What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has An Attitude? Why She Has Attitude?

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We all can get a bit moody and develop an attitude on certain things in life, we even get unpleasant and cold to the people closest to us. The only time you should get worried is when your girlfriend constantly has an attitude. Find out here why she gets an attitude, and what you can do about it.

So, here’s the brief answer on, what to do when Your girlfriend has an attitude.

  1. Set emotionail and physical boundaries in your relationship. Don’t let her disrespect you.
  2. Consider having some distance. Focus on your own hobbies and friends without being around your girl.
  3. Read an article on what a toxic relationship looks like. If you see a lot of points similar to your relationship, move on from him.
  4. Being a man. Assertive and masculine.

There are possibly a lot of reasons why your girlfriend has an attitude toward you. Luckily for you, I have the most likely reasons why she has an attitude. Continue on reading to learn all the reasons why she has an attitude, as well as what to do when your girlfriend has an attitude.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has An Attitude?

So let’s get into the 4 things you can do when your girlfriend has an attitude.

1) Set Emotionail and Physical Boundaries In The Relationship

Boundaries are defined as a discussion which you define as what you are comfortable with, and how you would like to be treated.

Identify how her attitude is affecting you? If she is really taking it to the depths where her attitude is affecting your energy severely, or if she’s insulting you in arguments, make sure you set the right boundaries with her.

Many couples go headfirst into a relationship and decide to live together. There is no space there is no understanding and there is no communication.

You need to set boundaries in a relationship in order to maintain each other’s individuality.

For example; I am an introvert, I would need some time for myself sometimes. I’ve got to make sure my girlfriend doesn’t misunderstand my lack of communication as losing interest in her.

Healthy and Unhealthy boundaries.

Healthy and unhealthy relationship boundaries

2) Create Some Distance

It isn’t just normal to have time alone in a relationship, it is essential to have time alone, and incredibly healthy and essential in a relationship.

You can absolutely adore and love them, but having them around all the time isn’t healthy. It’s important for partners to have their own friends, hobbies, dreams outside the relationship.

Communicate to your partner that you love them to bits, but spending too much time together isn’t healthy, and spending some time during the week doing what we love as individuals can bring back a stronger desire and energy into the relationship.

Being able to devote time to ourselves is important to recharge. But too much time alone can lead to resentment, so we must balance the time we put into spending with our partner and the time we put for ourselves.

The 60/40 Rule

Obviously spending too much time with someone will get you bored and tired of the person.

Take for example buying a new iPhone or getting a BMW. At first, there is unrelentless excitement, but soon it’ll lose its novelty and feel normal and not as exciting.

Apply the 60/40 rule. Meaning you spend 60% of your week with your partner and the other 40% chasing your own goals or hanging out with your pals.

I have found this rule the most effective. I divide it into days, so I spend 4 days with my girlfriend and the other 3 spending time by myself, either going to the gym or hanging out with my guy friends.

Spending that much time apart helps build more desire for each other, as well as recharging your social battery to spend better and more quality time with your partner.

3) Being a Man. Assertive and Masculine

Women and men are very different in the way we understand the world and express our feelings.

As men, we are in this masculine frame, which means your mind thinks you’re always right, and that people should interpret whatever you say. Women however are feminine and think emotionally, she’s not going to always interpret what you say and vice versa.

How can I act more masculine?

As men, we contribute aggression and anger to strength and virtue. but anger is only strong in a controlled manner.

When you lose it with your girlfriend, acting aggressively could be the worst thing you could do, because women won’t interpret your aggression as strength. They’ll see that as emotional weakness and emotional turmoil.

When women see their men lose control of their emotions like that, they will lose respect and attraction, which would further intensify her attitude, because she has now lost respect for you.

Communication can either break or make a relationship

You don’t have to put up with negative female behavior, practice proper behavior so you know how to respond and carry yourself when your girlfriend has an attitude.

How To Communicate Assertively?
  • Be open:  Ask for what you want openly and in a straightforward manner.
  • Make eye contact: It’ll help to show that you respect their opinions and that you’re willing to listen to them.
  • Positive body posture:  Keep a upright and relaxed posture
  • Take time out: Try to delay dealing with it until you feel calmer.
  • Avoid accusing: Use statements that begin with ‘I’ rather than ‘you’, as they’re less likely to make others feel attacked or blamed.

4) Move On

This generation is too easygoing in relationships. Once things get difficult they want to forget about all the problems and walk away without fighting for them. Their egos and pride are too much.

Before making any kind of decision, consider all of the points made in this article. Consider every possible thing that is giving her an attitude. It might even be you, that is giving her the attitude. You might be the unhealthy and toxic one in the relationship.

