Why Won’t My Ex Block Me On Whatsapp? Does She Still Love You?

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Relationships end and people move on. Leaving a relationship that we either wanted or not, can leave us in pieces. And the best solution is to heal and move on. That means blocking them on social media apps and deleting their pictures. But what if, your Ex won’t block you on Whatsapp?

A question I have been seeing around a lot is “Why won’t my Ex block me on WhatsApp” Read on to find out.

  1. They want to have as many contacts as possible.
  2. Playing with your emotions, they are not showing their true feelings and why things ended
  3. It boosts their ego.

If you’ve been constantly obsessing about why your Ex hasn’t blocked you on Whatsapp, then you’re in the right place. Below we will dive into more detail on the 3 reasons mentioned above, as well as why you should hit the block button and completely forget about him by yourself.

1) They Are a Numbers Person

Some people like to boast to others in order to replenish their ego on how awesome and popular they are.

These types of people care about their social status a lot.

By studying people and friends I have realized how much people are obsessed with their followers and contacts, that they don’t really even care if their Ex is on that list of contacts and followers.

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever laid down on your bed and scrolled through your contacts and boasted to yourself how many followers you have? especially contacts that are from the opposite sex?

Especially for Men. Men love the ego boost when they look at their contacts and they have alot of girls on that list. So by keeping you on their Whatsapp contacts they are basically showing off their trophy collection on who they slept with, and the number of girls on that list.

2) Playing With Your Emotions

Humans don’t want to lose what they have and possess. What I will tell you below may sound very deceptive and evil, but that is just human nature.

Exes that don’t block each other often do it to control your emotions. I have included a couple of deceptive reasons why she keeps blocking you.

  • Wants the pocession over you.
  • They want to put your mind and thoughts in a grey area, to keep you guessing on where you both stand.
  • Wants to keep the focus on herself.

There is no black and white on what she wants you to feel. She’s putting you in the grey area, a place where you would be lost and question if there is still a future with her or not. In simpler words, sehe wants to have the power over you.

To get a better understanding of this let me give you an example below:

There is a baby who is playing with his toy and he’s loving it and enjoying it. After a couple of days, the dad gets the baby a new toy and the baby again starts to enjoy this new toy. So what will happen if you start to take the first toy? He will never let you do this.

Because as humans we are not born to lose what we have. We do not accept to lose what we have and possess. He feels that he doesn’t want another man to be happy with you.

To learn more about possessiveness in a relationship and what to do about it. Check out this article from WebMd

3) It Boosts Their Ego

If you’re guilty of constantly still persuing your Ex, or giving him/her 2 a.m phone calls or text messages, then you are highly advised to read this part.

You might be thinking to yourself that “why does my Ex still keep me unblocked, even though I annoy him/her by calling?

I’ve heard from many guys especially where they presume that their Ex kept them unblocked because they think she wants them to chase them or that they still have feelings for them.

Never chase your Ex. Because it probably makes him/her feel powerful and it boosts their ego. They will probably sit on their bed or tell their friends “Look at my Ex, he/she is so obssessed with me, I am so desirable”

What To Do If Your Ex Won’t Block You On Whatsapp?

I know you still love him and you want to give him the best. And that is totally normal, it’s impossible to completely lose all your love for your Ex just so instantly. But you must understand that for whatever reason, the relationship couldn’t work.

So You need time, you need to erase every part of him in your life right now.

I’ve got many girls and boys telling me “Why doesn’t my ex block me on Whatsapp”? I know that you think that he might still love you or there might still be a chance.

If he’s not going to block you, you have to make a decision on your sanity and well being, It’s your job to block him. Block him and move on with your life.

“Not Being Blocked Shouldn’t Make You Feel Loved”

Do you want to make sure that you did the right thing, and left the relationship? Check out this article on signs of an unhealthy relationship.


Why do we block our Ex on Whatsapp? We block our Exes because it makes things much easier for each other to heal and move on

It can be very tough to see each other’s stories, current status, and profile pictures on Whatsapp. By blocking each other after a breakup, you have both made a conscious decision to move on.

If you ever have trouble understanding why won’t your Ex block you on Whatsapp, understand that there is no reason besides creating fake scenarios and “What Ifs” in your mind.

He hasn’t blocked you, right? So you keep getting sucked into this perpetual cycle of finding out what is going on, you keep checking up their profile pictures with detail and checking how long they stay online and offline on Whatsapp.

By constantly checking up and thinking about what is going on now will just make things harder for you. Do what you had to do a long time ago. Value yourself, you don’t deserve someone to keep playing with your emotions like this. Block him on Whatsapp and other social media platforms and move one.

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