q Why Does My Boyfriend Get Mad When I Go Out: 4 Top Reasons

Why Does My Boyfriend Get Mad When I Go Out?

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If you ever questioned yourself, “why does my boyfriend get mad when I go out” you are in the right place.

In this article, I will give you 4 solid reasons for your question on “why does my boyfriend get mad when I go out”. Then I will walk you through tips that actually help you to overcome this issue. 

Why does my boyfriend get mad when I go out?

  1. Control freak.
  2. Lack of trust.
  3. Jelousy
  4. He is Insecure

Stay tuned and I will walk you through each reason completely plus solutions on how you can overcome this issue.

1) Control freak.

Typically possessive guys are striving to have complete control over the relationship. If your boyfriend does these behaviors below, then it’s time to have a serious talk with him. Because controlling is one of the major causes of a toxic relationship.

  • He believes both of you should have the same account all over social media.
  • He is your everything. In other words, he expects you to put him in the priority under any circumstances. 
  • You are walking on eggshells. You do everything cautiously, not making your boyfriend upset.
  • You have to be a yes person in a relationship to please him. 

2) Lack of trust

Do not close your eyes on this one. I see no place for the lack of trust in any relationship until one of the partners shows disloyalty. If you’ve been honest with him and you have been committed to him in a relationship, and he still doesn’t trust you fully, then I have to say he is an overthinker. 

Let’s play the scenario and act you are in a relationship with an overthinker guy. What questions cross an overthinker’s mind when your girlfriend goes out?

  • Who is she going out with?
  • What should I do if she meets a new guy in the pub?
  • Why doesn’t she ask me to go out with her? Doesn’t she want to introduce me to her friends?
  • I don’t trust guys outside.
  • I’m sure she will find someone better than me. 

Now you should know what to do, to get rid of his lack of trust in your relationship.

Do Not Respond To Him Harshly.relationship

Give your boyfriend time to figure it out, you respect his concern. You also need to talk with him frequently, how much you love him, and no one can take his place in a relationship.

Actions speak louder than words.relationship

Text your partner when you are out with your friends. He wants you to keep him posted about what you are doing when you go out alone.

After all, you must set your personal space as well, and he requires respecting it. Sometimes it happens to you that you want to be alone.

Tell him clearly that you need more space in a relationship. If you follow all mentioned tips above and still don’t see any change in his behaviors, then you are good to end up in a relationship with him.

3) Jealousy.

As a guy, I also get jealous when my girlfriend spends time with her friends and has lots of fun without me.

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend went to a bar restaurant with her friends. She posted a lot of photos on social media. Do you want to know what I was thinking when I checked those posts on her Instagram?

  • She doesn’t need me to be happy.
  • Her friends are closer to her than me.
  • Whenever she is in a bad mood, she can go to her friends instead of me.
  • She gets bored when she is with me. Therefore she doesn’t bring me around her friends.

Later on, I learned, there is a personal space that both partners in a relationship should respect.

Explain to your boyfriend that you need to take time to put yourself first at times and do things that are just for you.

I also mentioned the importance of personal time in a healthy relationship in one of my articles. You often need to be alone or hang out with your friends without your boyfriend, and your boyfriend needs to leave the jealousy behind and respect that.

4) He Is Insecure.

Insecurity in a relationship is one of the requested topics I can talk about a lot. Relative to this article, your boyfriend suffers from insecurity if he gets moody for no reason when you go out.

Insecurity could appear as fear, jealousy, lack of self-confidence, etc. Fear is a common feeling in most guys when they feel insecure in a relationship.

fear in a relationship

Your boyfriend might belong to this category. Your boyfriend has a fear of losing you. He’s scared that you will lose interest in him someday, and it scares him a lot.

So he prefers, you to stay around him rather than your friends. You might consider it as love. But in reality, this is toxic behavior, and it will ruin your relationship in the long run. As this fear grows more, you will have less freedom in a relationship later on.


Now you know how toxic this behavior could be if your boyfriend gets mad when you go out. You also learned the reasons for that. 1. Control freak 2.Lack of trust 3.Jealousy 4. He feels insecure.


Tell your boyfriend you have the right to spend time with your friends and family. Ask him to stop this behavior and give him a chance to correct himself. Stay with him if he respects your right in a relationship. Otherwise, a breakup is the only solution.

There is a subtle line between success and failure in a relationship.

As a relationship and self-development Enthusiast, I believe there isn’t a great system in schools yet to teach children to do’s and don’ts in a relationship.

According to relationship breakout statistics, lack of experience is at the core of breakups and divorces.
And it’s all because of a lack of knowledge in a relationship. What I want to ask is to keep learning because you deserve a healthy relationship. And here is the best place you can find tons of helpful relationship tips.

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