Can I Date My Friends Dad + How to Date Someone’s Dad?

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As crazy as it might sound to everyone else that you’re actually considering dating your best friend’s dad, let me ask you first and foremost, who’s got the right to tell you who you could love or date. Dating your dad’s friend is fine but you should be prepared for the potential consequences of it.

So what’s the actual answer? Can you date your friend’s dad?

It is better to not date your friend’s dad because you could cause many things to go wrong such as losing your close friend and causing a massive family drama if your mom’s friend finds out.

Keep on reading as I uncover what you should do if you have a crush on your best friend’s dad and how to win his heart if you want to date him.

Can I Date My Friends Dad?

Can I Date My Friends Dad
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If you truly want to date your friend’s dad, there is nothing I can say that will prevent you from doing so. But there are some things you must be aware of when you are actually considering making your move on your dad’s friend.

Number 1: Date The Dad To Lose a Friend

It would be wrong and horrible of you to date your friend’s dad if everyone involved such as your friend, friend’s mom, friends’ siblings aren’t Ok with it. Otherwise, if your friend is fine with it, then it’s completely Ok to date your dad’s friend.

As I mentioned in my previous article about dating your best friend’s sister if you have a close friendship with a special friend it should be treated with the utmost care.

The most essential thing you truly have in your life are your close friends. A fling or a relationship with someone’s dad will most likely last no more than a month or a year. It’s our closest friends that will be there when we are feeling heartbroken and lonely.

When you are putting yourself in the position of dating your best friend’s dad, it can really jeopardize the friendship and really hurt your friend.

So, first and foremost, consider whether your friend is completely Ok with you dating her father.

Number 2: Make Sure He Has Been Divorced For Atleast 2 years

The other thing you want to make sure of is whether your friend’s dad has completely finalized his divorce and is completely single.

Dating or even flirting with your friend’s dad while he’s going through a divorce can present a very sticky and awkward scenario.

A very likely scenario in this situation is when your best friend’s mother finds out about the relationship you have been having with her husband.

It can make the mother feel as though her family, including her own daughter, had stabbed her in the back. It might raise a lot of concerns about how and when this entire attraction and dating thing began.

Truthfully no one can tell you who you should love or shouldn’t love. People fall for another in the most unexpected of situations and you can’t really help it. I am a full advocate of, living the way you want and doing what makes you happy. Otherwise, you’re cutting yourself short of happiness.

“However, you should take everything into account on how it would affect everyone in the sense of how it would make everyone feel and the drama and problems you may create out of chasing your feelings.”

Number 3: No One Can Tell You Who You Can Date

If you want to think about it in more of a philosophical sense. Who’s got the right to tell you otherwise, when you love someone and they love you back as well?

Even if it’s your best friend they should care for you enough to stay with you and accept it no matter what.

The concept of it being wrong to date anyone including your friend’s dad comes from social stigma. Social stigma is discrimination against the way some people perceive different things that aren’t similar to everyone else’s thoughts and beliefs.

There is no law set on whether you’ll be able to date your best friends dad, it’s just about how certain people may react to it.

Date your friends dad. But you must be willing to accept the circumstances that may come with it.

If you are still on this article, it means you are now seriously thinking about dating your friend’s dad. To get into more serious talk, let’s get into the Pros and Cons of Dating a Single Dad.

The Pros Of Dating a Single Dad?

1) He’s encouraging and sensitive:

A hard masculine man can really melt into a thousand marshmallows when his first daughter is born. His daughter has taught him how to be sweet and for him to give the best to her little baby girl.

Fathers carry the love they have for their daughters to every other woman they meet.

2) He would be more concerned about inner beauty:

It can get annoying dealing with all those guys who just care about how you look disregarding what an amazing person you might actually be.

Being a father figure demands maturity, and single dads must be responsible. Single fathers have responsibilities, which indicates that they will be capable of managing a relationship maturely.

3) He won’t rush you:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It goes the same for great relationships, steady and slow guarantees a happy and healthy relationship.

If you like taking things slow, know that single dads are perfect at taking their time. Single dads will be more thoughtful about who they bring into their life because firstly they want to avoid another failed relationship and they want to make sure you are compatible with the family.

The Cons Of Dating a Single Dad?


1) They might pay less attention to you:

Dad and single dads, in general, are going to be more devoted to their work and their children. They have many other life ambitions and priorities set in place, meaning that they won’t give you attention 24/7.

So if you are the person that requires attention all the time, dating a single dad may not be for you.

2) Baby momma drama:

You could never know how bad his divorced wife could be. You could either have it the easy way which is a baby momma who is decent. But on the other hand, you might come eye to eye with a jealous harsh woman who will be out to make your life miserable.

A relationship in a divorce with the exception of Coparenting leaves women scorned and angered, so undoubtedly she’s going to feel bitter and confused leading her to do anything and everything to tear your life and her ex-husband’s life apart.

