When Your Long-Distance Girlfriend Is On Her Period: 8 Things To Do

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When your girlfriend is on her period and you’re not with her to soothe her in person can be very hard and difficult. In this read, I will be sharing with you tips, on how you should treat your girlfriend in a long-distance relationship when she is on her period.

So what are the 8 best tips when your long-distance girlfriend is on her period?

  1. Know when her period is
  2. Reply and text her back immediately
  3. Check up on her often
  4. Tell her what she can do to make her pain better
  5. Do online activities together
  6. Help her with some of her tasks
  7. Order food for her
  8. Tell her how much you love her

These 8 tips are the foundation, for keeping your girl happy during her period in a long-distance relationship. These couple of days can feel like a battle. But Applying these 8 tips and a few other things that I will mention can help make the relationship stronger than ever. So continue on reading.

1) Know When Her Period Is

Long-Distance Girlfriend Is On Her Period

Always be prepared for this time of the month, to soothe and show your girl the love and support she needs. Society has made periods seem unimportant, it expects women and young ladies to go through it by themselves.

Professor John Guillebaud said that patients reported Cramp pain as “almost as bad as having a Heart Attack.”

Credits to The Insider

If I was experiencing a heart attack 3-8 days in a month then someone better take good care of me.

Knowing when her period is very important for a couple of reasons. Read down below to learn why it is important to know when her period is and how to track your girlfriend’s periods.

How to track your girlfriends periods?

Note down on your smartphone calendar, the day your girlfriends period starts and when it ends.

Remember the first day it starts to bleed is the first day of the menstrual cycle (Period). On average the bleeding would take between 2-5 days long

Don’t say anything stupid

It was just yesterday when you were having an awesome conversation on the phone with your long distance girlfriend. But the next day comes. Her period cycle just started, she’s feeling very moody and tense and you have no idea that she’s on her period.

I’ve seen way too many guys use words such as:

  • “Why are you so grumpy?”
  • “Are you alright, why do you look like that?”
  • “Are you on your period”?

Oh no! When a guy uses the sentence “Are you on your period” That is the worst thing you can say. You are basically saying why she looks and acts so grumpy with that one sentence.

Instead, try to get out of your head. If she’s feeling down just go with it, and don’t say anything. If she’s feeling comfortable she’ll tell you herself.

Be ready for her mood swings

Besides periods hurting an awful lot it can cause some extreme emotional uproar such as:

  • Tension or anxiety
  • Depressed mood
  • Crying spells
  • Mood swings and irritability or anger

So be extra calm with your girlfriend. Make sure you are communicating calmly and try to be ok if she suddenly loses it, or says something unkind. Because it is her hormones that make her say things that she would have never intended on saying.

2) Reply And Text Her Back Immediately

No one likes to be left on read. Especially when it comes to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Any reply that takes later than 4 minutes is out of the ordinary and frustrating, especially for your long-distance girlfriend who is going through their period.

Always take your phone everywhere with you. And DO NOT! put your phone on silent or on the “do not disturb”. The last thing you would want is to build up your girlfriend’s frustrations even more because you’re not answering right away.

Tell her your going to be busy

If you are either going to be at work, in class or anywhere else which is going to make it difficult for you to answer her right away, send her a cute voice message or text message saying that you’ll be “busy for a bit”.

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3) Check-Up On Her Often

When your girlfriend is in pain, she’s going to oftentimes try to be distant because she will be in pain and depressed. So she’s not going to always have the energy to hit you up as usual.

It is always nice and cute for you to send a nice cute text, romantic gifs, cute pictures. Showing her that you are thinking about her.

Do not bombard her with too many “How are you texts”

Although it’s good to hit her up often and see how she’s doing, you’ve also got to lay off the gas for a bit when talking with her. Give her space, allow her to watch a movie, and to breathe and eat in peace.

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4) Tell Her What She Can Do To Make Her Pain Better

Besides being uplifting and communicative in this period of time (No pun intended). What would even be better is that you could offer her solutions and some home remedies on things she could do to make her period less painful.

