What to Do When Your Long Distance Girlfriend Has Guy Best Friend

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Your Long Distance Girlfriend Has Guy Best Friend

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There are two sides to the coin you need to consider.
First, the most important factor in any relationship, specifically long distance relationship is honesty. Your long-distance girlfriend showed her honestly and told you the truth. She hangs out with her guy friends.

On the other hand, it can be seen as a red flag in any relationship if she is hanging out with many of her male friends. It is not considered a safe zone in a relationship for a girl.

She might say they are only her social friends, and you don’t need to get worried at all. But that is not true.

Remember emotions are complicated feelings that can be enhanced through simple actions like a smile, talking, and hanging out frequently.

What if one of these guys she hangs out with a lot gets some feeling for your long-distance girlfriend? That means he will try to get closer to her till he wins her heart.

First, appreciate her honestly that she told you the truth without hiding that she hangs out with guys. And then ask her politely to stop doing it as it is not acceptable for you and it’s bothering you emotionally.

If you notice she doesn’t pay attention to the red flags you set for the relationship with her, then mark it as one of those behaviors that could result in a toxic relationship with her later on.

Also never try to boss her around when you want to convince her she’s doing something wrong. Ask her to put herself in your shoes. Tell her how she will feel if you have many social girlfriends and they pick you up every day for different reasons. One day a girl takes you out for lunch, and the other day the other girl will take you shopping.

She will probably understand how this behavior can give you a hard time in a relationship and will hopefully respect what you asked her to do.

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