Is It Cheating If My Girlfriend Kisses Another Girl?

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You feel how hard it is when your girlfriend kisses her friend in front of you. You confront her that your feelings get hurt and she is cheating on you. More interesting, she responds that she is her best friend and is a girl. And here is a question that puts you in doubt if this act is considered cheating or not.

Yes, this is cheating if your girlfriend kisses another girl. It’s not about gender but the act itself is a form of cheating. You have some strict boundaries in a relationship, and any romantic behavior outside the relationship is a 100% red flag.

I was checking comments on my Facebook group and saw a guy who commented, gender doesn’t matter. The act itself is cheating. That is true. I don’t care if she kisses her female friend or a guy.

Female is also human, and if she allows herself to act like this and give herself emotionally and physically to other partners, then stay alert mate, She is cheating on you.

If she let you know and talked with you before kissing another girl and you gave her a green light to do it, then that is your choice, and you can not take it as cheating.

By contrast, if she makes out with a girl without you knowing or she hangs out with girls every weekend and kisses them at any chance she gets then that undoubtedly falls under the category of cheating.

It is significant to note that it is all up to you and how you two set boundaries in a relationship. Some couples consider anything more than a hug with someone of the opposite gender cheating, While others agree to have no sexual restriction in a relationship.

You better not close your eyes on bisexuality. Let’s play a scenario, and you are the one who kisses a guy in front of her eyes. If she is a straight girl, she will slap you immediately as this trashy behavior is not accepted in a true relationship.

There is a full guide article on is emotional love cheating, where you can thoroughly learn when does friendship turn to emotional cheating.

Why Does She Kiss Another Girl?

Girlfriend Kisses Another Girl
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Understanding the answer to this question can help you get to the main reason for this behavior.
At times, some couples are in a relationship and seem happy but in reality, the girl is not satisfied sexually with a guy.

Stop criticizing your girlfriend if this is your case, as you couldn’t give her what she needed and wanted in a relationship. It could be a sexual need in bed, emotional support, financial support, respect for her values, and many more. The lack of one of these could be her main reason for her to kiss another girl.

There are always some girls and boys who do not know about loyalty. That is not our case. We are talking about the loyal and honest ones here. I believe that your girlfriend will not seek any attention either sexually or emotionally outside the relationship if you give it to her.

How do you expect a girl to be loyal to you for the rest of her life without getting respect from you, any sexual satisfaction, or kindness that all are like foods for her emotions?

that is why I always ask people to learn ins and outs of a couple if they are looking for a healthy relationship that lasts forever.

Should I Forgive My Girlfriend For Kissing Someone Else Or Break Up?

If you told her that you are not ok with this act. But she didn’t respect them you better think twice about your girlfriend.

If you can overcome the emotional pain she gave you, you can give her a second chance to prove her loyalty. Otherwise, she knows where the door is and the way out.

Should I Tell My Boyfriend I Kissed Another Girl?

That being said, in a relationship don’t try to be perfect. Just be honest.

You made a mistake, and you are expected to tell him the truth. Everyone does a mistake, and you are not an exception. Tell your boyfriend you love him and you care about your relationship.
He might give you a cold shoulder for a few days but don’t go hard on him.

Give him time as he will get upset and needs time to forget about what you did. Be around him and show him how you regret what you did and promise him it will not happen again.

Is It Cheating If My Girlfriend Makes Out With Another Girl For Fun?

Making out with another girl for fun is cheating. Any sexual contact with someone else regardless of gender outside the relationship is a red flag warning.


After facing many dating /relationship issues among many of my friends, that stop them from having a great and satisfying relationship. I decided to develop this website to provide precise relationship tips and tricks for open-minded people.

Every week, we publish a couple of articles regularly, and in today’s post, we understood that it is cheating if your girlfriend kisses another girl.

Does it seem ok with you?

If not, I would be grateful as you learned whatever I said in this post.
But if yes, and you think it’s a simple kiss, and you ignore it, then I would have to tell you that small things add up to make a big difference.

If she can kiss another girl now, she can sleep with another guy later”.

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