Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Karmic Relationships: What Is Better?

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You feel that the love that came into your life was sent to you for a reason… what is it, your second half, fate, or karma?

How not to confuse these three?

Let’s dig deeper in order not to get puzzled!

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Soulmate implies a certain ideal of relationships, true, ennobling, sublime love, and instant connection. A person who has met his soulmate feels a deep bond inherent only to the two of them.

They find a reflection of their thoughts and their experiences as if looking in a mirror.

A soulmate relationship is destined by fate. It is believed that more than one soulmate belongs to us. They can reveal themselves not only in a romantic relationship.

During our lifetime, we will have to find or be lucky enough to find all the pieces of our soul.

Having met such a person, you are guaranteed to feel intense emotions as if your heart blossoms and love flow through your veins like a hot stream – get ready to feel everything as they write in books and show in films.

This person and your soul connection with him/her will make you love the world, and it’ll become much easier to practice self-love.

But there are also companion soulmates. You can share your soul not only with your romantic partner but also with your nearest and dearest, for example, with your family members.

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Twin flame relationships

Unlike soulmates, fate has only one twin flame for us.

The term “twin flame relationship” was coined in the 1970s.

One version claims that they are the embodiment of yin and yang, while the other says that these twin flames share the same soul and were separated once a long time ago, and now throughout their lives, they are looking for each other.

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Next to your twin flame, your life becomes filled with meaning, you feel a sincere desire to build your life together and continue on your common path further, working mutually on your personal growth.

It depends on whether the twin flame relation will last long or not. The deep twin flame connection will remain unchanged despite the possible termination of the relationship.

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Karmic partnership

Following ancient Eastern philosophy, karmic relationships are described as a connection between two people who have been revived in this life from a previous incarnation, starting a so-called “spiritual journey”.

Once in a past life, these karmic partners have already met and each time there were conflicts, traumas, or a lack of mutual understanding in the relationship.

That is why karmic relationships are needed — to finally learn the important lessons from past lives and past relationships, and then start living in harmony with yourself and the world.

For some reason, you are destined to go through together to purify the soul and for spiritual growth that will manifest itself in spiritual evolution.

Karmic relationships do not have such a positive effect on a person.

They are often characterized by mutual riding each other on a roller coaster – that is, they are emotionally unsettled, painful, and mostly unhealthy. And these are the key differences between a karmic relationship and previous ones.

Being incredibly bright and intense, karmic relationships tend to be consumed by disputes and conflicts, which each time seem to be the end.

Though karmic relationships usually do not last long, they can bring not only pain and destruction of personality but can also be a significant impetus to its rebirth.

The karmic relationship can be described by the phrase “love and hate at the same time.”

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Twin flame relationship: As yoga teacher Amrita Kaur says: “Twin flames come together to achieve bigger things together, and their mission is always related to uplifting humanity”.

You and your partner mutually help each other develop in your twin flame journey.

Your love becomes a catalyst for your personal growth and success due to your deep and profound connection.

Soulmates: Your soulmate exists to support you in this life emotionally, professionally, or in any other way that you need to achieve your goal.

In a soulmate relationship, you will learn to give love, care, and support in return too.

Karmic relationship: Karmic relationships give you a deep life lesson. Your karmic partner comes into your life to help heal old psychological traumas and restore mental balance.

We need a karmic relationship to work through situations from the past, draw the right conclusions for ourselves, and gain skills that will help us in the future.

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Probable hardships

Twin flame relationship: Imagine that you have met a person who exactly reflects you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And now think about whether it was pleasant for you to see the embodiment of your fears, insecurity, and anxiety with your own eyes.

Sometimes meeting and communicating with our twin flame can stir up a lot of our constant doubts and apprehensions that we are used to hiding.

Soulmates: Soulmate conflicts are solved effectively in most cases because both partners have a high level of mutual empathy and try to be as careful as possible with each other’s feelings.

A soulmate is a person who is comfortable to be around, despite all his/her shortcomings.

Therefore, quarrels and disagreements are quickly eliminated by intense emotional connection, accepting a partner, and sympathizing with him/her.

It’s a good example of a healthy relationship.

Karmic relationship: Such relationships are characterized by strong codependency and manipulativeness.

Being blinded by their feelings, partners hurt each other without noticing it.

One in the couple always seems that he/she maintains the relationship alone and tries harder.

Therefore, there is a high level of tension between people – it seems that breaking up is not far off.

Then feelings take over again, and it seems to you that your relationship is perfect, and you don’t need to change anything.

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Finding a soulmate

Soulmates have special marks or signs that prove the idea of spiritual connections between them, which the American anthropologist Helen Fisher advised to pay more attention to: for example, moles or birthmarks, matching or complementary tattoos, the feeling of touching at a distance or the possibility of telepathic communication or same dreams.

The probability of meeting a soulmate depends on the person’s social circle.

Those who constantly interact with different people have a higher chance of finding a soulmate.

Try to contribute to this yourself – participate in interest circles or use them yourself.

A series of coincidences and random events will lead you to your soulmate.

Only when you see this person, you will immediately feel the so-called spark. Even your body will tell you that it’s your person.

You feel intense attraction, and you are comfortable with this person in any condition: the silence doesn’t seem stressful.

You share your pain and emotions and also respect each other’s weaknesses and shortcomings.

You are building the future in one direction and are not afraid that your paths will diverge.

Finding a twin flame

Having met your twin flame, your other half, your heart and physical condition will also not be silent. You will understand and feel it immediately through your soul connection.

A twin flame relationship will develop rapidly, flooding you with a powerful stream.

Signs of finding your twin flame: burning cheeks, goosebumps, psychic confirmations, hiccups, dreams.

You will feel that you have begun to see the world in completely different colors and perceive everything otherwise.

In search of your partner, most often rely on fate, but do not forget that the capes are its builders.

Try to meet as many people as possible – suddenly there will be the same one among them!

However, the vicissitudes of fate are difficult to predict – perhaps you and your twin flame are destined for a random meeting but your strong twin flame bond and spiritual connection sooner or later will bring both of you together.

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Finding a karmic relationship

As mentioned earlier, karmic relationships are full of codependency. Karmic partners easily become addicted, desperately looking for a meeting, and they can’t think of anything else.

The karmic partner brings enormous consequences for us, and its search is mainly in the hands of our karma.

The meeting of karmic partners is not an accident.

This is the highest spiritual goal, the awareness of the need for a connection between two in this world.


How do you know if your twin flame is in a karmic relationship?

Karmic relationship vs. twin flame? You may not be sure what you or your partner are into.
Your twin flame is the other half of your soul but without knowing you he/she can owe a karmic debt to one-half of your soul.
But you may have a vivid knowing, feeling, or dream that your twin flame is with someone else.
Other signs: strong physical sensations such as aching or tightness in the chest, stomach, or throat; rapid and strong emotional reactions and outbursts.

What is the twin flame karmic contract?

The karmic contract of life will make you repeat the experience until you learn what you have come to learn.
But in this case, you are to restore the balance of your karma together with your twin flame.

What to do when your twin flame is in a karmic relationship?

All karmic relationships are meant to end. Especially, if one of the twin flames is involved in it.
You should wait until your twin flame’s karmic debt is paid, and then your paths will have a chance to cross to build strong twin-flame relationships.

How do you know if someone is your karmic soulmate?

1. These are the signals of such a romantic relationship.
2. Your deep connection is instant.
3. Either of you becomes codependent.
4. You feel destined to be together.
5. You experience contact emotional ups and downs.
6. There is a high level of miscommunication.

Wrap up

Remember that none of this is perfect. Everything is relative and you should rely on your feelings.

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