5 Killer Tips On What To Do When An Old Man Hits On You?

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Getting hit on is usually flattering and a great confidence booster, however in some instances it can be super creepy and unwelcoming. In this article, I am going to go over what to do when an old man hits on you, as well as, why old men hit on young girls.

So to give you the full answer in a paragraph on What to do when an old man hits on you.

  1. Never smile or laugh while he is flirting with you.
  2. Be clear about your relationship status. (Lie that you are in a relationship, even if you’re not)
  3. Show an unintrested and defensive body language
  4. Excuse yourself and walk away
  5. Don’t allow the conversation to last too long.

These are a couple of very effective methods to use when an old man hits on you. Continue on reading to learn more about each reason, as well as two other topics which I will be covering on, why older men flirt with younger girls and if it is ok to date an older guy.

What To Do When An Old Man Hits On You

I am not a woman but I understand men, and how that affects a women’s world. Being a woman, I know means that you would have a dozen men looking at you when you walk from block A to block B, plus that you’ve got a dozen more men sliding into your DM’s.

It is familiar territory for you, where a lot of men gaze at you and a lot of them flirt with you, some of them are actually fun for you. I mean what’s the harm of having hundreds of guys telling you how beautiful you are.

But unfortunately, there is a line from tolerable and enjoyable flirting to absurdly creepy and pervy flirty from a guy.

In the case of a creepy and pervy guy, we’ve got an old man who flirts with you. The instance of what to do when an old man flirts with you is simple, it’s just like how you would normally tell a guy your age to back off.

Resume on reading, as we are about to get to the points on what to do when an old man flirts with you.

1) Never Smile Or Laugh While He Is Flirting With You.

When you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable and hit on, there is no need or use in being nice. Smiling and laughing can actually put the other person in a state of comfort and validation that you admire them when they talk with you.

Try to keep a straight face for the whole conversation, even if he cracks a joke. This will surely get him the hint that you’re definitely not interested, and he’ll walk away.

2) Be Clear About Your Relationship Status

Telling him that you’re in a relationship would definitely get his attention that you’re not interested.

In some cases, he’ll try to pursue you, even when you’ve said that you’re in a relationship. So just say things regarding your boyfriend that will scare him, such as:

  • “Im actually meeting my boyfriend right now”.
  • “I’ve got to go and pick my boyfriend up from boxing class”

3) Show an Unintrested and Defensive Body Language

Try to move away from the behavior of being a flirtatious and a nice person with everyone in this instance.

Because that person might not be able to distinguish between nice and friendly from being flirty.

  • Pull away your hand right away if he tries to initiate physical touch with you
  • Cross your arms and legs when he is talking with you.
  • Keep looking at your phone or around when he is talking with you.

4) Excuse Yourself and Walk Away

Politely excuse yourself. Tell him that you have to leave because you have to do something else.

Don’t try to be dramatic and hostile. Just excuse yourself politely and walk away.

5) Don’t Allow The Conversation To Last Too Long

If you feel that you just can’t walk away or act in a cruel way try to not give the conversation more time than necessary. Keep an eye on the time then walk away when you think it is time.

A good rule of thumb is 5-10 minutes for a conversation. But of course, you should adjust the time according to how he is making you feel.

If he is making you feel more and more uncomfortable as you talk, then you would know it is time to pull the plug and quickly walk away from the conversation.

Why Do Older Men Flirt With Younger Girls

What To Do When An Old Man Hits On You

In this part of the article, I am going to get very transparent with you. To make you understand why older men hit on you, I would need to tell you about men and how they view women.

Believing that every guy is different is wrong. Well everyone is different, but in the case of how men view the world genreally, there are only two types of men. Below I will be going over each type of man and how they differ from each other.

There is the:

  • Grown boy
  • Grown man

1) The Grown Man

The grown man sees his women as his everything and he believes in equality in the relationship. He seeks marriage and a future with her.

2) The Grown Boy

The younger man sees the girl as his submissive, everything must go through him. He doesn’t believe that the woman should or is able to make her own decisions. (It’s either his way or the highway)

So when most old men seek a younger girl, it’s because in truth he is acting like a grown boy. He wants to be able to manipulate and control a woman in his life.

So you may still be asking, why is he still flirting with younger women, right?

What we understood from the above text is that he likes to control and manipulate women. So what does that have to with young women?

Younger women are considered easier for him to manipulate and control. Because she’ll be less experienced in life, meaning she’ll be more insecure and inferior towards him.

An old man like this just wants to find a woman where he can be fully superior to her. He doesn’t want to argue or debate with her.

A grown boy mentality in an old man thinks like this: “You just listen to me, I’m older than you, I’ve been here longer than you so you don’t know what you are talking about”

Is It Ok To Date An Older Man

Just because a man is older it doesn’t mean that he can provide financial security, emotional security, and physical security.

That is not the case with older men. Well, maybe you could find a proper older gentleman in the case of one in a thousand or one in a hundred older men.

But don’t go chasing older men if you don’t want to be torn up and getting your heart taken advantage of.

I suggest you to read this article on the signs of a toxic relationship and how to deal with it


A woman living in a world of men is very dangerous. You have men that only view women as objects and would do whatever it takes to get to your heart and then break it. There are good men as well that would give women the world.

But in the case of an older man hitting on you, I don’t see any other reason for him hitting on you, rather than him wanting to use you, and control you.

Steer far away from older men. When an older man approaches you by flirting with you don’t forget the five rules of getting the hell out of there:

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