Is Flirting a Reason to Breakup? The 2 Types Of Flirting

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You are in the right place if you want to know know about, is flirting a reason to breakup and how you can actually deal with this issue in a relationship.

From my experiences as a relationship/dating enthusiast, I will highly encourage you to keep reading to learn why flirting is a reason to breakup and how you can actually overcome this issue before needing to breakup with your significant other.

Is flirting a reason to breakup?

There are two types of flirting. The first one is unitentionail flirting, which is not considered to be a big reason to breakup because he doesn’t signal interest in other girls. Conversly the seconde one is intentionail fllirting this is fliritng when you go out of the relationship to meet any sexual or emotionail needs.

There are two different forms of flirting that I will walk you through, each of them one by one with examples.

Unintentional Flirting


Here is where most girls get confused. Not every flirting is purposely. there is a thin line between these 2 different forms of flirting.

It’s significant to know when your guy is actually flirting with other girls or if he’s just being friendly. Knowing this will prevent you from a great doubt in your relationship later on.

Before judging him, make sure you have answers to the questions below.

  • Is he playful or joking much with other girls? Does he show you the same interaction? 
  • Is he willing to expand the conversation with other girls?
  • Does he question girls much to get to know them more?
  • Is he ready to have a physical contact like touching a girl?
  • excessive eye contact with other girls.
  • He fixes himself up when he sees a girl.
  • He raises his eyebrows and opens his mouth a bit.
  • Is he staring at a girl?

Is He Just Naturally Flirty?

relationship advise

Some guys are just more flattering and energetic while communicating with other girls. If your boyfriend is like that, You don’t have to overthink it and make a big deal about it.

If the answer to any questions above is NO, then there isn’t a high potential for flirting. Therefore flirting is not a reason to breakup.

If your partner is naturally flirty, you should learn how to connect with him so deeply that he will never lustfully look at another woman.

Intentional Flirting

There are some reasons behind intentional flirting. We will discuss 4 reasons here. And before I get started, I would have to say, intentional flirting can be a reason to breakup.

1) Self-esteem

David Dryden Henderson, who is a professor at the University of Illinois, believes flirting is one of the ways to boost self-esteem.

However, in one of the research, 101 females and males were asked to write out the motivation of flirting. If you are curious about the research result you need to know Men had a motivation to flirt for sexual reasons, whereas women tend to flirt for relationship bases.

As a guy, I feel good when I flirt with a random girl. It gives me great confidence. As to communication, I remember the days I registered for a training class to improve my communication skills.

My professor always told me to flirt with the opponent sex in the pub, if I want to overcome shyness and boost my self-esteem. After putting this tactic into practice, I realized that actually works.

You can not believe how intentional flirting can bump and dump the guy’s confidence when a guy gets a girl’s attention. It’s kind of an achievement for a guy.

And he will feel desired and wanted. So I necessitate to mention if your guy flirts with other girls to level up his confidence, that means he is not satisfied with his relationship with you.

In this case, if you give him what he needed in a relationship either mentally or sexually, you need to have a second thought about him.

In this scenario flirting is a reason to break up

2) Dirty game


There is a game among guys to show who is better at flirting with girls. If you see a group of guys, most likely there are 2 guy friends competing with each other to get a girl’s attention in the group.

The better one will get more credit in the group. So make sure you are out of this game.

In this case, if he doesn’t value you and involves himself with the silly childish games, he is better off not being part of your life.
In this scenario flirting is a reason to breakup.

3) He is not the guy for you

It’s popular among guys to express their feeling by flirting. They hardly show interest and love to a girl. Therefore, flirting behaviors such as smiling, touching, or flirtatious body language are considered cheating in a relationship.

I said all this to tell you that if you see your boyfriend flirting with a girl, it can be a good sign that he is not interested in you.

He is looking for another girl. And believe it or not, you will hear the following sentence soon once he finds someone else. “Well dear, you know I like you, and I really do. but I think it’s better if we break up with each other”.

Or he will give you cold shoulders and keep ignoring you until you get tired, and you will be the first one who breaks up in a relationship.

In this scenario, flirting is a reason to breakup.

4. He is playing with your emotions

Make a girl jealous, she will be more prone to comply”. I’ve heard this advice from my guy friends a lot This is the reason why he is flirting with other girls in front of you.

This tactic of getting a girl’s attention works. Girls are emotional. And sometimes, guys use it as a weapon to accomplish what they want from a girl. I advise you not to let him play with your emotions. 

To give you an example, I have a friend who enjoys making his girlfriend jealous, and when I’m asking him the reason for that, he says he likes the way his girlfriend reacts. But as a relationship adviser, I know how stressful and painful it could be for you as a girl when your partner does such a thing.

