8 Tips To Make Your Guy Instantly Compliment Your Picture

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You shouldn’t beg for his compliment. By contrast, you should talk to him about changing his behavior in order for him to respect you. In my eyes, the compliment is somehow the way of respect. I listed 8 reasons why he doesn’t compliment your picture, and in the end, you will learn the best tip ever to deal with it.

It’s frustrating that you send a guy a picture of yourself and wait for his feedback, but you see no response. There are the top 8 reasons that stop men complimenting your picture.

1) Men have difficulty expressing emotions.
2) He is complimenting your picture in silence.
3) He doesn’t know how to do it.
4) You don’t look good in the picture.
5) He’s not feeling comfortable with you.
6) You didn’t respond to his compliment.
7) You got used to the way he compliments your pictures
8) He is just a friend to you.

1) Men Have Difficulty Expressing Emotions

why he doesn't compliment my pic
how to make him compliment my picture

That’s a wrong belief among many girls that men are not emotional the same as women. As a relationship enthusiasm, I figured out that men push their emotions deep down inside themselves.

Many different reasons like social and biological factors or the way family affect a guy as a growing individual can play a significant role to make a guy either comfortable or uncomfortable to express his feelings.

In this day and age, the educational system and society wrongly dictate to boys from childhood that the actual man never cries. A grown man doesn’t share the feeling with anybody.

You can not expect a guy to share feeling easy while his mind has gotten poisoned by a flawed idea at school and in a family.

I talked with many guys as my clients who couldn’t even tell their partners the simple sentence “I Love You
As I get to the bottom of the issue, I reach the point that parents and friends put the seed on his mind that, do not express your love otherwise, your girlfriend will get tired of you, and it’s better to show your love, once in a while to make your love life feel thirsty.

2) He Is Complimenting Your Picture In Silence

At some point, that could be completely normal and, you shouldn’t take offense if he doesn’t compliment your picture. He is might be busy with life and work and doesn’t even think of complimenting your picture.

Moreover, it depends from person to person. If your guy is introverted and hardly exposes his feelings, don’t expect him to come to you and give you a compliment all the time on every new picture you put out on Instagram.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. You don’t know but he might check your picture on social media when you are not around and loves them but doesn’t even talk about it when he is with you.

If you are curious to know what type of personality your boyfriend has, ask him to take a quick test on this website. The result of this quiz can give you an idea about his character with some efficient tips on how to treat him in a relationship.

3) He Doesn’t Know How To Do It

As Einstein says, craziness is just doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

If you always show him love, kindness and not upfront him when he makes you sad then you shouldn’t expect him to correct himself.

Giving away too much without any return brings an issue in a relationship. This is 2 ways street.

As a caring girlfriend, you keep your guy happy and satisfied all the time. You must expect the same kindness and satisfaction from him.

Do you want him to like your pictures on Instagram or compliment them?

Tell him about it right off the bat and provide him with some tips and tricks on how to do it if he doesn’t know.

If he still doesn’t give a care about your feelings, then you better off having a second thought on him.

4) You Don’t Look Good In The Picture

That is the truth that some people are not photogenic and do not look good in pictures. Some other factors affect your pic, such as:
1) the quality of your camera.
2) Your smile.
3)The way you pose for a photo.

That doesn’t mean you don’t look good in a real-life if some of your photos came out bad. There are only some features lost. Also taking a photo is all about skill. You can master it by googling it or taking an hour course to learn some tips and tricks on how to look better in pictures.

5) He’s Not Feeling Comfortable With You

If he’s not feeling comfortable with you which you can actually see a lot in early relationships. But if you are with him for a long time and still struggle that he doesn’t compliment your pictures, shyness could be one of the big reasons.

His shyness can be due to several different reasons. Like he didn’t hang out much with girls in the past and spent most of his time with guys. I see some partners who, are in a relationship for a long time and, a guy doesn’t feel as close with his girlfriend as he should.

You can work on this shyness and get rid of it by asking him some friendly and private questions. Make him get out of his comfort zone and let him talk as much as he wants. Be a good listener for him. It gives him the confidence that you care enough about his words.

In this case, first, help him overcome his shyness with you, then in the next step, you can tell him straight up that you want him to compliment your pictures. Sometimes you only need to remind your partner what makes you happy and ask him to do it.

6) You Didn’t Respond To His Compliment

It’s typical that, you might forget to respond back to your guy’s compliment and that would be the reason he backs off from complimenting your pictures.

7) You Got Used To The Way He Compliments Your Picture

After being with your boyfriend for a long time, the compliment style and sentences he uses to compliment you and your pictures become boring, and you take it as a lack of complementation.

What do you feel when your partner keeps telling you, “I love you” every day for a year. You can’t take it as complementation as it lost its novelty.

So, in reality, he is giving attention to you and your pictures, but that doesn’t work anymore, and he needs to compliment you differently.

To overcome this issue, ask him to be more creative and use new besides joyful ways to compliment you.

8) He Is Just a Friend To You

You might be trapped in a friend zone with a guy, but think of him as the love of your life.

So before any expectation, you would better see at what stage you are with a guy.

  • Are you in an established relationship?
  • Are you in an early relationship?
  • Only platonic and social friends?

If so, you should control your expectations and not wait for him to compliment your pictures as he is not in a relationship with you.


That is impressive to have someone in your life to compliment your pictures. To have someone give you close attention and uplift your soul by putting good words on you.

Complimenting a picture is the best way to drill into a girl’s heart and add a different taste to a relationship.

So before overthinking a myriad of different things that could possibly hurt your feelings consider everything that was mentioned.

He Might Actually Love You But:

  • He just doesn’t know how to express his emotions.
  • He’s probably not a very good complimenter through text

Also, consider your situation and the way you interact with him.

  • He is just a friends.
  • You havn’t appreciated his compliments his picture.
  • He’s not feeling comfortable with you yet
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