My Boyfriend Looks at Other Females On TikTok| Is it Ok + What To Do

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If his TikTok is full of girls in bikinis or girls twerking, then he most certainly is watching and interacting with these videos. Because that’s how TikTok works, it recommends videos on what he likes to watch. I know you may be fuming, but I’ll give you a reason why it isn’t a big deal.

So let’s get into it. Is it Ok for your boyfriend to look at other females on TikTok?

It is Ok for your boyfriend to be looking at girls on TikTok. Because Men are men. It doesn’t matter if he’s insane about you or not, he will look at women whether it’s online or outside in a bar. But what does matter is, if you are alright with it. If it makes you uncomfortable then you should tell him how you feel.

You might let him off the hook, because, well, “men are men”. But don’t go anywhere yet. Because it can be a problem if he constantly looks at girls on TikTok. Especially when the relationship is going through a lot of rough patches. Read on as I explain more in detail.

Is It OK For My Boyfriend To Look At Other Females On TikTok?

I can understand how you feel. Because I get the same displeasing feeling when I see an attractive guy on my girlfriend’s TikToks or Instagram feeds. Although I know it’s not a big deal, a part of me explodes with a thousand insecurities.

And I mean it is completely fine to feel anxious when you see that your boyfriend is looking at other beautiful women. Because you really love your spouse and you don’t want to lose them.

There are 5 points, on which you must be aware when considering if it’s Ok or Not for your boyfriend to be looking at other females on TikTok. I will cover these points down below:

1) It Is Male Nature, That Makes Him Want To Look at Other Women

Men are much different from women and their brains work in many different ways. Although the concept of monogamy. (the practice or state of having a sexual relationship with only one partner) is the norm now. A man is still programmed to want more than one woman.

“Men spend an average of 43 minutes looking at the opposite sex daily, while women spend 20 minutes daily”

New York Daily News

According to,  while most guys are attracted by other female forms, this does not imply that they are unhappy with their relationship with you. Even happily married guys will find certain ladies more attractive than their own partners.

Although it just takes a fraction of a second for a man’s attention to be drawn to another woman. He is likely to forget about her once she has vanished from his view.

While your partner may sneak a peek at other women on TikTok, be reassured that you have nothing to worry about if your connection with your boyfriend is stable.

2) Men Will Be Men. But Beware If There are Any Red Flags!

If you are in a happy, committed relationship that is filled with full of love and excitement, then I would tell you to not worry about a single thing.

It gets tricky when things have been a bit shaky in the relationship or if there were a few trust issues that you had to deal with in the past.

In this part, we are going to be looking at the Redflags in your relationship. If You Notice Half Of These Problems Then It Can Be a Big Issue When He Looks At Other Girls On TikTok.

  • He never say anything nice about you: Even shy people have the ability to open up once in a while.
  • He Looks at other women: He is free to think others are cute. But you should be confident in your relationship to know that your significant other is exclusively interested in you.
  • Takes ages to reply to your texts: You always answer to your his texts immediately. But he takes his sweet time.
  • He never discusses the future: While living in the moment is crucial. You also want to know if your significant other is dedicated to creating a future with you.
  • You feel horrible about yourself because of him: You have every right to date someone who treats you like royalty. If your significant other wants you to change (for example, by dressing differently, ignoring your friends, or drinking and partying when that’s not your scene). It’s a clue they don’t truly like you for who you are.

Are there any issues you’re facing in your relationship? If half of them do apply to you then you have every right to feel super anxious and insecure in the relationship.

If you are in this situation the best thing to do is to communicate to him how you feel uncomfortable whenever he looks at other women on TikTok.

3) Mind How You Aks Him To Stop Looking At Girls On TikTok.

Relationships are about how much he values you and how much respect he has for you. If you feel uncomfortable about something, you should talk to him about it, and tell him how you feel. If he really cares for you, he will listen to you and will respect your feelings.

My recommendation is to simply have an adult conversation about it in a calm manner. Making him feel as though he is not being attacked.

“If he cares about you and thinks you’re important. It shouldn’t be an issue for him to stop doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable in the relationship.”

I don’t think he should take it too seriously. If you tell your boyfriend you’re uncomfortable with him looking at these girls that are in bikini suits or twerking. To restore harmony, he shouldn’t make it a big deal and just stop looking at these videos on TikTok.

However, If he fails to consider your feeling and continues to do what he enjoys doing, then you really have to consider if this man is the man you deserve to be with.

Yes! You can win a man’s total love, attention, and devotion. But you can’t just say you want him to be a certain way.

4) If He Makes You Sound Crazy and Insecure. Dump His A**

This is one major issue I keep seeing around with couples, where the girlfriend will express her feelings and the boyfriend will just neglect it and say how silly it sounds.

Don’t let a man tell you that you’re just being insecure. This is a form of gaslighting and it is one of the most toxic traits that a man could have.

Social media just perpetuates the whole problem of blaming our significant others for their insecurities.

If he puts you down and makes you seem like the bad guy when you are actually feeling uncomfortable about something in the relationship then it is a sign that he is purely childish and a toxic individual who doesn’t care about your feelings.

5) Make Sure You Don’t Go Overboard

Look I’m the happiest man in the relationship with my girlfriend. But at times I catch myself looking at girls on Instagram and TikTok. I have no intentions, but I guess that’s just how men are.

So you have to make sure you don’t do this one thing because it can push your boyfriend away. You have to make sure you draw the line to a certain point.

If you are going to tell him to stop looking at girls on TikTok, you got to make sure you don’t make him feel too restricted in the relationship by becoming too controlling.

For example, telling him off because his eyes just gazed upon another woman for a millisecond in the street.

It is important to create security in your relationship but you got to make sure that your not making him insecure on every action he takes becuase he scared he’ll cause you to overreact.

TikTok may not be that bad, but OnlyFans can be a sign of trouble in your relationship. Check out this article on if it is cheating when your boyfriend uses OnlyFans.

Should Couples Share Social Media Passwords?

My Boyfriend Looks at Other Females On TikTok

Social media is turning to this zone which creates a lot of couples who are suspicious of each other’s loyalty.

Many of my friends including my girlfriend have brought up this topic on checking on each other’s Instagram and other social media platforms.

My response: It’s a terrible idea!

Sharing your password with your lover is the worst thing you could do. Because why are you dating them if you don’t trust them? Scrolling through each other’s feeds, seeking proof to confirm your own insecurities might be the worst idea in the world.

Communication is usually the number one issue in relationships. As a result, following each other’s social media feeds significantly raises the risk of misinterpretation or misinformation.


So to conclude, remember these two points:

  • Your expectations must be in line with reality. It’s also a mistake to believe that your spouse will never be attracted to someone else. It doesn’t imply that just because someone commits to being in a relationship with you or asks you to marry him, he won’t notice another Women.
  • Be open and honest with him about your feelings. Tell him you’re aware he’s watching videos of other girls and it bothers you. Tell him that you’d like to work with him to find a solution that meets both of your emotional needs. You must both be upfront and honest about how it makes you feel. I believe that having such kinds of chats will strengthen your bond and boost your self-esteem.

Hi! I hope you enjoyed that article.

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