What you can do is just being aware of this tactic. You don’t need to overreact. Let him do it over and over again. Once he sees no change in your behavior, he will stop doing this. He will know this tactic is not cut out for you.

Talk with him politely and explain how it gives you a hard time. Ask him you care about him and that is why you get jealous when he flirts with other girls. Tell him this is your boundary and he shouldn’t harm your mental well-being. If he doesn’t respect your words then flirting could be a reason to breakup.

In this scenario, flirting is a reason to breakup.

Is Flirting Wrong While In a Relationship?

is flirting a reason to break up

Yes, it’s highly disrespectful to your partner when you flirt with others while in a relationship. Cheating doesn’t happen around sex. It can be in the form of sexy smiling, excessive eye contact, etc.

Let’s assume your guy friend comes to you and compliments you by saying you look nice today. He can compliment you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

And the other guy can make the same compliment, and you feel like your brother just told you, you look great.
You might think it’s not rude to flirt with others while in a relationship because you want to make a good impression on others, and you consider flirting as being polite.

You need to know there is a boundary in a relationship that you should respect. Flirting is one of these boundaries. You can be friendly without being flirtatious.

Flirting will destroy trust in a relationship slowly over time. There is a thin line between flirting and cheating.

Intentional flirting creates doubts in a relationship and at the end, when the trust between you and your partner fades away, you can not regain a trust and expect a healthy relationship anymore.

Avoiding these tips below can help you to be friendly without the need for flirting.

  • Do not share personal stuff.
  • Do not gaze into someone’s eyes.
  • Do not get close to a random guy more than 4 feets.
  • Do not play with your hair while talking to a guy. Hair body language is one of the most obvious indications to signal guys interest.

Is Flirting Forgivable?

is flirting a reason to break up

Yes, it’s forgivable if there is an acceptable reason behind flirting. You would better find out what motivated your guy is in flirting with other girls.

Does he need attention that you didn’t give to him?

Isn’t he satisfied sexually in a relationship with you?

Doesn’t he have the peace of mind when he’s with you?

Something is missing in a relationship that makes him flirting with other girls.

Talk with him. Express your feelings by telling him straight up that he is crossing the boundary in a relationship.

Here you will face 2 scenarios.

is dating a reason to breakupFirst scenario.

He will refuse to accept and tries to change the topic. So he doesn’t want to correct himself.
In this case, flirting is not forgivable.

is flirting a reason to breakupSecond scenario

He listens and tells you the problem he has in a relationship with you. He will discuss reasons that provoke him to flirt with other girls.
In this case, as he intends to correct himself, then flirting is forgivable.

Is It Ok To Flirt After a Break Up?

Heartbroken after a breakup is tough. Flirting is an effective way to help you empty your mind and forget about what happened in your last relationship if you do it correctly.

Before I move on, do not get me wrong. You don’t have the right to play with any guy’s emotion to make yourself feel better. You are not here to learn how to play the “getting even” game. Here you will learn how to recover emotionally by flirting after a breakup.

“Welcome new guys in your life and try to get to know them better. Consider it as a self-confidence exercise. It’s a pleasant feeling when you feel desired and wanted by many guys. It gives you back the same confidence you had before breakup”.

Remember that you will keep it on moderation. You don’t want to flirt with all the guys out one by one in the pub.
It’s normal if you have much stress to date another guy again. You will be scared of getting into a relationship with a new guy. Hence flirting is a great solution to help you overcome this stress right after breakup.


Is flirting a reason to breakup?

This is the question I dedicated today’s article to answer that. That means you have learned a lot so far.
Flirting is one of the hottest topics among guys and girls.

The young generation does not flirt like before. It’s not as easy as 3 decades before to understand if your boyfriend is flirting with others or not. Most guys do it smarter in a way you can not even notice.

So I congratulate you because you reached this part of the article. And you will act like a pro in a relationships from now on. I also taught you a multitude of ways on how to stop your boyfriend from flirting with others before it turns into cheating.

According to new research, it’s not easy to detect if your boyfriend is flirting purposely or not. So I walked you through two forms of flirting that helps you pass through this detecting challenge.

Intentional flirting can be a serious reason to breakup. On the other note, if your boyfriend is flirtatious by nature. And he doesn’t mean to have some shady behaviors. Then do not make a big deal about it. Flirting is not a reason to breakup in such a case.

I also gave you all signs on how to differ from intentional flirting to unintentional flirting. I highly encourage you to go through all tips and tricks I told you earlier in this article.

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