Does Your Girlfriend Find Other Guys Attractive (Does She Still Love You?)

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Have you ever witnessed your girlfriend’s eyes subtly wander in a certain direction? If you’ve noticed her staring at something for even a half-second, chances are something has caught her eyes. It could be a nice car or it could be a good-looking guy.

So, what does it mean when your girlfriend stares at other guys?

Just like how men look at any other good-looking girls out there, your girlfriend likes looking at attractive guys as well. Our eyes are just designed to spot and admire attractive things, we can’t help it. But if she constantly looks at other guys outside, it could either mean that she doesn’t care for your feelings, or that she wants to get a reaction of you and make you jealous.

It does feel very unsettling and hurtful at times, because, what if she thinks that you aren’t good enough for her? Continue on reading, so I can give you the right advice on what to do if she is trying to hurt your feelings by looking at other guys.

Girlfriend Find Other Guys Attractive

Did you know that men spend 43 minutes a day staring at women, While women spend 20 minutes per day looking at other men?

When we are with our girlfriend, we can’t expect her to act absolutely blind when another handsome man passes by. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, lesbian, or straight we are all attracted to good-looking people and things.

It is absolutely fine for your girlfriend to suddenly glimpse at other guys across the room and find them attractive. But, it can be very disrespectful of her, if she purposefully looks at the guy for a long time without caring how you feel about it.

If your girlfriend is acting all thirsty when a good-looking guy passes by, that means she really doesn’t consider your feelings.

If your girlfriend finds other guys attractive, then you should remember these points:

  • You can’t control what your partner can and can’t look at it. That would be controlling
  • It is completely fine for your girlfriend to have a quick glance at another attractive man.
  • If your girlfriend is out with her friends, expect her to be looking more at attractive men.
  • Attraction simply means a quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire. It does not mean that she is suddenly in love and has completely forgotten about you.
  • If she is very subtle with the way she looks at other attractive men then it is absolutely fine. But if she makes it obvious and calls the guys cute or hot, it can mean that she is trying to make you jealous or she just doesn’t care about your feelings.

It is completely fine for your girlfriend to find other men attractive. But one big red flag would be if she calls other guys cute.

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When a girl calls another guy cute, it’s because she’s fishing for any form of jealousy from you. Oftentimes, she will try to make you jealous because she wants to test what kind of man you are. She wants to invoke the fear that you could lose her to other guys as well.

Men are much easier to understand, we are more straightforward, and whatever we say is pretty much what you’re going to get.

Women on the other hand are much more methodical in manipulating men emotionally. They will do all means necessary in dating the man they want and getting more attention from their boyfriend.

Many guys make this mistake, that once they get into a relationship with the girl they always wanted. They lay back, relax and put no effort into the relationship or themselves, believing that she isn’t going anywhere.

“Your girlfriend will never be content or fully committed to the relationship. She will keep testing your confidence and emotionail strength to make sure that you are the man she needs in her life”

You must understand that when she chose you as her boyfriend, she considered you the best option (the best that she could do). If she senses you losing power in the relationship by acting weak and insecure, she’s going to question if you are the right man for her.

Girls are very methodical in relationships. If your girlfriend has ever tried to make you jealous, it is a sure sign she’s testing you. Check this article out to learn more

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Calls Other Guys Cute?

When your girlfriend calls other guys cute, she wants to know if you still have control of your emotions and the relationship. Any weakness from you is going to make her try to break you down even more.

If you want to make your girlfriend stop playing these silly games with you, you have to apply 2 things:

1. The Abundance Mentality

She’s in the relationship with you, she’s chasing the idea of commitment and marriage. If she’s going to be disrespecting you at every turn, then she most definitely doesn’t deserve you.

Acting angry and insecure will just drive her away. act unfazed and unbothered, but don’t let her disrespect you. Know your own worth and have a discussion with her about the standards that must be accepted in a relationship.

If she’s going to be acting unkind and disloyal to you everytime, is it even a relationship worth fighting for? The relationship you must fight for and try to keep is the one where the person is kind, loyal and loving not someone that’s going to keep disvalueing you.

