What Does It Mean When a Girl Tries To Make You Jealous? What To Do?

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If you catch yourself questioning your crush’s or girlfriend’s shady behavior, then this is the article for you. There may be some obvious reason that she’s trying to make you jealous such as; she’s seeking attention. But what if she’s doing this because she’s losing interest in you? Read on, to find out the reasons why she does this.

Let’s get into, What it means when a girl tries to make you jealous?

If she’s your girlfriend, she’ll often try to test you by making you jealous. She does this to test your emotional strength and confidence. In the other case, if she’s your crush, she’ll often try to make you jealous because she likes you, and you haven’t responded in the same way that she wanted.

It may sound crazy for her to test you in the relationship, right? Continue reading through, because if she is trying to make you jealous, then your relationship could be in danger! But don’t worry, I will also be sharing 4 full-proof tips on what to do when your crush tries to make you jealous.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Tries To Make You Jealous?

Girl Tries To Make You Jealous

Jealousy can be struck from the emotions of fear and insecurity. Jealousy can strike people of all ages and genders, it can be most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from a third party.

To fully understand why your girlfriend is trying to make you jealous, we have to understand women and female nature.

When it comes to the mannerisms of guys and girls. Guys tend to be much more straightforward, it’s pretty much what you’re going to get when they say something.

Women on the other hand are much harder to understand. Take for example what women say and what they actually mean by it.

‘Im fine’ – “I am not alright”

‘I think we need a little break’ – “I want to break up”

‘Leave me alone’ – “Please don’t go”

‘Nothing forget it’ – “You better figure out what you did wrong”

Women are much more methodical in manipulating men emotionally. They will do all means necessary in either picking their man, getting more attention from their boyfriend, and attracting attention from the guy they like.

So let’s get into it. Below we will be looking at the differences of what it means when your crush or girlfriend makes you jealous.

What It Means When Your Girlfriend Tries To Make You Jealous?

Many guys make this mistake once they get into a relationship with the girl they always wanted. They lay back, relax and put no effort into the relationship or themselves. Believing that she isn’t going anywhere.

The main reason why she makes you jealous. Is her way of testing out what kind of man you are. She’s trying to test your confidence and emotional strength, these are very important traits for a woman to have in her man because she wants to make sure you don’t crumble in life when things get hard.

“Getting a girlfriend doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax. As a guy, you should keep on fighting for the love, respect, and attraction your girlfriend has for you”.

You must understand that when she chose you as her boyfriend, she considered you as the best option (the best that she could do). If she senses you losing power in the relationship by acting weak and insecure, she’s going to question if you are the right man for her.

What Does It Mean When Your Crush Tries To Make You Jealous?

If she’s your crush and you guys are either classmates or friends, then she may pull off trying to make you jealous, because girls, in general, will often do this when they like a guy, and the guy hasn’t responded in the ways that she wanted.

So she’ll start flirting with other guys to indirectly tell you: “hey look, other guys like me too, so look at what you’re missing here”

“Making you jealous by talking to other guys is her indirect way of telling you that she likes you”.

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How To Know If a Girl Is Trying To Make You Jealous

It can be hurtful and cause us to go crazy and anxious. It doesn’t matter how secure you may feel, eventually, you’ll cave in and feel a lot of crazy emotions. Before we get into; what to do when she makes us jealous, We first have to understand the different methods and ways she uses to make you jealous.

1) Crushing On Artists and Celebrities

Sure, everyone may have a crush on someone super famous, and it is totally ok in relationships to talk about which celebrity we have a crush on.

It can feel annoying when your girlfriend keeps bringing her celebrity guy crushes up. Especially when she talks about how awesome and handsome he is, plus to top it off when she uses his picture on her wallpaper.

When she keeps talking about him, it can build up some jealousy and insecurity in any man. Because we are left wondering if our features are good enough for her? and what if she might leave us for a guy that may resemble her celebrity crush?

2) Flirting With Other Guys

Flirting with other guys doesn’t always have to be something super direct and revealing. Flirting can be as simple as showing more conversation and interest to another guy when she already has a boyfriend or a potential boyfriend.

She could be flirting with random guys or even your closest mates in front of you to make you feel jealous.

Subtle flirting signs to watch out for.

  • She keeps laughing at his jokes
  • Her body language is kept pointing at him
  • She follows and likes his posts on insta
  • A little bit of touching.

3) She’s Hanging Out More With Her Friends

Do you catch her suddenly hanging out, and going out with her friends more often? Does she seem a bit more distant than usual?

There are many reasons why a girl may hang out with her friends more, rather than hang out with you. But in some instances, she’ll do this to make you jealous, and to make you miss her more.