3) You’ll be treated as an intruder

Let’s say you get through to your friend, and she allows you to date her dad. But even that isn’t a guarantee that your friend will completely be super supportive of it.

If things get more serious between you and the dad, your friend would most likely get more defensive about it. Because the last thing your friend would want is for her friend as her stepmom.

In addition, if the dad has kids, the kids won’t be your biggest fans. As it’s completely natural for children to want their parents to be together. So expect to be tested or even completely ignored in the beginning.

Are You Truely In Love With Your Friends Dad?

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When it comes to moments of love where you find yourself in love with the most unexpected people, I would always advise individuals to know their true feelings before moving forward with their crush.

Many people tend to believe that they are in love, but are they actually? Here we will be looking at the feeling of truly being in love and the feeling of fake love.

Are you actually in love or do you just have an infatuation with your friend’s dad?

Before falling head over heels in love with your friend’s dad, make sure if you are truly in love with him.

Infatuation is always based on projections. Projections of who they are as a person. Projections on what your relationship could be like. Infatuation is mostly based on projections because there isn’t enough information for it to be real.

You never know what to anticipate when it comes to infatuation. There’s nothing official about it. You don’t know if you’ll get ghosted or not. You have no idea what might or might not happen.

When it comes to love, there is predictability, trust, and commitment, and there is no need to bind the other person because you aren’t afraid of what they might do. When you’re in love, the other person is your main focus; you care about them and want them to be happy.

Has your friend’s dad consistently tried hitting on you? Find out here what it means when an older man hits on you.

How Do You Date Someone’ s Dad?

Dating a single dad is much different in comparison to dating a guy from tinder. Single dads have been there done that. They are much more mature with more duties resting on their shoulders.

If you are truly serious about dating a single dad you should make sure you understand a couple of things about him in order to thrive and enjoy life with him. That’s why I’m here to advise you as best as possible so you could date your friend’s dad as successfully as possible.

1. Be Flexible With His Plans

He had kids plus a heavy work schedule placed on his shoulders because he has duties to provide for his children.

Brace yourself and expect some of your dates to be canceled at the last second, because some of his plans may change on the sudden last second of the day.

His kids may suddenly get sick one minute and the next minute he’s forced to stay at work for an extra hour.

2. Don’t Expect To Be The Center Of all His Attention

Single dads can get super busy. Being used to dating college boys or boys who are still living with their parents is much more different than dating a dad who has a family to support and care for.

If you are the type of gal who requires his attention 24/7 then he most likely isn’t going to be able to provide it to you.

Dating a dad also comes with the territory of also maintaining your independence as well.

He is going to be at work a lot and he is going to be spending time with his kids as well. So you’ve got to have your goals and aims which you are striving for.

3. Be Super Supportive

The most crucial part of dating a single dad is by learning how to be his cheerleader. The last thing a single dad would want is another person added to his already stressful and filled responsibilities.

Learn here how to win his heart by doing these two things!

4. Don’t Move Forward Too Fast

Have in mind that he has gone through a divorce and is most likely carrying a lot of baggage from past events.

His divorce may have ended in the worst of terms or the best. Either way as a man supporting and still caring for his children, he is going to be very picky and sensitive on who he brings permanently into his life.

Try to go at a pace, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Be his lover, his supporter, and his rock. Keep this consistency and you’ll find yourself in a very special part of his heart.

5. Don’t Try To Take Up The Mom Role

Dating a single dad means that it is going to be a very hard and sensitive issue for the children. When things get serious, don’t quickly go on establishing yourself as the step-mom of the family. His children will come to accept you whenever they feel like it.

His children already have a mother. She may not be living with them but she does still see them and is there to provide for them whenever they need to have their real mother to be there for them.

6. Take The Lead In The Bedroom

When a person spends 90% of his week juggling in between different tasks, such as spending time with his kids, doing the house chores, and going to work will undoubtedly drain him of most of his energy.

You can simply win his heart if you take the role of warming him up sexually. Set up a nice romantic evening or night with a glass of wine and some nice music.

7. Be Energetic and Flirty

As a single dad, who’s been through some rough patches is also going to be a bit rusty due to the inactivity of meeting new people and talking to different women besides his ex-wife.

When you are with him, be extra flirty and try to get him to feel more confident around your flirtatious humor.


There is no set rule or law which prevents you from dating your friend’s dad.

But if you really want to know. Dating your friend’s dad can be risky and there is no guarantee that you can get out of it without any consequences. However, there are a couple of things that you can follow in order to avoid any disastrous outcomes.

  • Talk to your friend about your feelings for her dad. And make sure your friend is completly Ok with it.
  • Make sure there isn’t no one else in his life, he should have been single for at least a year.
  • Dating a single dad with the approval of your friend is the best solution to any of this.
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