Why a Girl Invites You To Hang Out With Her Friends? 3 Reasons

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Did you ask her out? But she suggested you to hang out with her friends. Below I have mentioned 3 reasons why a girl invites you to hang out with her friends, as well as why you should hang out with them and what you shouldn’t do when you hang out with them.

So what are the 3 reasons why a girl invites you to hang out with her friends?

  1. For comfort: She’s shy and doesn’t really trust guys, so she wants to make sure that your not just using her for sex.
  2. She likes you: She want’s to see how you get along with other people, and to get her friends opinions on you.
  3. Friend zoned: She see’s you as a guy friend. And wants to hang out with you purly paltonically.

Hanging with her friends can actually be a really good sign. There are 2 obvious reasons though. She likes you, or she just sees you as a friend. Read on to learn more on the 3 reasons as well as the fine line between ending up as her boyfriend or just another guy friend.

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Reason 1: For Comfort

Girl Invites You To Hang Out With Her Friends

She may be attracted and interested in dating you. But she would feel more comfortable getting to know you in a group setting. This lets her see how you get along with other people and you are not just there to have sex.

Don’t take this personally but there is a reason why girls rather set dates outside rather in their home on the first date. She has to make sure that you’re not just using her just for her body and sex.

Sure as a guy it would be nice to set the first date in our house, plus to sleep with her is a total win. But girls on the other hand especially high-value girls are more sensitive about who they date. Because there is a very high chance she’s come across many assholes that just want to get in her pants.

How To Use This As Your Advantage?

She might not have agreed to hang with you alone but change your mentality as an absolute win for you in this one.

If you just want to sleep with her and enjoy a one-night stand with her then move on. Because a girl like this typically isn’t just looking for sex. She wants a relationship and wants to know you on a deeper level.

Thrive in this situation. If you are a shy guy, going out with a group of friends is much better for you to break the ice and come out of your comfort zone

Imagine just hanging out with your crush in where she’s definitely going to be shy and quiet and you’re going to end up in this awkward silence of doom! Which sucks.

“Being with her friends allows you and your crush to be more comfortable. Meaning you can be funny, cool and to get the cheer of the crowd will surely get her attention to you more”.

Verdict: 9/10

The likelihood that a girl invites you to hang out with her friends, has to do mostly to her comfort. If it’s either traveling or going to the mall. A girl would feel more safe and comfortable to have her friends around as well

Reason 2: She Likes You And Is Testing You

When a girl invites you to hang out with her friends it can mean a couple of things:

  1. How well you interact with other people and especially other girls
  2. To see if her friends accept you
  3. To test if you actually like her

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Below we will look at each one more closely

1. Your Confidence And How Well You Interact With Other Girls

Confidence. It is alpha trait girls look for in a man. If she sees you carry yourself with confidence and value around other women, she’s going to notice.

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Women love things that are hard to get. If you talk with confidence and charisma around her friends, she going to think to herself: “Wow he’s so cool and confident which would mean he probably has other options”

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When she sees you as a high-value man that carries himself with purpose, she’s going to want a piece of you.

2. To See If Her Friends Accept You.

A girl’s entourage is really important. If one person in a group accepts you, others in the group are likely to accept you.

In order to be on top of a ‘girl’s next in line boyfriend,’ you have to win over her friends as well. Her friends are like the parliament of the USA they have a big say on if you are a match for her not.

3. To Test If You Actually Like Her

Some guys are just naturals and have a comfortable presence with being around girls. So when you’re not being direct, and your crush doesn’t know the difference between you being nice or flirty she’s going to take you around her friends.

When you are around her friends she’s going to look at two things. How do you interact with her friends? And how differently you talk with her rather than her friends.

Verdict: 6/10

A girl and her friends are super close, so if she’s planning to introduce you to her friends it might mean something. Contrary though that’s not the reason if it is the first time or a couple of times you have been hanging out

A girl will be choosy to introduce “the guy she likes” to her friends. She liking you Is only applicable when you’ve been talking for a while, and then she says let’s hang out with my friends.

Reason 3: Friend Zone Hang Out

Just friends. A boy and girl having drinks

When it comes to girls, they love testing what type of man you are. They love to play a little game called push and pull.

One second she’s got you by the throat begging you to pursue her, and the other second she’s calling you ‘bro’. She’ll just keep you at arm’s length without committing too much and seeing how far you’re willing to go for her.