One great tip, to find out if the relationship is toxic is to go on an article about the signs of a toxic relationship.

Have respect for yourself, no matter how hot she is or how things were in the beginning. If things are that bad, then there’s no effort worth turning her around.

We all have our good and bad days. Somedays we feel lost and angry. Making a decision on leaving your girlfriend because she strikes one attitude is childish, but if she constantly crosses the line, then you can make an honest decision and move on.

“No relationship is worth the loss of your self-respect”

Why Does Your Girlfriend Have an Attitude

There are three main reasons that could be going on when your girlfriend has an attitude.

  1. She’s going through a personal phase
  2. Upset at something you have done
  3. She’s lost respect for you

Below I’m going to talk about each reason in more detail.

1) She’s Going Through a Personal Phase

There are probably some things that are going on in her life that you’re not aware of. Most of the time it could be that your girlfriend might be going through some problems at home, work, or just personal issues that are giving her some major attitudes.

Always try to comfort her to let you in on what’s going on in her life. Don’t be too soon to judge her bitchy attitude.

2) Upset at Something You Have Done

Talking from experience, the best thing to do is to spot that something is different, in this instance if she’s got an attitude try to get her to open up about it through a phone call or video call.

If you want to find out if she’s mad at you, make sure you follow these 3 tips:

  • Ask her through the phone or video call.
  • Make her feel safe. Make sure you give off a vibe that isn’t judgemental.
  • Try to ask her 2-3 times throught the day, don’t give up on your first try.

What could you have done that upset your girlfriend?

1. Attention: She’s acting differently maybe because you are acting a bit differently. Girlfriends can sometimes be too clingy, but that doesn’t mean you should ghost her till the end of the day because you are busy.

You don’t need to call her or text her for hours on end. Just send her a couple of cute texts plus a text that tells her you’re busy and you will call her tonight.

2. Talking to other girls: Are you talking to other girls? It doesn’t even have to be something serious, you could honestly just be helping a girl friend out on a project through the phone.

It may seem vaguely harmless to you, but girls are very big overthinkers so try to go easy on the situation. Explain to her what’s going on.

you might be able to reach an agreement with your girlfriend. She’ll probably say something like, ” You can text her and send her voice messages, but I don’t like it when she calls you”.

3. Hanging out with players: Who are your friends? Do you possibly have friends that could be a cause of concern for her when he’s with you?

I personally have this friend who is a very big player, every time I tell my girl I’m hanging out with him, she gets super paranoid and keeps calling me more than usual.

Truth is that she’s probably thinking I’m around half a dozen of my friend’s hoes. Therefore it could be very important to keep her updated by texting her.

By updated, I don’t mean giving her a video call every 5 mins, just send her a short text, GIF or picture of what you are doing.

3) She’s Lost Respect For You

If your woman isn’t coming at you. Saying, “baby, baby when can I see you? “Is everything alright baby?” If she’s not doing these, you’re doing something wrong.

There are two things that can be discussed when it comes to, why women may be pulling away from you in this situation.

1. You’re not acting masculine: What I’ve noticed from most men is that they project this masculine image of themselves when they get into the relationship, but as things progress they become emotional and indecisive

Women want a man that stands on his own two feet. Someone that speaks with conviction, strength and doesn’t doubt a word he says.

Don’t be neutral around your girl, oppose your will, guide her, and push her on what you guys want to do and what she must do in life. Don’t act like a lost emotional kid.

2. You are not providing her security:

Women seek security and protection from a man. If a 100-pound girl can push your buttons and move you off-center, and make you lose yourself emotionally, till the point where you’re shouting and cursing, consider that she’s going to lose respect eventually.

Security doesn’t mean a guy that knows how to shoot a rifle and kick bruce Lee’s ass. Physical security can be important but here we are talking about emotional security. She wants a man that can deal with his shit and stand on his own two feet when shit hits the fan in life.


The effects that the words and actions of the closest ones have on us, can really affect us, especially if it is negative.

You must realize that when your girlfriend has an attitude it doesn’t mean that everything is doomed to end. You just have to realize what is triggering her to feel like this.

Follow this summarised table on reasons why your girlfriend has an attitude, and what you can do about it.

What To Do If She Has an AttitudeWhy Does She Have An Attitude
Setting healthy boundaries. Where you discuss and define what you are comfortable with, and how you would like to be treated.She’s going through a personal phase.
The 60/40 distance rule. Spend 60% of the time of your week with your partner and the other 40% chasing your own goals or hanging out with your pals.Is mad at something you have done.
Being masculine and assertive. Practice proper behavior so you know how to respond and carry yourself when your girlfriend has an attitude.She has lost respect for you
Moving on. If she constantly crosses the line, then you can make an honest decision and move on.
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