Is It Cheating If My Boyfriend Uses OnlyFans? How To Find Out

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Only fans, or in other words the R-rated Instagram. You thought that Instagram was too much for your man? Here you have an application that allows your man to pay online for private chatting, explicit pictures, and videos of girls. So Is it cheating if he’s using OnlyFans? Plus how do you find out if he is using it OnlyFans? Continue to find out.

Let’s get into it right away! Is it cheating if my boyfriend uses OnlyFans?

If Your boyfriend is subscribed to OnlyFans it can be considered cheating. Unlike adult entertainment, OnlyFans is more personal, subscribers pay a lot of money to view explicit pictures, videos, as well as have private chats with the models on OnlyFans. As far as cheating goes, flirting and chatting with people is considered cheating.

Adult entertainment vs Onlyfans, why is OnlyFans Cheating? How to know if my boyfriend is using OnlyFans? What to do if you find out your boyfriend is using OnlyFans? If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, I encourage you to read on more, because we have much more to cover on these.

What Is OnlyFans?

Did you know that OnlyFans was launched in 2016? I only started hearing about it around two years ago. But ever since two years ago it has gathered a whole lot of traction, as the R-Rated Instagram. A social application that is helping women get rich off from thirsty men that want to look at their pictures.

OnlyFans is a platform in which you’ve got locked-in content, where people pay to unlock. Content creators are from areas such as cooking, makeup, and fitness. However, most people profit a lot from the adult industry.

Contents regarding the adult industry on OnlyFans range from normal dress shoots, to complete crazy explicitness such as pictures and very attractive videos. And they make tons of money.

Contents regarding the adult industry on OnlyFans range from normal dress shoots, to complete crazy explicitness such as pictures and very attractive videos. And they make tons of money.

Top 5 Earners On OnlyFans

1.Blac Chyna$20.12 million
2.Bella Throne$11.76 million
3. Cardi B$9.34 million
4.Tyga $7.69 million
5.Mia Khalifa$6.42 million
Average.Average Total Earning From Only Fans.$180/month
Check out the source.

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Why It Is Cheating If Your Boyfriend Uses OnlyFans

OnlyFans isn’t only a place where people share their content. When someone subscribes to a page they can get custom content from their paid models, as well as have online interactions with them.

If you’re wondering whether he’s paying for the Explicit content, have in mind that the whole aim of OnlyFans creators is to get people to subscribe to their page. The free stuff is basically useless. So it is highly likely that when a guy has OnlyFans, he’s definitely paying to view those ‘explicit type’ contents.

So we know most guys pay to get an OnlyFans account so they can look at some ‘juicy pictures’ of their favorite models and content creators, but what’s all the fuss?

Isn’t Adult entertainment the same? Below I will discuss why OnlyFans is way worse than adult entertainment and why it is a form of cheating.

Adult entertainment vs OnlyFans. The Difference

Although Regular Adult entertainment is way more explicit it isn’t as social as OnlyFans. OnlyFans acts very similar to Instagram and other social media apps, but of course, it is way more explicit.

Adult entertainment works very simply. Adult entertainment is basically a Netflix account of adult entertainment scenes with a lot of adult entertainment content. It just doesn’t seem personal. Adult entertainmentn is a source of hyper-over-edited Adult entertainment videos.

On OnlyFans it’s just a girl taking a picture taking a photo in the mirror and looking attractive. Although they see less in OnlyFans compared to Adult entertainment, they feel more, It feels more personal.

“It’s one thing to watch adult entertainment, and quite another to be so invested in a womens OnlyFans account”. Paying the models money for videos, pictures and flirting with them. What part of that isn’t cheating?

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What Form Of Cheating Is OnlyFans Considered?

Cheating or in other words infidelity. Cheating is defined as a violation of a couple’s adult entertainment or emotional exclusivity. Infidelity and cheating are generally assumed in the relationship. It’s the expectations and boundaries we set in the relationship with our partners.

There are different forms of cheating and many relationships may not consider some forms of cheating as cheating. It’s up to you to decide if these forms of cheating do break your expectations in your relationship.

Cyber Affair

A Cyber Affair is more of a social epidemic, it is formed online. Unlike the usual forms of cheating, Cyber affairs are much harder to spot and figure out.

Many partners play it off cool and pretend like nothing is going on since there is nothing happening in person, no Lunch dates, No meet-ups. It is easier to deceive their partner and pretend like nothing is going on.

Cyber affairs are becoming more common these days because of how easy it is to fall into it and keep it a secret.

How to spot a cyber affair

  • If he’s being secretive about his phone
  • If he’s less emotionaily invested in you. Such as sharing his day and his problems through his day.

The biggest problem with Cyber Affairs is that it could lead to a serious emotional affair. And those are quite fatal, even if he is not talking to the person in real life.

Emotional Affair

An emotional affair as the name specifies is a type of cheating that does not necessarily require physical contact, adult activities, or even holding hands. It is an emotional connection with someone else that is someone but your partner.

Your partner or spouse should be the only person you talk with about your ups and downs and through your day-to-day life. Your Ups and downs should not be shared with someone of the opposite gender besides your partner.

Do you find thought of suspicion or distrut in your relationship? Is there a huge disconnect between his actions and his words? “He Is Lying Sis” is a book which you can Click here to get to sign up and listen for free on Audible.

