Should You Get Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring? when to get it + tips

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Is it the right time to make the big move? Deciding on the next stage of your relationship by proposing a promise ring can be challenging. And that’s totally normal because it can be a big move. So how do you know when the right time is? And if you should actually get your girlfriend a promise ring?

You came to the right place for all your answers about giving your girlfriend a promise ring.

Let’s get into it straight, Should you get your girlfriend a promise ring?

Giving a promise ring to your girlfriend can be a great gesture of pure love and commitment. Just make sure you don’t just rush into giving your girlfriend a promise ring too early. Get to know her on her bad and good days, so you would be completely sure of her complete character.

If you’re completely in love and ready to make your next move, then continue on reading for the full guide on getting a promise ring for your girlfriend. From everything you would need to know before getting her a promise ring to what type of ring you should get her.

Should You Get Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring

You are most likely on this article because you are at the point where you can’t imagine yourself without her in your life. You are contemplating if she’s the one because you just get along so well.

You’ve reached the point where no one else seems to matter, you see a future with this person.

A promise ring or in other words a commitment ring can be seen as a pre-engagement ring that signifies a tangible promise to the one you love, that says to the one you love “I am committed to you and only you”

Considering that you’re on this article, It’s no secret that you and your girlfriend are probably getting along really well.

Although everything is going well and you’re itching to give her the promise ring, I urge you to consider these points that I’m going to mention down below.

The problem is that you probably have only been in a relationship with her for 2-3 months or maybe even a bit longer. Giving her a promise is a big deal you are essentially telling her; “I’ll love you forever, you’re the one for me”

Therefore you want to really make sure you are with her for a substantial amount of time before you make this kind of commitment.

Don’t fall victim to the ‘honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase is an early part of a couple’s relationship where everything seems carefree and happy. It usually lasts six to eleven months. But it could last more regarding on the time you spend with each other.

There is a lot of euphoric feelings in the first few months of the relationship. Which can put your girlfriend on a pedestal and make you blind to her bad points.

“Get to know someone through all the seasons” Before you propose your promise ring to your girl.

The Rules Of Love. Learn here the simple steps to an everlasting love.

You should get to know someone through all the seasons. Because, in the beginning, we are all quite cautious about how much of ourselves we reveal to other people, especially in a new relationship.

At the beginning of the relationship, we’re going to do our best to present the most positive thing about ourselves. You want to make sure to stay around long enough to see how she treats you when you are not at your best and it gives an opportunity for her to see your less positive side as well.

Do You Kneel Before Giving a Promise Ring?

Avoid kneeling when giving a promise ring because although a promise ring may be a big deal as it signifies a great deal of commitment, it is still not the same thing as an engagement ring, which announces marriage.

Be aware of the way you give your promise ring to your girlfriend. You don’t want her to mistake it for an engagement ring.

Below I will mention the 4 best ways to give your girlfriend a promise ring.

1) The late night car promise

Late-night car rides are the best. Play your favorite song and ride around while having a snack in the car.

Towards the end of the car, ride take out the ring box and say to her what the purpose of this ring is before giving it to her.

2) The after movies promise

Let her choose her favorite romantic movie that she wants to watch in the cinema. Find a rather quiet place and take out the ring.

This will drive her crazy(in a good way) because she’s super emotional from the romantic movie.

3) The after breakfast promise

Get up a few hours earlier and make her romantic breakfast and take it to her bed. Propose to her halfway before she’s about to finish her breakfast.

4) The traditional activity promise

Where is the traditional hangout places that you go to with your girlfriend? Make it a special date to take her there, and give her the promise ring.

Just make sure it’s not in a crowded place.

What To Say When Giving a Promise Ring?

The words you plan on telling your girlfriend when giving her the promise ring should come from the heart. Don’t rush into saying it. Set up the appropriate environment before telling her.

You can keep it really simple with what you want to tell her. But below I’m going to mention the reasons why you decided to give her a ‘commitment ring’ and what to say in each of the reasons.

What to say in different situations?
Long-distance relationshipA promise of an engagement in the future.Still can’t afford an engagement ringYou’re not ready to get married
“This ring is a promise of commitment and everlasting love, I promise I will be back for you, my love”.“This ring is a promise that I will marry you one day”“This ring holds the promise that one day we will get married and be together forever”.“This is a promise ring, it is a vow that will solidify this relationship between us. I vow to honor you with commitment and love”
“I know beautiful days are waiting for us ahead, so this wait is all worth it to me. This ring is the symbol that soon we will be together, forever”. “Wear this to remember that soon I will ask you to be my wife”“This ring symbolizes my intent to marry you one day, and one day it’ll be replaced with an engagement ring”“I will fight and love you forever, this promise ring is the promise for both of us that one day we will be together forever”.
“My soulmate, my love, my companion and soon to be my wife. This is a promise ring, with the promise that I’ll make you my wife one day”“A promise that my heart holds love and faith that one day we will get married”.

What Age Should I Get My Girlfriend a Promise Ring

It really doesn’t matter what age you are when you propose a promise ring to your girlfriend. However, it is recommended to not propose such a ring if you are younger than 20.

