Why Does He Want To FaceTime? (How To Know If He Likes You)

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Video calls have become the standard for taking someone on a date these days. It’s totally normal to get caught off guard when a guy constantly FaceTimes you in this day and age. If you are left frustrated with questions on why a guy FaceTimes you, here you will find all your answers.

To begin, the brief answer to why a guy wants to FaceTime you.

  1. He has a crush on you but isn’t too comfortable asking you on a date yet.
  2. He prefers to tell you something through FaceTime rather than text.
  3. If you have been texting him for some time now, he’ll video call you to see what you actually look and sound like.

Video calling is a way for a guy to show a slight form of affection and closeness to you. The bottom line is guys aren’t very hard to understand, they are pretty much like an open book. Continue on reading. As I reveal more on this topic as well as what true male nature actually looks like.

Why Does He Want To FaceTime?

I can not simply tell you the direct answer to why a FaceTimes you. But I can simplify the process for you. You see, there could only be 3 possibilities on what it could mean. Here I will guide you, on how to tell exactly why he FaceTimes you.

1) He Prefers To Tell You Something Through FaceTime Rather Than Text.

He simply prefers to talk to you through a video call rather than text.

On average, Americans spend 26 minutes per day texting compared to 21 minutes per day calling. Social media was supposed to make us more social. But it has made many people comfortable with just tapping their fingers on the screen rather than having an actual conversation through the phone.

Not to say it’s bad to text. I hate people that call way too often as well. I mean texting is just way more efficient and less time-consuming.

But, some people just solely prefer to call or video call rather than text.

So, how can you actually tell that he’s FaceTiming you because of the reason that he prefers video calls?

If it is a friend at school, Co-worker, or an acquaintance. You’ve got to pay attention to a few things which will tell you whether he’s calling just as a friend with something to say. Or whether he’s calling you because he wants something else from you.

  • He Calls You “Mate” “Dude”
  • The duration of your video call isn’t that long
  • He doesn’t ask you too many personal questions
  • The conversation is very basic. Without too many laughs or engaging questions.
  • You just feel like there isn’t a connection
  • He’ll introduce you to others as your friend.

99% of all straight men who engage in any form of contact with a female, are waiting for the right moment to make their move on her. But, however, that very small 1% of men geniunly want to have a small conversation with women here and there. Without any sexual interest in them.

By just picking up on a couple small details of his mannerism you can tell if he likes you or he genuinely just wants to talk to you on the phone without any interest.

2) Is There Real Chemistry?

Since 2020, with the pandemic being in place, many people had to resort to online dating. And many people have actually resorted to building new relationships through video calls and texting.

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Long-distance relationships and relationships which progress initially from the phone can be very exciting. Because it creates a different environment that allows people to be more comfortable getting to know each other.

Asides from all the comfort and excitement most online conversations start off with texts and voice messages. And it takes a long time before things escalate any further into video calls or in-person meet-ups.

If a guy has been constantly talking to you through text for a week without any type of voice call or video call, then he’s going to become a little frustrated because he wants to make sure that you two vibe the same on FaceTime as you do on Text.

3) He Has a Crush On You, But He’s Still a Bit Shy To Ask You Out On a Date.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, video calls surely have to mean something when someone is doing them enough. Right? One of the most common reasons why a guy is Face Timing you often is because he wants to date you at some point.

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For people such as myself, I love getting to know a girl through video calls. Because it eliminates the blind date anxiety. The blind date anxiety is basically like a job interview. You’re meeting a person you don’t know that well, and you’ve got to put on this fake show for them so you can seem outstanding and perfect in their eyes

He FaceTimes you a lot because he loves talking to you. And he sees a future with you. But he’s not so concerned with rushing things. He wants to take his time getting comfortable with you before he asks you out on an actual date

Now, how can you tell if he likes you or not? Read on below as I reveal every mans instinctive secrets and how to tell if he likes you or not.

How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You On FaceTime?

A guy can make it very obvious whether he likes or doesn’t like you through a video call.

99% of men won’t waste their time doing something if there isn’t something they can get out of it.

So if he’s calling you constantly, it is a strong signal that he likes you.

“Many women will call a guy constantly and they even flirt with men without the intention of making it anything more than a friendship. However when a guy calls you all the time and asks you how your day was, he’s trying to subtly tell you that he likes you.

Furthermore. If you want to be fully positive about his intentions behind his FaceTime calls, read on as I reveal 7 things that show if a guy likes you through FaceTime.

1) Talks fast.

Pay attention to how fast he talks to you. This manner is normally more obvious in the beginning stages of your FaceTime calls.

If he talks in a slow and controlled manner, it might mean that he doesn’t love you. But if he talks fast and in an exciting manner, it means that he loves you.

2) Trying to make you laugh.

When a guy constantly tries to make you laugh. It is a way for him to make the conversation more fun and less serious.

For a guy, the best way to flirt with a girl is to make her laugh.

3) Feels like he never wants to hang up.

When you get on a call with a guy and then he hops right off after 30 seconds. It’s evident that he doesn’t think of you romantically.

But, when a guy talks to you for hours on end without wanting to say goodbye. It means that he really enjoys talking to you because he finds you interesting and fun.

4) Taking you on a journey through his life.

If this guy takes you through whatever he’s doing such as showing you what gym he goes to, what he’s cooking, and what he’s buying from the grocery store. Then he really wants to get you involved in his life and what he does.

Guys hate sharing what they do to others. So when he is going all into detail on his whereabouts and what he’s doing, it’s a sure sign that he loves you.

5) He really listens to you

Guys don’t have much attention spam when it comes to talking or listening to other people. But when it comes to talking to the women they admire or love. Then they will stick their faces to the screen, and won’t let any distractions distract them from what you are sharing.

6) Remembers the smallest of details you share with him

He will remember the smallest of the smallest details that you shared with him. You’ll be caught off guard by the memory he has. You might have even complimented him on how smart he is by remembering things.

In reality, he probably doesn’t even remember what he ate for breakfast. For guys when it comes to someone we love, we will remember everything about them and everything they had ever said.

7) Plans the future with you

By “plan the future” I don’t mean that he talks about marrying you and having 2 boys named Frank and Jim.

By “plan the future” I mean he talks about plans he wants to set with you. For example, he’ll see a cool activity or a cool place and he’ll tell you about how fun it will be going there with you.

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For the past two years, all my friends have met their boyfriends and girlfriends online. Video calling and FaceTiming have been around for a while now. But getting a call on FaceTime too often from a guy seems a bit abnormal.

However, I’m here to tell you that it’s nothing to be worried about. When it comes to men you’ve got to realize that there could only be two actual reasons why he’s calling you on FaceTime

One because he’s just a friend who wants to share some news with you.

Secondly, he wants to get into a relationship with you.

Now you may be asking yourself. “So if he loves me why doesn’t he just ask me out, or tell me he loves me”

You’ve probably been hit up by a lot of men asking you out or telling you how much they love you on the first few days of talking or hanging out. To tell you so bluntly. Those men are players and they are just looking for a quick hit of satisfaction before they dump you.

So when you’ve got a man who calls you every day and genuinely cares for you without being pushy, that’s the man that’s looking for a serious relationship.

The beauty of video calls is that it allows the two of you to be more relaxed and comfortable with talking to each other. It really creates the grounds of a friendship which really does help with the comfort of being around each other in person.

And with comfort and trust things will eventually blossom into a beautiful relationship.

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