Does a Guy Love You If He Puts His Hand On Your Thigh? Say this

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The good thing for you is you won’t have much trouble understanding why guys do certain things such as putting their hand on your thigh. Men are very simple and straightforward to understand. You just have to get around some of their minor subtleties. In this article, you will find out what it means when a guy touches your thigh.

So let’s get into it, does a guy love you if he puts his hand on your thigh?

If the guy places his hand on your thigh for a couple of minutes and then repeats this a couple of times it means that he is romantically interested in you and wants to take the relationship to the next stage. But however, if he places his hand on your thigh and removes it quickly then he possibly doesn’t like you.

Don’t stop here. Sure I said men are pretty straightforward to understand but that is quite not it. Continue on reading to learn more about how to get a guy you like to chase and get more intimate with you. As well as the difference between differentiating between a friendly touch compared to a romantic touch.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Puts His Hand On Your Thigh.

When a guy puts his hand on your thigh it could mean a couple of different things depending on the situation. But to briefly mention those points:

  1. He’s is trying to take the relationship to the next stage
  2. If you just met him. Then he’s trying to get laid.
  3. He is just a very close platonic friend.
  4. He accidently touched your thigh.
  5. To tell other guys indirectly that you are his.

Don’t worry! I know 5 different reasons doesn’t seem straightforward, but it is. You just have to compare which number best fits the man that touched your thigh.

1) He Is Trying To Take The Relationship To The Next Stage.

When you are dating someone and have this expectation that something romantic could happen any second, such as the words “Hey I love you” coming out of his mouth. But those 3 magic words are a bit too early if hasn’t yet built the physical touch and tension with you.

A guy will place his hand on your thigh after a couple of dates to test the waters. He wants to initiate the new stage or step into a possible romantic relationship. He’s probably thinking maybe it’s what you expect him to do.

What to do?

It’s very simple. How do you feel about the guy? Make sure you respond according to how you feel when he places his hand on your thigh. You want to make sure he understands whatever way you feel about him.

If you allow him to keep his hand on your leg, it’ll tell him that you like him and you are also down to take the relationship to the next stage.

Tip! If you want to be extra flirtatious when he places his hand on your thigh say this: “You can go higher than that” – say it with a smile

If you feel that it’s a bit rushed or if you don’t feel the same about him, then make sure you pull your leg away or tell him how you feel about him. The last thing you would want is for him to keep his hands on your leg believing that you like him.

2) If You Just Met Him. Then He’s Trying To Get Laid.

If it’s someone you have just met at a party, club, or gathering, and you are not romantically linked with him. Then he’s probably trying to skip a few stages and sneak himself into your pants.

When a guy that you haven’t had any or little acquaintance with sits next to you and places his hand on your thigh, there is no clearer sign other than he wants to just get laid.

What to do.

If a random guy suddenly initiates this kind of behavior it could be seen as sexual harassment and it can be very uncomfortable for you. I will mention a few good points suggested by Wikihow that may help:

  1. Push his hand away to send a firm but subtle message.
  2. Tell him to stop immediately:  Loudly say, “Stop touching me!
  3. Push him away: If the person keeps his hand on you, push him away and loudly say, “Get off me!

3) He Is Just a Very Close Platonic Friend

A guy doesn’t have to like you in order to touch you. He could bump into you or he might try to emphasize a point and inadvertently touch your thigh or shoulders.

When a guy is usually friends with a girl platonically, he’ll be completely comfortable in touching her. But he will touch you in certain ways which will tell you that he sees you as a friend.

So if he gives you a bear hug, taps your back when you are hugging, puts his hand over your shoulder, or lifts you up from the waist, it will most definitely be that he sees you as just a friend.

What to do?

It really doesn’t mean anything other than he just sees you as just a friend, 80% of the time. But, if you like him, it doesn’t mean that there is no escaping the friend zone.

“Once a woman puts you in the friend zone there is no way out” – This is the famous saying to guys being put into the friend zone by the women they like.

I am here to tell you that it works a bit differently with guys when it comes to the ‘friend-zoning women’.

Some men are really shy and believe that you put them in the friendzone a long time ago, so they’ll just go with the friend zone type relationship.

But you have the chance in reversing that. Come onto him, flirt, and create subtle physical touches with him. See how his body language and way of talking change when you do this.

You can intuitionally get a sense out of how someone’s behavior and body language has changed. If he seems more open and flirty around you, that means that you are heading in the right direction with him.

To learn more about romantic body language, scroll down.

4) He Accidentally Touched Your Thigh

It’s no accident if he doesn’t say it isn’t an accident. Sometimes you two could be walking or sitting down and talking, and suddenly his hand goes on your thigh now and again, that is a sign of attraction and flirting.

But if he hits or touches your thigh and immediately takes it away feeling embarrassed, it is a definite and obvious sign that he isn’t into you, and it was just a big mistake.

What to do?