During a girl’s period, she will be going through so much pain, that thinking and doing something about the pain doesn’t even cross her mind. So it’s up to you to recommend and motivate her on what to do in order to make her pain less.

Useful methods that will help your girlfriend in her period

  • The hot water bottle : This will help with the inflammation and the pain. As it helps the belly relax and stimulates blood flow. Tell her to wrap a towel around the hot bottle because too much heat can irritate her. Click here to check out this product price
  • Take a hot bath: Just like the hot water bottle, taking a hot bath can help relax the muscles around the belly hence helping with the period pain. Give her this amazing gift basket for ultimate relaxation
  • Ginger tea: Ginger has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties which can really help with her cramps. Take 1/8 of a teaspoon of ginger 3 times a day.
  • Avoid caffeine: Drinking coffee can narrow blood vessels and can cause discomfort and bloating.
  • Avoid Salty Snacks: Salty foods can dehydrate and make you bloated. Therefore they just worsen period pains.

5) Do Online Activities Together

In a long-distance relationship, you can pretty much do anything these days. I mean there are thousands of games designed specifically for long-distance relationships. Besides the basic video call conversations you have with your long-distance girlfriend try to mix it up with some activities such as:

1) Watching movies together

Yes, you heard me watching movies together. I came across the application Party and Rave which came in really useful as it allows you to text and watch movies together on Amazon Prime and Netflix

Just to make things sweeter for you. Here is a one-month free trial on Prime Video

  • Party: An app to watch youtube videos together.
  • Rave: Watch from Youtube and Netflix

2) Doing chores while on video call

Somedays you or your girlfriend might not be in the mood to constantly chit chat on the video call. So by just simply keeping the video call on, and doing your chores is a great way to let your girlfriend know you are there for her. And by doing this you guys can just talk whenever something comes to your mind.

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3) Playing online games

Playing online games is a great way to get her attention away from her period pain. There are a few games which I loved during my long-distance relationship with my girlfriend. Those games are:

  • Pluto: A great online platform where you can play a variety of different games together
  • Buzzfeed quizzes: From love to food quizzes, play and compare your results with your girlfriend and see how compatible you both are.
  • Truth or Dare: Now you don’t have to play R rated version, but just keep it simple and get to know your partner on a deeper level.

Strengthen your relationship and Romance with this Intimacy card game.

6) Help Her With Some Of Her Tasks

Even though you might be thousands of miles away, you can still help her out with some of her tasks. During your girlfriend’s period try to be as helpful as possible. Keep on insisting on helping her out.

  • Work-related help
  • Writing her email for her work or school
  • Helping her choose what movies to watch

7) Order Food For Her

Order Food

Has someone ever got food for you? Well it’s the most awesome feeling, who doesn’t love it when someone buys food for them?

The good thing about living in this time and day, you can literally do anything from thousands of miles away. Just download and order food from her countries online food application. Believe me, she will love you for this gesture.

8) Tell Her How Much You Love Her

I Love you so much

During a girl’s period, she can go through crazy cycles of hormonal changes as well as depression. During this time a girl’s self-esteem will fall rapidly. So make sure you remind her how beautiful and amazing she is to you.

One way I used to show my love during my long-distance relationship was by getting my girlfriend spontaneous gifts from Amazon. Click here to check out the 25 products you can surprise your girlfriend with

Final Thoughts

For 3-8 days in a month, a woman goes through the worst pain in her life. And during these 3-8 days a man could go through a very uncomfortable situation with his girlfriend if he doesn’t know what to do.

So make sure you are on your tiptoes and ready for any situation that calls upon you.

In a long-distance relationship, it can be very difficult to be there for your girlfriend. But however, you should not let the distance affect your romantic side.

You can still be very romantic and chivalrous one thousand miles away. Technology has allowed us to be as close to our loved ones without actually being there.

Make sure to do these things during your long-distance relationship, when your girlfriend is on her period:

  • You are ready to listen and to communicate in a calm way
  • Always have a trick up your sleeve such as surprises and food dates through video calls
  • Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her
  • Be yourself and try to have a fun conversation with her, even though it might be one sided, because she in pain
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