Can I Call My Boyfriend Papi?

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Papi means father in Spanish, and you hear it so much in Spanish-speaking cultures. It’s kind of sweet talk between couples as well as it’s a way to flirt with someone you have some feeling for.

Papi is a word that can either drift into your boyfriend’s heart or doom your relationship, depending on the context. Papi is a word to empower your man and let him know he’s in charge of the relationship if you know when and how to use this magic word.

You are reading this article because you want to call your BF Papi but aren’t sure if he likes it or not.

Are you wondering why guys want to be called Papi or daddy?
Keep on reading so you can discover why in this article.

Can I Call My Boyfriend Papi?

Can I Call My Boyfriend Papi
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Indeed, you can call your boyfriend Papi. You can call you’re significant other whatever you want. Many girls also call their boyfriends daddy in the USA.

And here daddy changes to Papi. That would be odd for you if Spanish is not your first language or you haven’t dealt with many Spanish guys in your life. But that is common and many girls call their boyfriends Papi.

If you feel happy by calling him Papi then nothing can stop you.

He will probably love it for reasons of pleasure. Guys tend to be called the way that gives them the feeling of power in a relationship.

I discussed the definition of Papi and mentioned how some guys would like to be called Papi or daddy in a relationship. But Typically a guy who wants to be called like Papi or daddy seems to be:

He’s controlling.
He has a vision of perfectionism. He wants to be perfect and request it from others.
He can make decisions without feeling about them.
He’s aggressive during the sex.
He makes himse
lf a priority in a relationship.

Why Does Your Girlfriend Want To Call You Papi Or Daddy?

It’s dependent on the content. But let’s dive into some reasons behind that.

The absence of a father is one of the major reasons when it comes to calling a boyfriend Papi.

Fatherless girls are more likely to call their boyfriends Papi or Daddy because they didn’t have a father to experience the father-daughter relationship. There is a daddy issue somewhere in her childhood.

She probably lost her dad when she was a little kid.
Her father was there but wasn’t actually nice to her.

Consequently, she is looking for a protector at this age. And she doesn’t take you as a boyfriend. She looks you up as a father.

Why do guys like to be called Papi?

Papi or Daddy both have the same meaning when fetish comes into play.

1) He wants you to be playful and flirtatious by calling him, Papi. He wants you to act youthful and amorously.

2) It’s a show of dominance. He wants to be in charge. He’s a controlling guy and even likes to be bossy in a relationship.

3) He has a daughter fetish.

He usually would like to date young girls to experience the daughter fetish. I’m warning you, girls, to not get into a relationship with eyes closed with such a toxic guy like this. It will leave you heartbroken and sick mentally at the end.

Make sure to check this article to know all 6 signs of a toxic relationship step by step.

When Can I Call My Boyfriend Papi?

As long as your boyfriend has no issue with being called Papi.
I know from some of my friends that not every man wants to hear such a thing. It makes them feel old and unhappy.

So before you decide to call your boyfriend Daddy or Papi, ensure that he doesn’t take it the wrong way.

Final thought

There are many cute names outside there that you already chose Papi to call your boyfriend.
That sounds fine, but if there is no intention behind that. What I mean by that is some girls would love to call their boyfriend to fill the gap of fatherlessness. That is not healthy, as the role of being boyfriend will turn into a father in a relationship.

The boyfriend is the boyfriend, and the father is the father. You can not expect a guy to act like your father because you want to experience a father-daughter relationship with him.

On the other note, it could be playful and the way to flirt smoothly to call your boyfriend Papi as long as there are no psychological issues behind that.

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