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You had a dispute with a friend, and they owe you an apology since they mistreated you, but instead of receiving an apology or getting any closure, they block you on social media. Realizing that your blocked can spark a lot of questions in your head so what do you do now?

Before we get into more depth in this article, we have to look at how to react when someone blocks you?

Keep calm don’t let your emotions burst out. If they are someone close to you then try to initiate contact with your friend or spouse. Even if you expect an apology, be the mature one and communicate with the person that blocked you. Try to understand each other’s points of view on what went wrong.

Being blocked is one of the strangest things that can happen to anyone. Like the other person simply just eliminates any form of contact without an explanation. So why do they do that, are they maniacs? Let’s get down to what exactly is wrong with people who block their friends and spouses.

How To React When Someone Blocks You?

Maybe you’ve been arguing with a friend and you thought you’d be able to talk about it afterward, have a chat, get it out in the open, clear the air.

But what happens if you attempt to reach out to them, try to text them, try to phone them, and you discover they’ve blocked you on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp.

I’m sure a lot of people have been there, where there’s no closure and you thought this person was your friend, so guess what happened? Your mind starts racing with crazy and hateful thoughts.

let’s talk about the things you probably don’t want to do first and then let’s talk about the things you should do.

What To Do and What Not To Do When Someone Blocks You

Things You Shouldn’t Do
  1. Posting and telling all your and her mutual friends that your friend is a jerk: The worst thing that you can do is to tell all your friends that “my friend is a jerk, don’t be friends with him/her anymore”. This will just make you look sour and make you look like a bad person.
  2. Going up to their house and starting a argument: Sounds like a fantastic idea in our heads, but we are loaded with rage and hate, and we just want to release all that pain and anger. This can just lead you to perpetuate the problem that already exists.
  3. Stalk them on social media: You’ll be tempted to look through your friends or ex’s social media accounts to see what they’ve been up to and look for any signs that they’re still not over you. However, social media does not represent reality. When you spend too much time focusing on their online persona, you miss out on the opportunity to truly experience your own reality.
Things You Should Do
  1. initiate the first contact: You expect an apology, but there has to be communication, because that’s what adults do? When there is no communication from the other person, try initiating contact with them. By initiating contact, you will be able to share your advice and perspective on the situation that has hurt you, and hopefully this will help them understand their mistake. 
  2. Know when to move on: A true friend will listen to you and attempt to understand you; they will accept responsibility if they make a mistakes because a true friend recognizes that their connection with you is far more precious than a pointless quarrel that might endanger everything.

“According to author Elliott Katz, “look at what you needed to learn from that relationship’s failure and apply what you learned to build a new and better connection.” Don’t allow your emotions hold you back”.

when someone shuts you down and doesn’t take responsibility into their hands, it implies they weren’t your friend in the first place.

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Should You Reach Out To Someone Who Blocked You?

If it is either your friend, spouse or even your ex never try to have contact with them in any form. Remember, they have blocked you. That’s about as direct as it gets when it comes to informing you that they (in the moment of time) don’t want anything to do with you.

I’m fully aware that this is a very trying period for you. But, unfortunately, this is how life can be at times. You should now sit tight.

By sitting tight,’ I don’t mean sitting around moping! Don’t hang around waiting for them to contact you.

Consider why would anyone want to communicate with a friend or ex who has blocked them? Why? You are completely deserving of a lover who genuinely desires to be with you. A partner or friend who believes in your future. Is there much of a future while we’re blocked?

He may unblock you and remain unhappy, but the unblocking will be an indication that he is willing to communicate. He’ll either do it or he won’t. In any event, persisting in trying to speak with someone who has made it apparent that they do not want to interact with you will just drive them further away. Allow some time to pass.

What Does It Mean When Someone Blocks You?

Is this a friend you’ve known for a long time? Or is it a girl or guy you’ve been talking to for some time now? Realizing that they’ve blocked you can be insane sometimes. Like how could my friend of one year or even five years suddenly block me!

Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable in any relationship and any friendship. But, as people and grown-ups, we face those conflicts and we have to try to resolve those issues. Because, what is it saying about us when we just give up on a friend like that.