By creating some distance and showing you how much fun she can have without you, is an approach she’ll use to make you jealous.

4) She Posts A lot Of Photos Online

Does she post a lot of photos with her friend captioning them with a lot of emojis and quoting how much fun she is having?

She is trying to get the message across to you on how much fun she is having without you, and how much you are missing out on her.

5) She Talks About How Cool One Of Her Guy Friends Is

You may act and think you really don’t care when she talks about one of her guy friends, but deep down it can really hurt.

Does she suddenly start reminiscing about her guy friends and how awesome they are? Does she show you videos of how well ‘John’ plays the guitar?

Well newsflash, she’s doing this to make you jealous by showing you that she clearly has handsome and talented guys she’s a friends with.

If your girlfriend is having an attitude with you as well, I advise you to check out this article on why she has an attitude with you.

What To Do When Your Crush Tries To Make You Jealousrelationship

By definition jealousy means; not feeling adequate enough, getting triggered about something you have a problem with. Jealousy is a very natural feeling we all get, and it’s not something that we can have full control over.

Although we may not have control over how we feel, we have control over how to respond.

Most guys will break down and act aggressively. This shows great weakness and insecurity, which can result in your crush losing respect for you. Acting unfazed and showing her in an assertive manner that her behavior isn’t going to fly with you, is the best strategy to deal with your crush when she tries to make you jealous.

Most guys I talk to, come up with the same issues regarding their girlfriend. And it is always that their girlfriend is trying to make them jealous about other guys, either strangers or friends. There are 2 parts to how we can approach the situation.

The first part is how you have to deal with your jealousy and the second part is, how to practically deal with the fact that your partner gets a lot of attention and tries to make you jealous because of it.

It is important to know how to deal with it practically and emotionally because you don’t want to seem too needy and insecure, but at the same time be able to assert your standard with this person, so it doesn’t look like your okay with whatever that happens with your girlfriend and the other guy.

1) Taking Control Of Your Mind

When it comes to dealing with your jealousy when your girlfriend entertains other guys that give her attention.

You’ve got to rewire your mind to understand that you can’t control how your partner reacts and talks with other guys. You can influence it by the discussion you have with your partner about trust, loyalty, and standards in the relationship.

Acting angry and insecure will just drive her away. act unfazed and unbothered but don’t let her disrespect you. Know your own worth and have a discussion with her about the standards that must be accepted in a relationship.

If she’s going to be acting unkind and disloyal to you everytime, is it even a relationship worth fighting for? The relationship you must fight for and try to keep is the one where the person is kind, loyal and loving not someone that’s going to keep disvalueing you.

The only thing we have control of in this life is our minds. If you don’t have control of your mind you are just a feather flowing through the air.

2) Approach The Situation Calmly

Let’s assume you are both at a bar, and your girlfriend suddenly gets into a conversation with a guy. What would your reaction be at this instance?

Most guys will intrude into the conversation in a serious and aggressive manner, either by pulling their girlfriend quickly away or by saying something hostile to the guy.

The best thing to do is to lay back and watch the conversation go on, once you think it’s time to make a move, walk up gently to the conversation, and have a natural and friendly discussion with the guy such as “Hey how’s it going, are you having fun here”?

Once the three-way conversation is over walk away with your girlfriend make a compliment about how tall or handsome the guy was.

Taking the situation lightly and being unmoved by it will defiantly throw your girlfriend off guard. She’ll be left scratching her head plus will have more respect for you as a man.


For men to fall in love with women it could be something as simple as having physical attraction for them, and having an emotional bond.

But for women to be head over heels for a guy, the guy must be dominant, have power, have money, be good-looking and either be successful or have great potential to be really successful.

You may be telling yourself that you hate this superficial fact about women. This is the reality, If you want to make women fall in love, or keep a woman in love with you, you’ve got to change your game and be the dominant and confident man she wants.

You may be a soft and sweet guy, but needless to say, she’ll still love you. But this love is limited by time. She’ll eventually notice that as a man, you won’t be able to carry her in this life if you are weak and insecure.

Check out this table of summarized tips on What It Means When a Girl Tries To Make You Jealous? What to do when she tries to make you jealous

What Does It Mean When a Girl Tries To Make You Jealous?What To Do When Your Crush Tries To Make You Jealous
She’s losing respect for you.You can’t control how your partner reacts and talks with other guys. You can influence it by the discussion you have with your partner about trust, loyalty, and respect in the relationship.
She likes you.Don’t act aggressive and insecure, make a joke out of the situation, and act like it was amusing when she was talking with the other guy.
She wants more attention.

The relationship you must fight for and try to keep is the one where the person is kind, loyal, and loving not someone that’s going to keep devaluing you.

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