Why He Blocked Me On Facebook And Instagram?

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I feel sorry to hear that you broke up with him. You already explained you guys broke up with each other and as I noticed he broke up first.

I wish you could tell me the reasons why did he break up with you?

You mentioned that you want him to know you are changed. Does it mean you have made any mistakes in a relationship with him?

Because as it is clear in the question asked, it was a serious relationship, and it must be a solid reason for the breakup.

After understanding the main issue of the break up between you guys, I can give you some advice on how to make him back if there is still any chance.

On top of that, I would love to remind you, people try to contact each other indirectly on social media and it might be a reason that he blocked you on Instagram and Facebook but not WhatsApp.

It may be a green light from him but again don’t judge before you come to conclusion.

Let’s discover all reasons and facts for the break up then we will size up the situation and based on that we will find out the next step that actually works.

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Why He Blocked Me On Facebook And Instagram

Dear Emma thanks for providing me with more details.

Step1: stop blaming yourself. 

There is no doubt that everyone looks for calmness in a relationship. But the argument is an inseparable part of any relationship, and we can’t deny the fact that each person has different perspectives and personalities, so not necessarily everyone has the same mindset in a relationship as it is the nature of humans. 

Step2: You need to learn a better skill than argument.

On the one hand, that is absolutely normal to have arguments in a relationship, on the other hand, you need to learn how to handle the argument with your boyfriend, otherwise, it will end up in stress and finally make the relationship vulnerable.  

Step3: Emma, any healthy relationship has some obvious signs you need to discover.  

But Emma I believe you are missing some crucial facts of a healthy relationship, and if you let me, I would love to remind you of some mistakes you have done. And what you should do to overcome your ex-boyfriend.

Step4: You need to get over your ex the sooner the better.

I can easily understand you are struggling to forget him, but you still have some memories about him that give you a hard time. 

Step5: Keep the door open When someone is ready to go but how?

You might think of getting your ex back but that is not the best decision for you. If he was really in love with you he never ever broke up with you due to arguments. 

Step 6: how to know if he was the right person for marrying you? 

You also recently noticed he uses dating apps so that means he keeps his options open and that is a sign for you to get a move on and stop thinking about him.

I told you 6 steps that need to be discussed one by one completely. Therefore I would love to put you in touch with one of our well-experienced certified relationship/dating consultants to have a sufficient talk with you over this issue.

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