Many people run from situations like this, because they’ve never dealt with conflict and are probably never going to deal with conflict, that’s part of their personality. A true friend will fight and try to resolve the problems. A fake friend will run and hide in their ego and pride.

In situations where conflict and disagreements are, they’re going to run like the wind. And they are not going to hear what you even have to say.

Generally speaking. People run from situations by blocking their friends or spouse. But women and men are much different. So let’s find out the difference between, when a guy blocks you and when a woman blocks you.

Why Did a Girl Block You And What To Do About It?

1) To Reclaim Her Power: A woman would block you because she’s trying to get back her power between you two when you decided that you weren’t ready for a relationship and didn’t press for it.

This is not to argue that her acts are acceptable. But women will do everything to regain power. So just give her a little more time to go through her phase.

2) You Were Overly Texting And It Came Across as Creepy At Some Point: So instead of being yourself and saying hello and telling her to have a great day, you were overly texting because you got in an argument or you just really wanted to see her and you just kept texting and texting, so you lost all accountability for your emotions.

3) You’re Not Giving Her Enough Space When She Asks For It: If she’s told you she’s not interested in you and you still keep going after her, is going to block you at some point. Guys, take a step back for some time and see if she reappears.

If she asks for space, respect her wishes; if she isn’t sure what she wants, you won’t be able to persuade her by constantly pressuring her to make you a part of her life; she must figure it out for herself.

Why Would a Guy Block You Suddenly?

1) You Acted Crazy and Needy: He lost interest in you as a result of your behavior. Because you either called, texted him at 2 a.m, or showed up at his house stalking him, threatening him, and whatever else you came up with because you desperately wanted to be with him.

You have completely turned him off, guys will block these types of girls and want nothing to do with them.

But however, I have seen in some instances where the guy would unblock the girl and has gotten in touch with her because the girl wasn’t bothering him anymore.

2) He Wants You To Chase Him: If he blocked you over the tiniest argument or misunderstanding it is because he wants you to chase him.

He wants to see if you beg for him after he has blocked you. The reason why guys do this is to have more control over the relationship and to feel more powerful.

3) He Loses His Temper: He lost his emotions and temper when he has feelings for you. You either told him off or broke up with him. So he felt upset and blocked you.

Yet his feeling remains for you. And in time he will unblock you.

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Is It Toxic To Block Someone?

It can be toxic if someone just blocks you because you had a disagreement or argument. Friends fight, curse, and cry over some of each other’s actions. But true friends and couples try to fix things and understand each others perspectives on the argument.

When your boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend suddenly blocks you and neglects your opinion on the problems in your relationship or friendship then they are very thin-skinned people. In relationship, we got to be able to communicate and talk.

For example, I have to be able to listen to people tell me, “Hey Farid you hurt my feelings when you said that.” What I said may have been very rudimentary and normal but, what matters is that I hurt my friend’s feelings.

I’m not always going to be like “oh thank you so much, I won’t do it anymore” but I do listen I do take it and then I do appreciate it later on for the most part.

Their brain would blow off if they had to deal with any conflict because they don’t even know who they are. And so they hide behind this powerful Persona, when really they are actually really weak and immature.

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Why did you get into this relationship in the first place? I think we often get into unhealthy relationships because they appear normal.

I believe that we often accept harmful relationships in our lives because they are “normal” at the moment, therefore you must ask yourself why you haven’t realized that this is a trend in your life. Why haven’t you started speaking out for yourself.

We frequently enable toxic relationships in our lives because they seem normal at the time, therefore you have to ask yourself “why haven’t I recognized that this is a pattern in my life, to begin with”? Why haven’t I started standing up for myself and these patterns?

You learned from them, but now it’s time to start standing up for yourself.

I’ve realized recently that many people have a tendency to gloss over the red flags because it’s normal and they want it to work out and they figured that the person would just change for the better.

Who are you letting in to your life? Don’t fight for people who will sell you out when things get a little rough. Loyalty & Respect in a friendship are rare, so fight for it, even if things sometimes get hard”.

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