Girlfriend Follows Hot Guys On Instagram. Worry Or Not? Full Guide

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We can all sometimes get a bit insecure about our partner’s social media, especially in a day and age where random people can slide into their DM’s. I have done some research and have come up with some useful reasons on why your girlfriend is following so many hot guys on Instagram, as well as some tips to help.

Lets into it right away. Why does she follow so many hot guys on Instagram?

It might feel like she’s keeping her options open and has an attraction towards other guys. But the truth is that it is totally normal for your girlfriend to be following and looking at attractive guys. It is a natural human response, as our brains give us pleasurable responses whenever we look at something attractive and beautiful.

Hold up! That’s the innocent part of the answer. Read on to know the types of guys she follows on instagram, and when you should trust your gut if you feel like shes up to no good behind your back

Your Girlfriend Follows Hot Guys On Instagram? Why?

Most of the time you shouldn’t be worried if she’s following hot guys on Instagram. Sometimes it can feel a bit out of hand when you consider and look at all the different types of guys she’s following.

Below I will mention the 4 different types of guys she could be following on instagram, and whether each possess a danger to your relationship or not.

The 4 Different Types Of Guys On Her Instagram

1) The Celebrity

If she’s following a lot of celebrities like Brad Pitt or very famous traveller bloggers, then what’s the deal of getting worried.

Celebrities are very famous, attractive and brilliant role models for millions of people worldwide. If she’s crushing and finding a certain celebrity attractive, that doesn’t mean she’s going to do anything.

When a girl has attraction towards a celebrity, she’s attracted to his character what he represents in movies and nothing more. But sometimes I would agree and can become unsettling for us guys, when she has a massive crush on a certain celebrity.

Don’t Make a Big Deal Out Of This! But if you feel like it is hurting you can approach her in a funny and chill way, and just crack jokes about the female celebrity you really like. See her reaction when you do this.

2) The Not So Famous Yet Influencer.

When talking about these type of influencers, im talking about the influencer with 10+ thousand followers on instagram. Just like celebrities, your girlfriend is most likely following them just because she just likes the scenery and hype behind them.

If she’s crushing over an influencer it can feel more worrisome because of the lesser audience base they possesses, meaning that there is a higher percent chance of that influencer sliding into your girlfriend DM’s.

There’s always that possibility, right? But anyway if you feel that your relationship with your girl is as romantic and affectionate as ever, don’t worry about it. You need to have some trust in your girlfriend and the relationship.

3) The Dude In The Schools Football Team

Now we are on more dangerous territory. Witnessing your girl follow a bunch of guys in the college football team can make you a bit suspicious. But following online is totally different from hanging outside with that person.

Where should you get suspicious?

  1. She’s following, liking and commenting on some or many of his pictures.
  2. Shes sending texts here and there with him

If you see that she’s following, liking and commenting on ‘Chad’s’ 6 pack abs on instagram, then you could be right to think that something fishy is going on.

4) The Guy She Hanged Out With a Couple Of Times

She just got hit up with a follow request from this dude she knew back 2 years ago. She mentions it to you that he’s just a friend she hanged out with a couple of years back.

Him and her occasionally send each other memes, and like each others pictures, and it seems like this online friendship is getting even stronger.

If this kind of Guy Does These things that I’m going to mention below, it means that He Wants To Sleep With Your Girlfriend 99% of the time

  • Follows her on Instagram.
  • Sends her funny memes on instagram.
  • He asks her favorite color and how her day went.
  • Likes almost all her pictures on Instagram, especially when he comments on her posts.

However much it may seem like the guy she’s talking to is sounding all innocent and non threatening to your relationship, think again.

Men don’t put their time to talking with a girl, asking her “how your day went” without wanting to sleep with her. It is in the male psychology, if he sees that your girl is giving the slightest bit of hint he’s ready to bounce and steal your girl.

Males and Females Differ In How They Perceive Romantic Attraction

Findings show significant gender differences: men described themselves as more attracted to the physical appearance of their mate, while women’s level of intimacy, commitment and security were higher than men’s. Thank to for this study.

Women look for a lot of things within a man. A man only cares about the beauty and attraction of a girl considering his romantic attraction.

Its very interesting insight on knowing how men and women think differently. “Men are From Mars Women are From Venus” – is a great book that sheds light on this topic. Sign up here to get a 1 month’s free trial on Audible

How To Approach Her About Following A Lot Of Hot Guys

If you’re feeling insecure about the guys she follows on instagram, it is always good to communicate to your partner about how you feel, but if it is done with the wrong approach, you could lose respect with your girlfriend. Here I will tell you how to approach this, without your girlfriend losing respect in you.

1) If she’s talking to other guys on instagram, don’t be pressing her and being insecure about it

It can be a big turn off for a girl, when she sees her man is insecure. To stand strong and unfazed when she tests you, shows her that she’s got herself a keeper.

2) Girls tend to subconsciously test their man, so if she sees you seem unfazed, she’s going to love it.

3) If she tells you she’s talking with a guy friend on Instagram, don’t freak out, show how secure and unfazed you are about it.

4) If she’s telling you about her conversations with her guy friend, that means she got little to no interest in him. If she did, she would hide it from you and not tell you.

The Mentality You Should Have

“Talk to other guys if you feel like it, I know your coming home with me at the end of the day, cause I’m the best thing out there”

Be playful with it, so it doesn’t come off as ignorant and cocky. Be playful and fun

Before she got in a relationship with you she had a dozen options of guys. She ended up with you, so don’t get jealous or annoyed if she likes and comments. At the End of the Day shes with you

Guys check out this article I wrote on 5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Deletes Her Texts. Should You Be Concerned.


Well Done for reaching the end of this Article!

To gather all the information and give it to you in a couple of sentences, it is totally normal to have sense of insecurity and jealousy towards your girlfriends followers.

In these situations it calls upon you to be unfazed and unbothered by her followers. Rest assured that before you got into a relationship with her, she had many more hot guys she was following. But at the end of the day she dated you and became your girlfriend.

The Only Time You Should Be Worried About Her Instagram Followers?

Are there any causes of concern in your relationship?

  • Do you feel like there has been a loss of affection in the relationship
  • Is there a lack of sex
  • Is there a lack of communication
  • Are there more fights and arguments in the relationship

“Just because something becomes difficult or different it doesn’t mean that it will be like this forever”. Committed relationships require constant work and dedication.

These small or big affects in the relationship could point towards how you should think and act on your gut feeling.

If all is well and there is just a few problems in the relationship, Don’t Worry! Because relationships all require compromise and some work

But If it seems like you both are having trouble tolerating or spending quality time with each other, then that could lead to either partner trying to find attention from somewhere or someone else.

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