Many teens get into their first relationship and fall into this extreme euphoric feeling that this is the person that they want to be with forever.

My advice; you are way too young, try to experience life a bit more before you decide on buying your girlfriend a promise ring.

Besides the fact that you may be too young.The right time to propose is whenever you feel that both of you have gotten far enough in the relationship.

Wait till the point which you’ve known each other to a far degree. At the stage where you see parts of her which isn’t so flattering, and yet you still choose to love her.

When a relationship just starts, you connect, you see all the good things in this person, it’s only after a while of being together that you start seeing the flaws in them.

“Give her a promise ring after choosing to still love her, even though you’ve seen most of her flaws”.

What if you love her but she’s married? Find out here what to do?

How Much Should You Spend On a Promise Ring

Although it is not an engagement ring, a promise ring can be as important. This does not mean you should go out and get your girlfriend a 1500$ ring but you shouldn’t also get her a cheap ring in H&M.

I would recommend you to not spend more than 350$ on the promise ring and no less than 100$.

Below I’m going to include cheap to expensive promise rings you can get your girlfriend.

Most Affordable Promise Ring For Her. Money Doesn’t Buy Love Collection

At the center of this ring is a dainty open heart frame with a sparkling round diamond. A heart for the one that fills your heart. A brilliant selection for those that want to keep it simple and big.


Get it now

Medium Priced Promise Rings. Soulmate Collection

Resembling the waves of the sea, this brilliant diamond swirl ring infuses a sense of fluidity and elegance. Just like the sea, the diamond swirls resemble two lovers that are eventually meant to be together forever.

A simple and elegant ring that can be worn on a casual outing or for a more formal event. For those that don’t want to overstate getting married, diamonds are shiny but won’t get the attention of all the room.


Get it now

High Priced Promise Rings. The Love Of My Life Collection

Captivates the senses with its delightful display of colors. It is set in 14k white gold and flanked by sparkling round diamonds.

2 diamonds encrusted on the sides with a masterpiece gemstone set in the middle. This is perfect because it represents your relationship lasting in the past, present, and with the gemstone being the big and bright future that will hold within both of your hearts.


Get it now

What Happens If You Break Up With a Promise Ringwhy-he-changes-number

A breakup can hit really bad especially when you thought this is the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The healing journey is long and hard. The first step is to decide how you are going to get around the promise ring she gave you and you gave her.

Being once a very valuable and important symbol for both of you, it is important to make a decision on what to do about the promise rings as soon as possible, because it is an important first step in moving on and healing.

There are different circumstances in which you could go through, that would require you to act in different ways regarding yours and her promise ring.

Check out these full guided points on what to do if you break up with a promise ring?

1) Long-distance break up

Long-distance relationships are tremendously hard, no matter how much you love that person, a long-distance relationship statistically has a 60% chance of working and 40% of it failing.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So what do you do when you break up with a commitment ring in a long-distance relationship?

A gentleman etiquette would be to return it to her. Ask her that you would like to return it, and wait for her response. She might agree with it or might just tell you to keep it.

2) She cheated on you.

Well obviously, if she was involved in any infidelity it is best to keep the ring and not have any contact with her.

Cheating is the most heartbreaking thing that someone can do to you. But if she cheats when you’ve given her a promise ring, then she just belongs to the streets and wasn’t the one for you.

Either keep the ring or sell it. promise rings can be anywhere between 50$ to 300$

3) You don’t get along

You might have proposed your commitment ring too early, and now you realize that you two don’t actually get along too well.

Don’t worry it happens, but what about the rings?

Well, I’m guessing you spent a good deal of money on the ring. So the best thing to do is offer to give the ring she gave you back and ask her to also return the ring you gave her

What to do if she doesn’t give you you’re ring?

There is much discussion on the legal action that could take place if you do not return a promise ring. So here I am going to debunk this idea that legal action can be taken if the ring is not returned.

Since there was no official contract of marriage signed. And since a promise ring is only considered a gift, it is not subject to recalling afterward, even after a breakup. It belongs to the person who was given the gift, not the person who gave it (Source)


The idea of getting a promise ring for your girlfriend may feel exhilarating and super romantic. But for others, it may seem trivial.

So why are promise rings so important for a long-term relationship? Why can’t you just continue your long-term relationship without such a tangible and superficial thing?

I’ve seen many guys set time frames for when they will get married Because they are either, not still prepared to get married or they are working to have a better income before proposing.

And this causes a big problem, as most people wait years on end without proposing. This leaves the girl unassured of the time she has spent with you and she’ll be questioning if things will ever get any more serious.

Getting her the promise ring will reassure her that your relationship is for life and that her time wasn’t wasted on anything.

“You may say that it sucks that you can’t just show her your love and commitment with words till the time you get married. However much you may hate it, we live in a superficial world. People and especially girls put a lot of value and meaning into material things”.

If you’re not one that believes in marriages, a promise ring is a beautiful reminder of your commitment to the relationship. It’s great for couples that have a close emotional bond, but insufficient funds to actually afford a wedding or have a place for themselves.

“A quite simple ring such as a commitment ring is more than enough to signify a couples everlasting love”.

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