9 Reasons Why I’m Attractive, But No One Approaches Me

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Are you attractive, but no one approaches you?
Well, you might get shocked, but the majority of guys fear approaching attractive girls. There are many reasons involved that I will walk you through the most significant ones later in this article.

Why I’m attractive, but no one approaches me?

1) You are feeling shy talking to guys
2) You fear rejection
3) You are not giving a guy the “green light”
4) You need to be more flirty
5) You don’t know what guys want
6) You are always surrounded by girls
7) You need to improve your appearance
8) you need to reset your mindset
9) You don’t accept your looks.

I’m in a relationship with a pure pretty Iranian girl. (Here is a link to the full guide on how to date an Iranian man)There are no words to describe how beautiful she is.

What qualities make a girl attractive to guys? You will probably say:
Blond hair.
Ideal height.
Rare eye color.
Have a good s
ense of humor.
I mentioned the most outstanding qualities.

My girlfriend has all these criteria, even more. But she was single for more than 4 years before she met me. But what caused her to not be in a relationship for 4 years? She’s as pretty as a picture and has many more advantages than every girl wishes to have.

In this article, I and my girlfriend came up with all reasons that could possibly avoid an attractive girl getting approached by guys. stay tuned if you are truly willing to figure out why I am attractive but no one approaches me.

1) You are feeling shy talking to guys

I'm Attractive, But No One Approaches Me
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That said, you will have to make an effort if you want to get approached by guys.
Use any chance to let guys know you exist. To do this, get involved in any outdoor activity that you can be seen alone. Be around groups that have more guys in number than girls.

You don’t have to talk with a guy in person first if it’s not your type of personality. Find him on social media like Instagram and make him notice you. It could be much easier if the strength of your shyness is extreme, and you can not overcome it. Follow him on social media and strike up a conversation from there.

Then you can communicate with him more comfortably. But note that, to keep the discipline. You don’t want to level down your personality to draw attention.

2) You fear rejection

Many guys look you in the eye, smile, laugh, but you don’t get the opportunity to talk with them. Because you fear rejection.

You think of negativity that if you go to a guy and make a conversation, he would think something bad about you.

Or you might say, I thought wrongly, he didn’t even look at me and never smiled. But the reality is he did, and you should build that confidence to get rid of the fear of rejection.

3) You are not giving a guy the “green light”

Many guys wait until they get a signal from you. You can send a guy signals that you are interested. using your body language, or even saying a simple “hey”. But at least act more friendly and show him your interest and let him take action.

You might not know but lack of eye contact and great facial gesture can be the most significant cause of why no one approaches you.

How do you expect a guy to get close to you when you always walk with your head down and by not showing any open body language, like having a smile, using a firm handshake, or maintaining good eye contact.

Guess you are damn gorgeous and not showing the green light to guys? It makes it complicated and puts a guy in doubt if he moves in or steps back.

What is the point in hanging out with the whole bunch of girls in front of guys?

You would better be making it easier for a guy who has a crush on you to approach you. How can you pave the way?

  • Sometimes be alone or be try to be around him or just any other guy to show him that you might have options.

Let him know, you are not always surrounded by an army of female friends. Allow him to come and talk when you are alone.

4) You need to be more flirty

As I said earlier, it’s more challenging for you to get approached by guys rather than a simple girl. Because you are attractive.

And that seems the sign to many guys you have a boyfriend. Many guys think by default that all attractive girls are taken and you can not find a single pretty girl. So you would have to take action.

As the title is self-explanatory, be flirty. Don’t stay away from a guy you want to get approached by.

  • Break the touch barrier like shaking his hands or asking him to give you his jacket when you are cold.
  • Smile and laugh when you’re around him.
  • Compliment him subtly.
  • Invite him for dinner.
  • Ask him to teach you something.
  • Ask him to buy you something. Keep that in mind to not overdo it or not select expensive things. Go for simple stuff like a cheap Donut. You are looking for his attention, not anything else.
  • Buy him something in return. Now it’s your term to get him something he wants. Show him that you know his interests and keep thinking about him.

5) You don’t know what guys want

Have you ever heard of the “Men are from Mars, Women are from venus”? Yes, you guessed right. It’s a popular book written by John Gray.

What message is this book trying to convey?
Men think differently from women, and you MUST learn how the Male mind thinks.
You need to know when guys get defensive and what not to do to make them feel unsure about you.

Communication between males and females is a crucial skill that is underrated in society.

Are you attractive, but no one approaches you?

Because you probably have an issue in communicating with guys. It’s not a thing to learn overnight. It takes a lot of work, but it’s worth working on it.

There are many easy ways to learn about how to read a mind. Google any question you have about guys in your free time. Many girls are debating on different free platforms like Quora and Reddit and exchange views.

Why don’t you join them?
Or you can get a few-dollar Audiobook and learn the worthy skill of how to cultivate communication with guys.

6) You are always surrounded by girls

Image credit: freepik.com

As a guy, I don’t approach an attractive girl that always hangs out with female friends. It gives me the message of her disinterest in guys.

I feel that she’s not looking for any guy, or is in a relationship as she’s not seeking around. It turns me off to approach her. Because as a guy, I fear rejection. First, I put two and two together. And analyze her actions.

For example:
How many guy friends does she have?
Is she surrounded by many girls?
How often is she alone in pubs?

7) You need to improve your appearance

The look is the criteria guys use to decide whether to approach girls or not. This is why you MUST care about your beauty.

For instance:
What clothes look good on you.
Learning make-up techniques.
Trim eyebrows. You don’t need bold eyebrows, like duds. Keep your beauty and work on your eyebrows.
What color of hair looks better on you.
Are you on a diet, or do you have a fat belly that makes you seem pregnant?

You need to stand out by your style.

Change your look, change your life.

8) Reset your mindset please

Many girls nowadays are brought up traditionally. That doesn’t make any difference if you are born in America or somewhere else in the Middle East.

Traditional thinking is the same, and you carry it anywhere anytime. From that, some girls think that it’s down to tradition if you want to take the effort in approaching guys because it’s a manly thing to do.
But is it true?
Numerous girls reckon it’s in the role of men to approach girls, I would have to say there is no such a rule, and we are expected to express feelings freely.

In my eyes, you should break all these traditional chains that hold you back from living your life. Society is filled with many wrong beliefs, and people follow them every day of their lives.

You are not playing the game to decide who should take the first move. This old-fashioned mentality could be the reason If You are attractive, but no one approaches you.

9) How to accept your looks?

Image credit: freepik.com

It’s crucial to look at self-acceptance and self-love.
I see many attractive girls doubt their looks and criticize their appearances.

Why are you striving to change something that is already beautiful by default?

You have a little cute nose but thinking about a nose job.

You have a beautiful face but thinking about cosmetic plastic surgery.

And when you treat yourself like this, you disrespect your natural beauty, and it takes the confidence away.

Accept who you are. Like who you are and be grateful for who you are.”


In this article, we talked about 9 reasons why I’m attractive but, no one approaches me. I’m sure you can love anyone if you first love yourself.

To do this, you should learn what personality you have and keep challenging yourself with new tips and solutions to boost your love life if you’re already in a relationship or dating someone.

We publish a multitude of articles per week. And that is our message to all relationship/dating lovers. The relationship is a skill that requires a lot of work to master. But it’s worth it. Therefore start from today, not even tomorrow.

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The biggest reason guys don’t approach you is because you’re female. These days, it’s dangerous for a man to even look at a woman, let alone talk to her. She can ruin his life with one false accusation. Approaching women is a lot like playing Russian Roulette. You’re just not worth the risk.

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