2. Have fun with her responses

Acting unfazed by her comments may somewhat be effective. But, one way to completely turn the wheels is to throw back some witty and smart comments back at her.

Reply back to her like this.


Your Girlfriend – “Damn look at him, he looks so cute!

You “Ye! Babe, you got good taste, I mean you are dating me.”


Your Girlfriend – (She’s staring at some guy)

You – “He looks good, but his girlfriend looks bomb too.” (Just make sure your girlfriend is actually staring at the guy)


Your Girlfriend – (Checking a guy out and calling him cute in front of you)

You “You turn me on when ever you do that”

Your Girlfriend “Really why?”

You – “Because it gives me the excuse to check out his girlfriend or the girl walking up right now. Wow! Did you see her body!”

How Do You Know If Your Girlfriend Is Losing Interest?

Falling in love and having someone to share all your amazing experiences with feels like the most amazing experience ever. No wonder 90% of all songs ever made are about sex and love.

If you are in doubt about your relationship or wonder if your girlfriend genuinely loves you or not, stick around as I share 6 signs on how to know if your girlfriend is losing interest in you.

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1) Busy all the time

When a girl likes a guy, she’s going to make time for him. If she’s pretending to be busy most or all the time, it is a clear sign that she doesn’t value spending time with you.

If you notice that she’s forcing herself to hang out with you, this could mean that she’s not interested in spending time with you but she feels obligated because of the relationship.

2) Doesn’t open up to you much anymore

When your girlfriend really loves you she is going to share everything with you, even the small details of her day. This is because she really cares about you and the opinions you have of her.

If you notice that she’s suddenly taken a step back by not sharing much or nothing with you anymore, it is clearly a sign that she just doesn’t care much about you anymore.

3) She’s with you only for the sex

Although intimacy and sex are important as they separate a friendship from a relationship. A relationship based on only sex can be a clear sign that your girlfriend doesn’t love you.

When someone loves you, they are there for you emotionally and mentally, when someone truly loves you, they want to connect with you on all levels, they want to get to know you more day by day as well as to share their life with you.

4) She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

Your girlfriend used to laugh out loud at your jokes and was always drawn in by your funny stories, but now you can hardly get a chuckle out of her.

Before you seemed so funny to her, but now she just sees you as annoying.

5) It takes her a lot of time to answer your calls or texts

Don’t jump off to any judgment so fast on this one.

She may sometimes be really tired, stressed, or busy. So, make sure you completely analyze things before jumping to a conclusion.

If you’ve noticed that the majority of times within the last month that your girlfriend has suddenly become less responsive on Whatsapp or Instagram, it could mean that she is losing some feelings for you.

6) She doesn’t need your help

Did she ask for a lot more help in the past from you? Such as asking you to open a cookie jar or even helping in doing a small task of helping her print something.

But now she doesn’t ask for your helping hand anymore or even outright rejects any offer to help her out. This may be due because of her connection to asking for help in the relationship.

For example, if she asked for help before and you rejected it or reacted grumpily by pointing out a weakness in her. Then she’s likely made a rule in her head to refrain from asking for your help anymore.

Find out here the unhidden truth to what it actually means when a girl asks for your help.


I may have made it sound simple. But how could you not get jealous when your girlfriend looks at another guy that walks past the both of you. Even harder is when she calls another cute.

Even as a relationship coach, I sometimes lose control when my girl talks about other guys with me. I don’t show it, but I’m dying inside.

Look! Like it or not, your girlfriend is going to look at other guys and sometimes she may even call some guys cute and hot in front of you.

Relationships aren’t supposed to be easy. Even when it comes to your girlfriend’s silly jealousy games.

“Always have in mind that you shouldn’t surrender your emotions to your girlfriend. When your girlfriend initiates by looking at other guys or complimenting their looks and body, be ready to go to a mental warfare with her.”

It’s completely fine if she has a quick glance at an attractive guy. But if she stares for a long period of time or gives a flirty compliment about him in front of you, then you should be prepared for what you are going to do next…

Never show that you care. Showing that you don’t care will kill her on the inside. If she senses jealousy and the fear of you losing her, she’s just going to continue to disrespect you even more.

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