Should I Cook and Clean For My Boyfriend

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How many times it has happened to you that your boyfriend asks you to cook and clean for him?
Have you ever asked yourself why cooking and cleaning are a significant part of a relationship for guys?
I’m here to get to the bottom of this question in today’s article.

Keep on reading to get your answer on, should I cook and clean for my boyfriend?

Yes, you should cook and clean for your boyfriend. It strengthens your relationship and gives your guy a taste of a healthy relationship. Cooking and cleaning as life skills help a guy to decide better whether you are ready for marriage or not.

I can’t stress enough how it can affect the quality of your relationship if you are capable of handling the basic things of a relationship like cooking and cleaning.

On the other note, you need to cook and clean in moderation. You don’t want your boyfriend to expect cooking and cleaning as your obligation. So continue reading that you have a lot to learn from this article.

After researching and doing a survey for a couple of weeks, I came up with the outstanding 3 reasons why you should cook and clean for your boyfriend.

  1. Express love without saying “I love you”
  2. Turn a live-in relationship into marriage.
  3. Getting to know more about him.

1) Express love without saying “I love you”

Should I Cook and Clean For My Boyfriend
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Actions speak louder than words. It’s a sentence that all of us have heard a lot before. But what does it have to do with a relationship?

I have a friend that throws “I love you” to her boyfriend repeatedly. And her boyfriend shows no response. It means you must have to be more enterprising in expressing your feeling to your boyfriend.

Sometimes it’s better to stay silent and prove your love by your actions. Cooking and cleaning are factors that actually can convey the same message as saying “I love you” does.

I pay attention to my girlfriend’s family background. I can fully understand how she grew up in a family. And how well her parents prepared her for a serious relationship.

When I see my girlfriend can handle housework, and she isn’t afraid of cooking and cleaning as a life partner, it shows how well her mom taught her the basics of the relationship when she was a child.

Make your boyfriend love you by your actions in a relationship. Not by saying I love you and begging him to say I love you back.

2) Turn a live-in relationship into marriage

Turn a live-in relationship into marriage
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Who doesn’t want a marriage out of a relationship?

Congratulation if you are the type of girl who wants a marriage out of a relationship with your boyfriend.

But how ready you are for the wedlock?

On the one side, You decide whether you are going to marry your boyfriend or not. On the other side, your boyfriend needs to feel like the husband to you before marrying you.

Stay tuned if you are curious enough to know how you can get a ring on your finger?

Simple as that, cooking and cleaning is the easiest way to win your boyfriend’s heart. Act as a housewife, not being a girlfriend to occupy your boyfriend’s time and having some fun with him. And at the end, two of you get bored and look for a new partner.

Know your value and understand what are you looking for in a relationship with your boyfriend?

No doubt love is the basis of marriage, but it’s not everything. According to breakup surveys, most couples start a relationship full of excitement and hope. After a while, they lose interest in each other and come up with a breakup.

When you get to the heart of this issue, you will notice a lack of feminine skills in a relationship. How can you expect a guy to be serious about the relationship and to have the thought of marriage if you are lying down on the sofa or sleeping 24 hours a day?

Before you want a guy to choose you as his future wife, answer this question. What qualities do you exude in a relationship?

A real man doesn’t look for multiple women to love. Instead, he looks for multiple ways to love one woman.

Having fun or trying to fill his time and only kissing him go nowhere. On the contrary, caring about him, helping him to get his shit together can confide a guy that you are the right girl he has been looking for.

3) Getting to know more about him

Getting to know more about him
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You don’t have to do all the housework alone. Your boyfriend is there to come and give you a hand. Split the housework with him.

It’s one of the most pleasant feelings ever. You will experience teamwork by helping each other in cooking and cleaning the home.

Let’s assume you are planning to cook lasagna for the lunch, but you are out of ingredients. Ask your boyfriend to shop and involve him with some part of cooking.

Housework can be a good practice to have teamwork in a relationship. The healthiest relationships are those where you’re a team and protect each other and stand up for one another.

You can check this article to know what other benefits, housework brings into the relationship.

Over-giving always backfires.

It’s time to learn how you can keep the balance and not overdoing cooking and cleaning. If not, you will face the consequences of giving too much in a relationship.

If you give much in a relationship and your boyfriend is just a taker, then I would have to let you know that, he’s not the right guy for you. I highly advise you to read this article to learn what qualities you should look for in the right guy.

It operates like a titter-totter which means the more a person over functions means the other person under functions.

Tell him you are not obliged to cook and clean. And if you do it, that means you value him. And he must respect the effort you put into this relationship. Remind him you are not his house-made to clean his shit.

You are not his mother to run around at home to wash his clothes or cook for him. And eventually, he’ll get too cocky and take housework as your responsibility.

Ladies listen up. It’s a red flag. As a couple it’s not about just “me” it should be about “us” (The coupling is not about me is about us). If your boyfriend doesn’t appreciate what you are giving in a relationship, talk with him seriously.

Give him time to correct himself. If you see no changes in his behaviors, then he doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship with you.


I’m delighted to have you here on my website as an enthusiastic reader who tries to take the relationship to the next level. And get 1 step closer to the marriage that actually lasts forever.

I surveyed my audience last month about the role of cooking and cleaning in a relationship. I didn’t expect it to be that much confusing for some girls. In today’s article, I thoroughly cleared up any confusion on “should I cook and clean for my boyfriend?”

As I answered earlier, yes, you should cook and clean for your boyfriend. It empowers the relationship and is a great excuse to get closer to your boyfriend.

However, you need to keep in mind that, You don’t want to overdo cooking and cleaning. Here is a question I received a lot in the comments.

How often should I cook and clean for my boyfriend?

“You have to feel like a housewife, not the house-made. You need to know that you shouldn’t give much in a relationship”.

Your boyfriend would have to control his expectations. If he crosses the line and acts as a taker in a relationship, then it’s time to back off.

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