Why Does He Keep Changing His Profile Picture? Is he Cheating?

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Social networking is tied up with our lives these days. And people express their feelings through social media. In today’s read, I want to talk about one of the social media behaviors. Keep reading If you are curious enough about “why he keeps changing his profile image?”

Why does he keep changing his profile picture? There are three reasons:

  1. He’s insecure
  2. He seeks your attention
  3. He’s cheating on you

There is much to learn on the reasons to why he changes his profile picture. And if you’ve got a feeling he’s cheating, there’s a way to find out .Continue on reading, so you’ll know exaclty what your boyfriend is up to.

Reasons Why He Changes His Profile Picture

1) He’s insecure

Back in the day, I had a friend who used to change his profile picture very often. I could see some insecurities in his behaviors. He couldn’t control his emotions well.

I came to understand that changing the profile image from time to time could be a sign of insecurity.

In other words, he’s Not satisfied and happy with his life. He doesn’t showcase it by appearance, but social media behavior is worth thousands of words.

“He suffers from an identity crisis and he wants to explore himself in the views of others”.

Phycologist Kaptan Singh Sengar

2) He seeks your attention

He keeps changing his profile to remind you about himself. He puts out a new photo in the hope of getting any response from you.

It happens to many of you that scroll through your social media to pass the time, and if you see a new image of a friend, you will zoom in to see it fully. He might do this to spark your curiosity.

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3) He’s cheating on youkeep-ex-photos

The most threatening and worst reason why he could be changing his profile. And I bet most of you are here to know if the reason to why he’s changing his profile picture is because he’s talking to someone else or cheating on you.

There are 2 scenarios in which he is changing his profile picture. Let’s take a look at them:

1. He changes his profile picture on dating apps

If you’re dating a guy through Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps, and you seem to notice that he changes his profile picture very often, then there is a 101% chance that he’s keeping his options open and cheating on you.

How long have you guys been talking?

1-2 Months: If you’ve been talking to this guy for a good 1-2 months, meeting up often, texting and there seems to be a good flow in the conversations. But he’s changing his profile picture!

Your intuition is telling you to approach him and ask him what’s going on? But consider that It’s still too early to say or to commit to someone.

Its reasonable for him to be in the “Feeling out Phase”

3-6 Months:

If things seem to be going good, there are dates late night texts and so on, then you better ask yourself whats the hold up?

I believe that 3 months is enough for someone to know where they stand in dating. But don’t make any quick decisions, because some people just really want to take their time.

What To Do?

Ask him the “What are we” question

Be ready for the different replies he might give you. If he’s unsure after 3 months, and he too hesitant about an exclusive relationship, make sure too not to waste your time with him too much and move on.

But if you really like him, you could wait and see where it goes, because as I said some guys take time to make up their minds.

Relationships do fail because of a lack of knowledge. Here is a link to a 1month free amazon audible subscription, where you will have unlimited dating and relationship advice from thousands of podcasts and audiobooks for free. What you need to do is only click on the link and subscribe and take your relationship to another level. 

2. Your Boyfriend Changes His Profile Picture On Social Media:

Our social media pages have become a strong part of our personality. With just a press of a bottom you could be connected to thousands of various different people, and see what they look like.

If a guy is constantly updating his online profile picture, that means he’s keeping his options open and is trying to attract other girls

If a guy has a girlfriend, why does he have to constantly update his profile picture and look good? Unless he’s trying to grab the attention of someone. Perhaps an online crush?

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Is he a busy guy in a real-life?


Is he working? Does he have something significant to do in his life?

Or conversely, he’s a free guy that doesn’t know how to kill time. The answer to these questions will help you better understand if there is shady behavior ongoing or not. No doubt he doesn’t have time for unimportant things if he has work to do or he’s busy with his life.

Create a fake profile and talk to him

Why don’t you make a fake profile and check on him? What you need to do is use some attractive photos. After texting him, try to get close to him. His reaction will show you the truth on why he keeps updating his profile.

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I congratulate you if you reached this part of the article. You don’t need to be a phycologist in your relationship. But you can think of signs whether big or small. This sign might be thinking of why he keeps changing his profile. These signs are significant and tip you off to what he is thinking or feeling.

I used to be a failure in my relationships. I felt shy and didn’t know how to talk with girls. I’ve gone through painful experiences, but I didn’t give up. Because I knew I have to overcome it.

My journey has started, and I began researching and taking many courses with different experts for a long time. And now I’m delighted to share with you all these tips as a relationship and self-development Enthusiast. I’m determined to help girls and guys know that dating and relationship is a skill. And you need to put effort and invest time to learn this skill if you are looking for a happy love life.

I hope you found this article helpful as you take your relationship to the next level.

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Amateur bubblegum psychology. Perhaps before you create untold damage to people’s relationships you should do more thorough research as to why people change profile pics regularly. We live in an age where people generate work and network connections by raising interest in their profile and life via social media apps. One of the ways people do this is by regularly updating their profile pics for followers and connections to notice and take interest in their work. This does not mean they are insecure, seeking attention, or cheating.

Perhaps do a more professional job next time in researching all the psychological and behavioral options in relation to your topics before you write something inflammatory.

Lorraine Staley

Someone changed number four times in two weeks what’s wrong

Farid Babajan

Hello Lorraine!

Sorry for the late reply. Can you explain your situation with this individual more clearly, so I can assist you in the best possible way?

1) Who are they to you?

2) How did you meet them?

3) What was your last conversation with them like?

Please send us a detailed explanation to this email: relationshipwhatsup@gmail.com

Anisha Daley

What if he is changing it on Whats app.

Farid Babajan

Dear Anisha.

it would be the same thing if he’s also changing his profile picture on Whatsapp


I don’t understand too


Great article! Proud that it’s written by a fellow Iranian. Good luck!

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