7 Reasons Why She Keeps Viewing My Profile?

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Have you ever asked yourself why a girl keeps viewing your profile?
Is it because she loves you? or missed you? Does she have a crush on you? Is she interested in you but waiting for you to take the first step?

Keep reading to get all your answers.

She keeps viewing your profile for 7 reasons:
1) She has a crush on you
2) She shows your profile to her friends
3) She checks the way you dress in the profile picture
4) She is sizing you up
5) She missed you
6) She fell for you
7) She’s in rejection recovery.

1) She has a crush on you

Crushing on someone is a weird feeling that you can not even imagine how exciting or confusing it could be.
Your feeling about your crush could be developing day by day. The same thing is going on with girls. She probably has a crush on you if she checks your profile picture day and night.

Why She Keeps Viewing My Profile
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If you have a crush on someone and striving to get over it, But don’t know how to do that, then check this article.

I will discuss the reasons under 3 different categories that are dating, being in a relationship, and breaking up.


2) She shows your profile to her friends (When Dating)

We all have a couple of close friends to share all stuff with. What will you talk about most in a boy’s night out? Undoubtedly, you’ll talk about anything dealing with girls.

Girls also do the same. You can not see a couple of female friends and not talk about guys. If she keeps viewing your profile, that means she’s showing your profile picture to his friends.

3) She checks the way you dress in the profile picture (When Dating)

I can’t stress enough that girls care much about how guys dress. She’s still dating you and has many unanswered questions that she is not comfortable asking.

Therefore the easiest way to get her answers is by viewing your profile. She opens your profile and imagines herself with you. She wants to get the sense of well you both will suit each other, fashion wise

4) She is sizing you up (When Dating)

Girls analyze every single little thing in a guy. A girl can notice the tiniest thing in you that you didn’t even know existed. When a girl keeps viewing your profile, the most significant reason is that she is paying attention to the multitude of factors like:

  • How do you smile at a camera?
  • What is your eye color? What about the color of your hair?
  • She’s measuring your height.
  • What color looks good on you? How did you match the color of your clothes in a profile?
  • How fit you are? Or how big is your belly?

As you see, it’s not a simple profile to girls as she keeps viewing your profile to find out all answers she has in her mind.

In a Relationship

Before we get into reason number 5, I would suggest you take a look at this article that is about “Why does she keep changing her profile picture?”.

5) She missed you (In a Relationship With You)

Missing is a feeling around any moment of our lives toward people we love. And girls feel this emotion frequently about someone they love.

She keeps viewing your profile while in a relationship because she loves you and misses you hard. So she is scrolling through all your profile pictures on social media.
A healthy relationship requires you to have your head up with your eyes open and to see what actually the love of your life is giving to you.

If she keeps viewing your profile when she misses you, then you should count your blessing for the beautiful love your girlfriend is giving to you. Don’t take people for granted.

Girls tend to get attention due to their natures. Guys are also attention seekers but not even close to girls.

Your girlfriend expects you to make her feel wanted. In return, you also need to make her feel special. The relationship is a two-way street.

The relationship is not about only taking.
Many guys recon, they are in a relationship to take something all the time. But do you give back the attention you are taking from your significant other?
Do you give her back the satisfaction in bed the way she satisfies you?

6) She fell for you (In a Relationship With You)

Friendship turns into liking, then crush, after relationship where partners cultivate the feeling day by day.

That’s crucial to know the difference between when we get used to each other, with when we honestly love each other.

Is she with you to fill her loneliness, or does she want you for you?

If your relationship lasted for more than two years, and she keeps viewing your profile picture, then I would have to congratulate you as you are facing a pure lovely beautiful relationship. She didn’t get bored of you.

I see many girls bombing a flood of lovely words in a relationship, liking all social media pictures, checking on a guy every hour in a relationship, but after a couple of months, they get changed. None of these cute actions will be seen anymore.

What changes?
The novelty of a guy wears off, and she is not interested in you like before.
So if she still enjoys viewing your profile after 2 years of a relationship, then that’s a good sign that she loves you and she cares about you.

Break Up

7) She’s in rejection recovery (You Broke Up)

She’s into you but you didn’t show the interest she was looking for and eventually you rejected her. She is feeling alone and trying to get over you by viewing your profile picture constantly.


In today’s article, I thoroughly walk you through “why does she keep viewing my profile?”.
Success in a relationship takes a lot of work as you need to pay close attention to many aspects of it.

Before you read this article, you couldn’t even expect how the simple question like “why does she keet viewing my profile, could be broken into many more different reasons.

That’s the beauty of dating and relationships. And you can enjoy having a healthy relationship with someone that loves you for you.

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