It’s all a big mistake, right? Actually, some guys can be interested in you but still act like they don’t like you, by acting like it was an accident when they touched your thigh.

This could be due to a couple of reasons: 1) He is super shy 2) He doesn’t want to be physical and seem like a playboy on the first date. 3) His pride is too much and he believes that the women should make the first move.

5) To Tell Other Guys Indirectly That You Are His.

It’s a show of dominance. This part could either be in public or at a party when you are both sitting down. He will subconsciously put his hand on your thigh to show dominance and that you are with him.

Why Do Guys Touch Your Inner Thighs?

As Gregory Roberts quotes from his book called Shantara:

“Nothing in the world is so soft and pleasing to the touch, as the skin of a woman’s thigh. No flower, feather or fabric, can match that velvet whisper of flesh. No matter how unequal they may be in any other ways, all women, old and young, fat and thin, beautiful and ugly, have that perfection. It’s a great part of the reason why men hunger to possess women, and so often convince themselves that they do possess them: the thigh, that touch.”

Out of the entire thigh, the inner thigh of a woman is a very important erogenous zone loaded with many nerve endings and is considered to be among the most sensitive parts of her body.

It’s a place of comfort for men, a place which touched signifies great attraction, lust, and excitement towards her. The inner thigh can be a place for guys to place their hands as it creates a lot of sexual tension.

And secondly, because the inner thigh is much closer to the vagina, so it’s a great road to make more foreplay, such as kissing and furthermore touching in your and his body.

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Why Does He Put His Hand On Your Thigh When Driving?

When you are with someone you love, you want to look at them and touch them, but when he’s driving he doesn’t want to get distracted and have an accident.

So it’s a way for him to have contact with you while driving, holding your thigh can be much easier in comparison to holding your hand.

Placing his hand on your thigh is also a mildly erotic gesture, which signifies love and sexual attraction towards you.

Body Language Signs That a Guy Likes You.

It can be difficult to precisely say what it means when a guy touches your thigh. However, it can be much simpler if you pay attention to his body language and the way he talks to you.

These are a couple of body language signs that should tell you about if a guy likes you:

  1. He is a gentlemen.
  2. Not glued to his phone.
  3. Longer hugs.
  4. His eyebrows raise up when he sees you.
  5. He sits side by side with you any chance he gets
  6. He remembers the smallest details about you.
  7. Eye contact

1) He Is a Gentlemen

If he walks you home or wraps his coat around you when it gets cold is one good example that he may like you.

Sure it may be true that most men try to be a gentleman with women, either by offering to take them home or giving them their coat when it gets cold.

But a man who likes you won’t simply offer it, he will do it. He will care for you and will try to see that you get home well and that you are warm and comfortable.

2) Not Glued To His Phone

He probably binges on Youtube when he’s home but once he gets to see you, his phone doesn’t exist. He will pay very close attention to what you say and how you say it.

3) Longer Hugs

Sure platonic friends hug as well, but when a guy likes you, his hug will be different compared to a normal hug. This hug is a “firm hug” and it lasts a bit longer than the usual 2-second hug.

4) His Eyebrows Raise Up When He Sees You.

You guys either plan to meet out or he comes and picks you up, pay attention to his face. Does his face suddenly light up? If his eyebrows raise up and his face lights up when he sees you it’s a good sign that he likes you, and can’t believe how beautiful you look.

5) He Sits Side By Side With You Whenever He Can.

Besides choosing to sit across from you in a restaurant he’ll always opt to sit next to you. This can also apply to gatherings and parties.

6) He Remembers The Smalest Details About You.

He remembers your preferences, likes, and dislikes. He’ll remember the smallest details about you such as how you like to sleep with the lights on. Or the story about what you and your mom used to do for fun when you were a child.

7) Eye Contact

He’ll like looking at you, and so he will try to keep his eyes locked in your eyes for the whole meeting or conversation. But it won’t just be the eye contact he will look at your nose, eyes, and how your lips move when you talk.

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A women’s thigh in a man’s eyes is considered a zone that can trigger feelings of sexuality and comfort between the two of you.

So to sum everything up, there are 5 different reasons why a man may put his hand on your thigh

But generally speaking, if you have known this guy for some time either platonically or romantically, you can tell by the way he places his hand on your thigh.

He Likes YouHe’s Not That Into You
Places his hand on your thigh for a couple of minutes and then repeats this a couple of times.if he places his hand on your thigh and removes it quickly then he possibly doesn’t like you.
Putting his hand on your inner thigh shows great sexual comfort and attraction towards you.He is just a very close platonic friend and often times he’ll touch your thigh to just express a point.
Open romantic body language: Hugs you for longer, a lot of eye and face contact, remember the smallest details about you, his face lights up when he sees you.Closed off body language: not flirty, doesn’t maintain a lot of eye contact, goes on his phone more, doesn’t remember most of the smallest details you have shared.
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