Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Jealous. When Should You Worry?

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Jealousy can make us do things out of the ordinary. It kicks out all thoughts of reasoning and logic. Though you know that jealousy is unhealthy in a relationship, you still sometimes feel as though something is wrong, if your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous. Read on, to find out why your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous, or if he’s hiding his jealousy.

To start with this article let’s first take a look at why your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous?

  1. He feels secure and he trusts you a lot in the relationship.
  2. He doesn’t care about the relationship or losing you.
  3. Knows how to let you have your independency because he was grown up around women and girls.
  4. He’s just too lazy too deal with too much drama.
  5. A guy’s test phase in the beginining of the relationship.

Sometimes it’s surprising to see your boyfriend show no signs of jealousy even when you hang out with a bunch of people or your guy friends. Could he be that confident in the relationship? Continue on reading to learn more on why your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous, and how to spot if he’s jealous, but hiding it.

Why Does Your Boyfriend Not Get Jealous In The Relationship?

Jealousy is a sign of weakness and insecurity and can open doors of hate and drama. Yet I have read online many times on why their significant other doesn’t get jealous. A lot of my friends discuss how jealous their boyfriend is in their relationship and how they want something less imprisoning and suffocating.

Jealousy is a very complex situation, on one side your gut feeling tells you how happy you are with your non-jealous boyfriend, another may say that their boyfriend doesn’t care a lot about them because they don’t get jealous.

So what are the reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous?

1) He trusts you a lot in the relationship

If he wanted a one-night stand he would have. But he decided to commit and be in a monogamous relationship with you. Meaning that there should be a lot of trust.

You’ve given him no reason for him not to trust you, everything is going well, he loves you, he buys you flowers, it doesn’t matter to him if you’re going out with girlfriends or guy friends because he knows at the end of the day you come back to him.

My Life: As a guy, I know that there are probably 5 other guys trying to take my place and be with my girlfriend. When she’s hanging out with her guy friends they are definitely trying to get in her pants. But the truth is, I feel happy in my relationship and secure. She might go out for 4 or 6 hours, but she comes back to me and we are just too intimate which makes me worry less.

2) Doesn’t care about the relationship or losing you

“You want to be with a spouse who makes you feel special because you are.” There are some downright self-centered guys that stop noticing you or giving you the best, once they feel the relationship has settled and is secure.

Some guys will slowly forget about fighting for the relationship or fighting for you. Because they now feel that they’ve had their fun with you, and the relationship is secure

My Life: I always wanted a relationship, just because everyone used to talk about it and be in one. So I wanted to feel what it was like and how it felt. Once I got in one I totally gave up. Once I got a taste of that glory I didn’t care if I lost her or not. And due to my inexperience and lack of care, she left me.

3) He was grown up around women and girls

Looking at some of my close friends, one thing I have noticed from them is how respectful and understanding they are towards women.

Especially growing up in a family where a guy has sisters or a lot of female cousins, it does affect him, because he knows that women need their own time and space. So he won’t be all questioning on where you are going or what you are doing.

4) He’s just too lazy too deal with too much drama

Some guys do have jealousy and understand when their girlfriend may be fooling around, or if some guy is hitting on her hard. But they just decide out for the sake of no drama to not approach the situation.

This may seem like the number two reason on this list, but it does differ a bit in the sense that your boyfriend doesn’t have the courage or understanding of standing up for you and your relationship. He’s just too afraid and distracted to approach what he cares for.

5) A guy’s test phase in the beginining of the relationship

Many men are very high in their pride. They are not going to let all their emotions and feeling out at the beginning of the relationship.

Even if they show it, they may be still testing your loyalty and what type of person you are. This could span more than 8 months during the beginning of the relationship.

These types of men will be very ok with who you’ll be hanging out with and what you are doing, But they are willing to leave the relationship as soon as they see a major slip up by you

Is it normal not to be jealous in the realtionship?

Too much jealousy in a relationship is very bad. Just like anything, a lot of it can be harmful. But having a little bit of jealousy in your relationship isn’t bad at all. It is a normal human emotion and behavior. Jealousy tells us that something needs to be done or talked about. Either if it is boundaries, needs, or desires.

It is not normal not to feel jealousy in a relationship, but it is totally normal to see people hiding this part of their feeling from their spouse.

Your gut feelings aren’t wrong. Sometimes in the relationship, your boyfriend could act in certain ways or put off energy which can instinctively tell you if they care about you or not.

How Do You Know If Hes Jealous But Hiding It?

Men In general are less prone to share their feeling or to show them. But what a guy says or acts can totally go against what he is feeling deep down. However it’s not totally undetectable, there are some subtle signs you can look out for in a guy to know if he’s jealous or not.

