5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Deletes Her Texts?

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Being able to connect with people through our phones is amazing and very convenient. But Unfortunately, phones have become a source of great privacy, and they can often times cause distrust and problems in a relationship. In this read, I will be covering reasons why your girlfriend might be deleting her texts.

So, what are the reasons why your girlfriend deletes her texts?

  1. Freeing up space
  2. Family matters
  3. Planning a surprise for you
  4. Talking to a guy friend
  5. Is cheating on you

Most of you are probably here, to know if she’s deleting her texts because she is cheating on you. Continue on reading as we’ve got much to cover on the reasons your girlfriend is deleting her texts, as well as if she’s cheating on you or not?

What could make your girlfriend delete her texts?

Most people that are on this article, want to either know if their girlfriend is flirting with other guys or cheating on them. To think like that, there must be some underlying issues in the relationship, which we will discuss later.

The truth is, that most time it’s not cheating. It is probably some sort of mundane thing such as clearing up space. Below I have mentioned the 5 possible reasons why your girlfriend deletes her texts

1) Freeing up space:

In this modern age, especially for girls who take a dozen of selfies a day, you would expect them to fill up their phones memory pretty quickly

So if you realize that your girlfriend has deleted most of her texts, don’t jump to any wild conclusion. She could just so simply have deleted her texts because her phone’s space, had filled up.

2) Family matters:

Let’s be realistic here, why are you even snooping around her phone so much? It’s her private phone, her private matters. Some people don’t like people snooping around their phones and texts, especially when it comes down to family conversations.

So if she feels that your being a bit too nosey she will delete her texts with her family.

3) Planning a surprise for you:

Have you ever tried throwing a surprise? Well if you haven’t, it can feel pretty stressful, especially when the person you want to surprise is always with you.

So I know there is a crazy amount of suspicion when she suddenly turns her phone the opposite way when talking with you. Don’t let that get in your head, don’t make any impulsive decisions or conclusion

  1. Ask yourself if there are any special occasions that you both share, that are coming up?
  2. Is your birthday coming up?

First, try to ask yourself why she’s acting so shady? It could either be a plan with friends or a surprise occasion she’s planning for you.

4) Talking to a guy friend:

We can all agree, that before your girl became your girlfriend she also had her own life. She has a lot of friends and guy friends. Don’t expect her to completely disconnect and block each one of her guy friends.

A girl will delete her texts between her guy friends, to not give you the wrong impression or to worry you.

If she has “just guy friends” she’s talking to on some occasion, she should just be honest and communicate about it with you.

But don’t worry, because bottom line is that she chose you to be her boyfriend. She had all those options and she chose you. So don’t worry if you catch a few texts with a guy here and there.

She just has to keep her respect towards you by not talking too often with her guy friends. And to not hang out with them by hiding it from you.

5) Is cheating on you:

The most controversial of them all. Most guys assume their girls delete their texts because they are probably cheating on them.

It can be very difficult to understand what your girlfriend is up to behind her phone. The best way to understand if your girlfriend is cheating or not is to judge your relationship as a whole.

Has the intimacy dropped? Has the affection and love declined? These are the questions that lead you to be suspicious about whether she’s cheating or not.

Continue on reading down below as I will be covering more on, if she’s texting to cheat, and what you can do about it?

Is she deleting her texts because she’s cheating?

Let’s talk about the possibility of her cheating on you, because she’s deleting her texts.

Firstly understand that there should be no cause for concern when your girlfriend deletes her texts. You should never look at it, and think she’s up to something, she’s just simply deleting her messages.

The real problem is that something else is clearly going on. Are there other things that have led you to be suspicious? such as:

  • Seeing her be flirty with a guy
  • She’s not as affectionate with you anymore
  • You see a lot of guys texting her.
  • She doesn’t seem to be as excited to hang out with you anymore

All these reasons can lead you to create scenarios on even the smallest things. Such as when she deletes her texts.

What to do if you’re suspicious that she’s cheating?

Try to think about it and talk about it with her. If you feel that something is missing in the relationship such as affection and intimacy, approach her and ask her

“Is there something wrong in our relationship, why aren’t you as affectionate with me anymore”?

Different forms of cheating. Are you being cheated on?

How could you be cheated on when she’s deleting her texts? In this section we will be going over some of the forms of cheating that you could be facing and how to deal with them.

1) Cyber Affair

Cyber and Emotional Affair are very similar in the aspect that they both involve the connection of the mind, rather than any physical intimacy such as sex, kissing and holding hands.

Many couples can get away and deceive their spouse into believing all is fine.

Unlike the traditional emotional affair, Cyber affairs can feel less serious since everything is happening online.

If you want to know if she is having an emotional affair with someone online, check out for these signs:

  • She keeps it a secret from you. (Check if she constantly deletes her texts with him or not?)
  • Is there less emotional and sexual connection with her?
  • Can you spot any flirting in her texts with her “online friend”?

If you answer YES to all the 3 above, then that’s a clear sign she’s cheating on you.

2) Micro Cheating

This is one you’ve got to keep your eye out for. Many couples aren’t aware that their spouse are doing this.

This is where one person in the relationship isn’t really committed in the relationship. In micro-cheating, one person is still expanding and keeping their options open without leaving their current relationship

Some signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you through this way are:

  • Flirting with people on social media.
  • They keep their dating applications
  • Constantly communicate with their Ex
  • They go to events with the other sex.

If your girlfriend is showing any of the 4 points mentioned above, cut the relationship.

The common excuse when someone cheats through texting.

“It’s just in the head” – Excuse for when someone cheats through online

The method that many cheaters try to use is that “it was just in the head” they try to make you into the bad guy, for exaggerating it and making such wild accusations.

Common things people that cheat through online say:

  • “It’s just in the head”
  • “How can we be lovers, if we’ve never had sex”?
  • “I’m not even attracted to him/her”.

Emotional affairs can actually be detrimental to the relationship, compared to physical attraction and sexual chemistry. That is because of two reasons mentioned below:

  • An emotional affair can lead to physical affairs.
  • An emotional affair can deprive the partner of emotional connection, causing a lack of communication and a lot of insecurities.

“A relationship is based on trust”. If she’s entertaining the possibility of being with someone else, that shows a lack of commitment and you should quickly call it Quits with her.

Final Thoughts

So why does my girlfriend delete her texts? Is a pretty broad topic to look at. Most people that are going to be on this post are here because they are curious and worried that their girlfriend is up to no good, and they are cheating on them.

Deleting texts is a very non-threatening action that you do not need to worry about 90% of the time. But if you are worried that she’s deleting her texts because she’s cheating on you, then take a look at your relationship.

Is there anything in your relationship that makes you concerned that she’s up to no good?


Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you had any experiences, when your girlfriend is hiding something from you? What did you do about it?

Should you spy on her phone or talk to her about it?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now

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