Can I Date My Friend’s Cousin + Tips

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You can find love in the most unexpected of places. You may even have told yourself that you won’t fall in love with any of your friend’s siblings or family. But here you are crushing on your friend’s cousin.

Dating your friend’s cousin is something which you truly have to think about. Because it can end up with you finding your soulmate or it might end up with you losing your closest friend forever.

So, Can you date your friend’s cousin?

Date My Friend's Cousin
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It’s better if you avoid dating your friend’s cousin. Because if you want to retain your friendship with your friend, it’s the proper approach to avoid dating their cousin.

But, what if your friend is fine with you dating their cousin? Keep on reading as I uncover what you should do in that situation. And more on why it’s totally a bad idea to date your friend’s cousin.

Is It OK To Date My Friend’s Cousin?

Dating your friend’s cousin is definitely a dangerous gamble. You can really hurt and make them lose their trust in you. The best thing to do is to ask your friend how they feel about it. If they are not fine with it, move on and don’t chase their cousin.

Close friendships with special friends should be handled with the utmost care since they are most likely the most important thing you have in your life.

The best advice again is to ask your friend whether it’s okay if you date his/her cousin. Also, communicate with your friend in a straightforward and honest manner how you feel about their cousin.

Have in mind that even close friends establish this invisible border in the friendship that no one is allowed to cross. It’s possible that dating his cousin is one of the invisible boundaries he’s drawn in your friendship.

But let’s say your friend is semi-ok on you dating their cousin.

Your friend may sound optimistic and fine with it, yet you are planning to date your friend’s cousin. It’s his family, and someone he truly cares for. Anything you do that can jeopardize the friendship should be carefully considered.

So, first and foremost, consider whether you are extremely serious about dating your friend’s cousin. If you can’t imagine yourself spending a long time with them, then don’t bother.

Love is great in the beginning and it’s fun, it feels like you are living in your greatest fantasies. But after a year or two, everything settles down, and the hurdles of life and relationship problems grow.

There will be doubts on whether you truly love and want to stay with them. You become distant and sometimes really annoyed with them. It takes a strong and very committed man to make things work.

Therefore if you are not 100% certain you want to be with this person till the end of your life, then it’s better not to explore the territory of dating your friend’s cousin.

Though you may believe your friendship will continue once your relationship with your friend’s cousin ends, it may change drastically and in an unfavorable way.

Find out here if it’s fine dating your own cousin, and the dangers of it.


It is not your fault if you both adore each other? Love isn’t something you choose, it simply occurs.

But, even though love may occur in the most unexpected of places we have to think logically. You have to think of the people closest to you and how it will affect them.

He/she is your best friend and possibly if your best friend doesn’t approve of you dating their cousin, then you have to really try to swallow your pride and be Ok with that response.

“You should always prioritize your friend over your crush because when, and if your crush disappoints you, the only people that would be there for you would be your friend(s)”

The only way it’ll be fine to think of dating your friend’s cousin would be when you are truly in love with him/her and you plan to marry them.

But if you have a bad reputation for keeping a relationship and you are not planning to marry, then you should avoid dating your friend’s cousin.

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