Testing isn’t a game girl consciously plays with guys. A girl will avoid opening up too fast in order to not show her weaknesses, vulnerabilities to you too fast, so you won’t hurt her in the future.

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Sometimes when she’s inviting you out, it means she is just hanging out with you platonically.

Sometimes You’ve Got To Be In The Friendzone a Bit.

So you are hanging out with her and her friends. And she’s a bit too friendly and there’s not much sexual chemistry. Does that mean you should give up?

Absolutely not! What I see in most of my friends is that when they love someone so much they tend to get rejected. Do you know why? Because these girls are high-value girls they are chasing.

With value there comes the sacrifice of time and patience. There will always be that little attraction between a boy and a girl. Build on your friendship but don’t neglect dropping hints and showing your own worth to her.

Don’t be her Yes man. Commit to her, but show her that you’ve got your own plans and friends as well.

Verdict: 4/10

There is a very low chance that she’s inviting you out with her friends just because she thinks you’re a good friend.

If a girl likes you platonically she’ll most likely not introduce you to her friends. Because she is afraid that you’ll hit on them or that you might fall in love with one of her friends and forget her.

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Why You Should Hang Out With Your Girlfriends Friends?

Why are you considering if you should hang out with her and her friends if she doesn’t like you? There is so much you can gain from this situation even if your crush doesn’t like you

  1. Enjoy your time, life’s too short
  2. Building your friedship more with your crush
  3. You might like one of her friends

1) Enjoy your time, life’s too short.

Life’s too short for stressing out and worrying. Why do you care about who likes who, go out with a bunch of friends and have a good time?

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Who knows you might make some really close friends, who’ll help you, and be there for you in the future

2) Building your friendship more with your crush.

If you enjoyed hanging out it’ll lead to more time being spent with each other and that will lead to more conversations and chemistry and eventually a relationship.

3) You might like one of her friends.

So you’re going out with one or more of her friends. What a lucky guy! Just make sure you don’t start flirting or talking to one friend more than the other at first

After a while becoming closer in her circle of friends and seeing that there is no chemistry between you and your crush, you could then see what lightning may strike between you and her friends.

What You Should Not Do When Hanging Out With Your Girlfriends Friends

Be assertive and dominant. Don’t fall into the trap of being her friend. A girl can fall into the same loop of bringing you for a hangout every time she’s with a friend or friends. If she sees that you are emotionally there for her, so there’s no need for her to commit and be in a relationship to keep you.

You and a girl going out is considered a date. While you a girl and her friend is considered a hangout.

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Sure hangouts are good to show the girl you like that you can interact with other people and make her more comfortable. But don’t ever go out for the second time with her friend.

Be dominant and stand on your word. Tell her, “I want to take you out be ready at 9 O’clock night”

What’s the reason for her to go out with you and her friend for the second time? Do you want to get trapped in the friendzone? Since you’ve gone out for the first time, she’s got a feel for who you are, there’s no reason for her to feel uncomfortable.

Don’t allow yourself too get too much into the “Hangout” situation. Set the date and make your move right after the hangout day.


Why a Girl Invites You To Hang Out With Her Friends? There is no direct answer to this question. But from being around many groups of friends I have recognized that girls tend to invite a guy to hang out with their friends because girls feel more comfortable and safe when they have someone around.

If you have a feeling for her, you should jump at this chance she invites you to hang out with her friends, so turn her into your girlfriend. Check my popular course if you don’t know how to do that.

At this point a girl just wants to know who you are more and if she can trust you. So don’t give it a second thought when she asks you to hang out with her friend(s)

Go and give it a shot. I’ve considered that the best friendships and relationships take more time and effort to maintain and get.

So if you’re not sure if this is the right person, don’t take a gamble on it. Because if they are the right one, you will know it, even if it takes a bit of time.

“If You Aren’t Sure Right At The Beginning, That’s Normal”

Just make sure…

You don’t stay in that hangout phase more than one time. The first time is fine, she got to know you and trust you.

Now it’s time to be a man, with confidence and finnesse, ask her out and take full control. Don’t sink into the friendzone so easily.

Remind yourself of your value. Walk away if she keeps flaking. Don’t just be a yes man. She has to fight for your time not the other way round.

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