer the question, What is it like to date an Iranian Man? (Pros & Cons)

Pros Of Dating An Iranian ManCons Of Dating An Iranian Man
1) Showers you with Gifts 1) He can get Jealous very easily
2) Family is Everything2) Hard to find a good committed man
3) They Dress to impress3) He should be in control of the relationship
4) He knows his way around good food
5) Are down to party

Iranian men differ a lot from western men, and if you’re not careful you may have your heart broken in a very bad way, or you may find your soulmate in an Iranian man. Continue on reading because I’ll guide you more on, what it’s like dating an Iranian man, and how to find the right Iranian man to get in a relationship with.

What Is It Like To Date An Iranian Man?

iranian man

I have lived most of my life abroad, understanding and mixing with probably every culture out there. I have only lived some of my life in Iran. Nonetheless, I can’t come right out and tell you that Iranian men are either good or bad. There are good, bad, people in all the countries in the world.

But, culture and habits formed within in person in their country can play a big part in understanding what type of man you really want from your relationship.

Below I will go over the good and bad I have seen from Iranian men in dating.

1) Showers you with Gifts

Gifts are a wonderful thing

Gifts are a wonderful thing, and we all love doing them for the people we love the most. However Iranian men will go above and beyond for you. We are talking expensive jewelry and anything his pocket can afford.

If you are looking to live like a princess, then an Iranian man will make you feel like one. I have personally seen many of my Iranian friends spoil their girlfriends with everything, even if their pockets may have been empty.

Don’t hesitate to check our top gift ideas for your Iranian crush. Click here to check them out.

2) Family Is Everything

 Family Is Everything

If you’ve seen the movie franchise fast and the furious you know pretty well Don loves talking about family. But not as much as an Iranian man. Family is literally everything to him.

I will give you 3 pointers about him and his family:

  1. His moms opinion about you matters alot. So to win his heart you’ve got to win his mom over.
  2. His family is going to hear a lot about you, from him.
  3. Be prepared to meet his family. An Iranian man really cares about his families opinion. So down the line or maybe even after the first couple of dates, he might show you off to them in person.

3) Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

Did you know that the Iranian football team was voted the most stylish team in the World Cup in 2014? A passion for fashion and a love for showing off their style and riches. Being around 30 or more nationalities, I could honestly say that Iranians take a lot of pride in how they look.

But I have to warn you, Iranian men have a thing for using too much cologne. So get your senses of smell ready because you may not be able to handle it.

4) He Knows his way around Good Food

Good Food

If there is one thing I can brag about myself or my Iranian friends is that we know good food, and how to properly eat food, unlike the other nationalities.

Most of us are down to try new and different foods, so if you want to surprise your taste buds and your tummy with some nice food continuously, a Persian boyfriend will make those dreams come true

Expect him to pay for all the dine outs. Unlike the Western culture where a man and women share their outside costs. Iranian men are too Chivelorous for that, they won’t let you to get close to your wallet

5) He is down to Party Hard

Persian party

The first thought that people have of Iran is that it’s so closed and restricted. So how can we be so down to party?

One thing’s for certain, no one gets a party or club roaring like us Persians. True we face a lot of obstacles in Iran due to the rules and regulations, but we are extremely cunning and sharp, we’ll find a way around those rules, to throw some of the best parties, and to have some really memorable nights.

When dating an extroverted Iranian man, you will be quick to learn and see that there will be many nights of music, drinking and dancing till the sun comes out.

1) He can get Jelous very easily

If you have read my previous articles I have always mentioned how Jealousy could ruin a relationship, it can be a very big turn-off, and it shows insecurity.

Iranian men certainly don’t have difficulty expressing their problems and jealousy to you. Unlike how most guys in western countries tend to be more relaxed about their girl hanging out with guys or a group of friends. Iranian men tend to act suspicious and jealous towards that.

It is totally fine to feel a bit jelous of our partners. Iranians are terrible with dealing with this emotion. Most of them try to act controlling and resentful.

And unfortunately, I have seen many of my Iranian acquaintances handle these situations very badly.

2) Hard to find a Commited Man

Finding someone that just wants sex is easy for you women, but finding a committed man is the problem. Iranian men tend to be very secretive and unclear on what they really want to have with a girl.