My Life: Since OnlyFans is a social application and website, I have seen guys take the use of OnlyFans a step further by chatting and flirting with the models about their day-to-day lives, and sometimes even neglecting and talking negatively about their spouse. And since your boyfriend may be paying to use the app, the models would take full pleasure to reply back.

An emotional affair is much more different than a friendship it constitutes more flirting and attraction.

What Defines Emotional Affair?

  • Late night texting
  • Flirting
  • Talking on more deep levels

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How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Uses OnlyFans

To find out if your partner uses OnlyFans can be really simple. There are some websites that offer social media identity research and of course, by just using his Email and Google search you can easily find out if your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account. So let’s get into how to use each method.

1) Using His Email

Using the mail method is the easiest method out of all the methods.

All you have to do is to use your boyfriend’s email and try to sign up on OnlyFans.

The Steps to take:

  1. Go on
  2. Press on the bottom Sign up for
  3. Use your Boyfriends email address on the form (Make sure you try all your boyfriend different accounts)
  4. Type a random password
  5. If the page say that “The account by that email already exists”. That means your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account

If you type his emails and it takes you to the next page without an error of “The account by that email already exists” that means he’s not subscribed to OnlyFans

2) Google Search

Probably not one of the most effective, but you could always shoot your shot with google.

By just typing his name and besides it typing: OnlyFans. Google will bring up all the results regarding that. Even a link directed to his page.

3) Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a website I stumbled across. And I’ve got to say I was pretty impressed with their database analysis and research.

The database research consists of doing research through either image identification, email, name, address, and phone. It searches the whole web for those details.

The free account works pretty well but the paid account works wonders.

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Uses OnlyFans

Falling into a cyber affair is so easy these days. It’s easy as watching Adult entertainment. Many guys these days are obsessed with the “Quick Push Bottom Thrills”. They love this instant easy dopamine rush, men have no boundaries.

It’s very hard and confusing seeing or expecting your boyfriend involved in paying money to see and watch pictures of random girls.

The best thing you could do is to communicate, but what are the approaches that you could take?

Approach 1: Communication

Realizing your boyfriend is using OnlyFans or any other dating app can come to you as a surprise, So don’t act on your emotions.

Communicate with him, and approach him delicately and truthfully. Ask him why he is using the application and if something is wrong in the relationship. Tell him how to hurt and worried you are and that you can’t tolerate it in the relationship.
It is not enough to just be a calm and well-spoken person to know how to deal with serious issues in relationships.

Tips on communicating effectively

  1. Don’t fall into arguing and saying degrading words
  2. Approach calmly, and be truthful.
  3. Tell him how you feel, and if there’s a problem in the relationship
  4. If he’s as approaching and calm, give him another chance, and see if he quits this behavior or not

Approach 2: Reassessment Of The Relationship

After around 3 or 4 months have passed, you have to make sure if the relationship is running its correct path and if there aren’t any deceiving and manipulation going on.

When it comes to love, the brain is shortsighted. We make decisions based on incomplete information, biased understanding, and strong emotion.

Read the book called “Dating Radar” on Audible For Free. So you can learn more about the warning signs of certain personalities that can spell danger in your relationship

So how do you know that he’s not fooling around on OnlyFans anymore?

  • What is your gut telling you? The feeling you have in your tummy is called your intuition, and it can be hardly wrong.
  • If you’re suspecting him of really indulging in OnlyFans, you’ve got to take it a step further and ask him to show proof that he’s not. (If he’s calling you delusional and crazy, that means he’s not such a trustworthy guy).
  • Trust must be earned, a relationship without trust is not a relationship at all. If he wants to stay committed and in the relationship, he must show you that he can be trusted. (Ask him to show his bank account transactions, his applications, and social media interactions)

You have so much value as a person, never let someone betray you like that, If they break your trust once and you still find it hard to trust them, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

Dont ever worry yourself on whether or not your boyfriend is cheating or not. If you establish strong relationship with him he will never have the thought and desire to look at any other women. Check out this course on “The Secret to Building a Relationship that Lasts”


OnlyFans has opened a lot of fantasies for many guys. They have easy access to the pictures of their favorite models on Instagram or their favorite actresses. And the worst thing is that they are paying to view these explicit contents.

Pictures and explicit, you may be asking yourself what’s the difference from Adult entertainment? Adult entertainment isn’t as personal and social. OnlyFans allows subscribers to also chat and flirt with different actresses and models.

Think of it as your boyfriend flirting and trying to get pictures from random girls on instagram, but instead he is paying to do that. Wouldn’t that hands down be considered cheating?

A relationship must work on trust. And if he’s pulling off something like this, you got to make sure you’re doing these things.

  • Find out, if his lying face is using OnlyFans? Sign up to Social Cat Fish to find out if your boyfriend is cheating
  • If your gut feeling is telling you he is a cheating lier, approach him calmly, and truthfully tell him that you feel unsure in the relationship because of his various actions.
  • Dont give him more that two chances. Two chances in itself is already too much. If someones keeps disrepcting the relationship like that, then its better to get the hell out of there and out the relationship.

If you feel that you’re being lied to, or if you feel that you’re in an unhealthy relationship then I highly recommend you to read this blog.

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