1) Suddenly becomes less quit, when you bring up conversations of your friends

Pay attention to his tone and energy, right before you want to mention your friends, especially when it is a guy. When a guy gets jealous, in his head he might feel all zen, but truthfully there are a dozen questions running through his mind.

A guy’s behavior and vibe will suddenly change when you mention something uncomfortable. He will suddenly go quiet and say words like “Cool” over and over again before he moves on to talk about something else.

2) Changes the subject very quickly

Bringing up your plans with your friends or your guy friends is just too much for him to handle. He’ll just quickly try to move on from the conversation.

He’ll first nod and try to act interested but as soon as you finish, he’s jumped onto a completely different subject.

3) Friendlier than usual

If he’s usually a nice guy and super romantic this does not apply to him. But if your boyfriend suddenly has changed moods, and starts being all romantic and nice that means he’s getting jealous. And that he doesn’t want to lose you.

4) Acts strong and defensive

Does he suddenly push out his chest and act tough when you’re walking outside? Ok, so it’s not going to be that obvious, but he’s going to act like the ‘tough guy’.

  • Hes going to be more alert of guys walking past you and trying to catch them looking at you so he can start something.
  • Or he’ll try to say words like: “Ill mess him up, did that guy say something to you”?
  • How does he act around your guy friends? Does he suddenly change from mr.nice and romantic guy to all serious?

5) He talks more to his female friends

This is where he’s going to act super childish. If you’ve been talking about your guy friends, or your plans very often. He’s going to try to chat up his female friends more.

He’ll hope he can do three things when he does this.

  1. It will get your attention and make you jealous
  2. He’s hoping that you’ll somehow realize that hes got options
  3. He’s making himslef feel better that he has better options.

How To Tell If He Care’s about the Realtionship

“It may be tempting to think that someone is more interested in you, or cares for you more because they express more jealousy or possessive behavior. But Jealousy really is a negative sign of insecurity in the relationship”. -Lauren Papp, Ph.D. (Click the link for an article on “If jealousy can be good for relationships”).

I’ve had a lot of friends complain about whether their boyfriend cares for them or not because they can’t seem to get their boyfriends jealous. And as I dig deeper on what type of man he is, I find out that their boyfriends treat them like princesses and queens.

If he’s treating you like a queen, why should there be doubt if he doesnt get jealous? He loves you and trusts you. Don’t ever create doubts in your mind about his loyalty and love for you.

1) He remebers the little things

Does he remember the time you told him that little secret? Does he remember that you like to have a bit of light on before you go to sleep?

Remembering little details about someone is a very big thing because we as humans generally don’t remember everything about everyone, we remember the things of the people we love the most. And especially when it is something so small, it surely means they he cares about you.

2) Hes an active listner

You can just tell if he likes to listen to your every word or to just nod his head and say ‘yes’. The right guy will patiently wait and listen before he adds anything.

3) Wants to see you happy

Does he jump up and down when something good happens in your life? His intentions and actions are only formed in seeing you smile and be happy. Even small gestures such as playing your favorite song on the way back home or buying you your favorite chocolate, every time he comes home.

4) Drops his plans for you

He knows his priorities. Does he ditch his guy’s night out to come and comfort you when you are having a bad day?

5) He trusts you

There is no relationship without trust. Trust is the soul of a relationship. When a guy trusts you he’s not going to be secretly looking at your phone or he’s not going to be fishing around with who or where you are going.


Jealousy is something that can poison a friendship and a relationship. Even though it is a very deadly emotion in people, many girls and women are still wondering and thinking why their boyfriend is not getting jealous?

A little bit of jealousy in a relationship is needed, it keeps it healthy and it makes the partner feel like they are still cared for and protected from their boyfriend.

Why do most girls like to have a jealous boyfriend?

Movies play a big role in how we want the relationship to be. The yearning desire for excitement and drama.

“Damsel in Distress” is a woman that wants you to fight for the relationship. They want to go through some of the dramas and finally, they expect “the forever after”.

Key Takeaways

1) If your boyfriend is loving and caring, and shows it through his daily actions. Why do you need to worry if he gets jealous or not

2) Not being jealous may sometimes be bad in a relationship. It’s easy to spot this type of guy by the way he treats you and how he prioritizes you in his life

3) Jealousy is a natural emotion in men, but they tend to not show it as much, in fear of rejection and a sign of weakness

4) There are some ways you can spot if your boyfriend is jealous or not. From the way his tone and body language change, as well as how his behavior and attitudes change in the future.

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