To clarify, this is not true with every Iranian man, there are some amazing soulmate-built Iranian men out there. But from what I have seen and gathered, 80% of Iranian men are not the type to settle down and be committed.

Things of I have seen from most of my Iranian friends in Relationships:

  • Talking to multiple other women on instagram or Whatsapp
  • Flirting or sometimes cheating with other women.
  • Many Iranian men try to get into Situationships. Meaning a romantic or sexual relationship that is not considered to be formal or established.

Even if Iranian men act like they are willing to commit they are certainly looking and talking to other women. And it’s just a matter of time before they leave the relationship. Be extra cautious towards who you get in a relationship with.

3) He should be in Control of the realtionship

Feminism and equality between the sexes in Iran don’t apply to him. In Iran, the culture and thinking are still way behind western countries such as America.

Iranian men in relationships want to take control of every situation in the relationship, from earning to leading and saying what goes. They prefer their women to be at home cooking, rather than working and earning. That is the Iranian culture.

But however, the younger generation of Iranians are becoming more westernized, meaning they are more understanding and respectful of women and men’s equality more.

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Dating culture in Iran. What it looks like?

culture in Iran

In Iran dating and being in a relationship is heavily frowned upon. Iran is a very religious Islamic country. It is truly a struggle to be in a relationship in Iran. Below I will include a bullet point of what the dating culture in Iran looks like.

  • The goverment of Iran doesn’t allow casual dating and premartial sex
  • Going out with your boyfriend or grilfriend in public can run you the risk of being reported or detained.
  • Although it has becoming very normal now to see many unmarried couples in the street, you may still run your luck on being reported or detained.
  • Holding hand is the only excpetion for couples, besides that other public signs of affection such as hugging and kissing is illegal, and can have serious consequences.
  • If the family knows about you, they will try to act oblivious to the fact that their son is dating. (It seems like relationships feel uncomfortable, and taboo to them)

How to know if a Persian guy likes you?

It is not a puzzle to know if a Persian man likes you or not. There are three things that a Persian man is famous for if you want to know that he likes you.

Many Iranian men are passionate and emotional, they will shower you with compliments and make you feel like a princess. They mostly try to seduce you with their words.

Dont fall for his charms and words of romance too quick.

I have seen way too many times that girls end up face down in a broken relationship, with an Iranian man. If you are looking to date an Iranian man you should understand a couple of things about him:

  1. Iranians are very witty and flirtatious and can win you over with just their words of romance
  2. They may say they are crazy for you and love you so much. But that is just to mostly get you in his bedroom.
  3. If they can get you very easily into their bedroom, then definately dont expect to be in anything too official with him.

Dont have Sex for at least 4 weeks with him.

It doesn’t matter if he’s Iranian or American all men show their love through their commitment and actions, not their words or sex. When a woman has sex she can fall in love. But on the other hand, men don’t fall in love when they have sex

First, get to know him more on an emotional level, get him to commit, and open up to you. And when he sticks around without sex for around four weeks, then you know you’ve got a committed man in your life.

Iranian words to use, that he’ll love.

Azizeh Delamii – You’re my dear heart

Donyayeh manii – Your my world

Eshghaam – My love

Dooset daram Cheghadr – I love you so much

Khabayeh khoob bebini eshghaam – Have sweet dreams my love


Even though there always seems to be some negative news about Iran, Iranians are actually some of the most wonderful people. With every culture and nationality, there are differences in personalities because the culture of a country can really shape a person

Being in a relationship with the right Iranian man can prove to be one of the best moments of your life. Iranian men are family orientated and they will do anything to prove to you how much they love day in and day out.

Although there are some really amazing Iranian men that you can meet, some on the other hand can leave you hurt and broken in many ways.

Key Point when you’re thinking of being in a relationship with a Iranian man

  1. When you are dating a Iranian man avoid having sex with him for the first 4 weeks.
  2. Iranian men can be very deceptive and bad liers. Dont let them seduce you with his words.

Key point on how to win over a Iranian man

  1. He loves his family, and his mom is his stone. Impress his mom, and you’ll have a place in his heart
  2. Be a women with class. Well dressed and carry yourself like a queen. Persian men don’t like girls that are in pjamas 90% of the time

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