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Love is a game of strategy. Whether you are chasing someone you love or you are trying to fix a breakup. In this article, we are going to be talking about the infamous “No Contact Rule On Women” and how it can get you back to your Ex.

Before jumping into how the no contact rule works on women and how to apply it. We first have to answer the question: Does the no contact work on women or not?

The no contact rule does work on women. Because memories and experiences live on, as well as the fear of losing someone you care for. When you cut off all forms of contact, you are giving her enough time to contemplate about all the memorable experiences that you both shared with each other.

If you want to put yourself in a position where she comes back to you begging for things to go back to what they were, continue on reading as I deep dive into the no-contact rule and how you could apply it and see amazing results.

Does No Contact Work On a Female?

The no contact rule does work on women. Only after a few weeks after the breakup, she will come to the realization that she’s lost sharing a life with you and talking to you every day. She’s going to start becoming super curious about what you are up to, then she’s going to become anxious, fearful, and then depressed.

The no contact rule can be a man’s secret weapon against their Ex-girlfriends, because women’s needs are not meant to withstand “no contact” from someone they were super intimate with.

What Men Desire The Most From WomenWhat Women Desire Most From Men
FreedomTo be appreciated
SupportSense of security
The need to have sex more oftenSpace and Trust

Attention is the one thing that women desire most from their men. Taking attention away from your Ex will help you gain greater control over them over the span of the no contact phase.

Applying the no-contact rule requires a lot of discipline. It’s no easy task to go through a breakup without wanting to quit it.

Many guys will attempt to call, write, send gifts, plead and beg for her forgiveness. These attempts will only push her further away.

Keep composed and disciplined and let time do its job.

“Having the Discipline to not hit her up, will give you the power when she finally hits you up”.

Masculinity makes a man desirable to a woman.

Chasing and begging make a man less masculine.

Contrary to mostly every women’s belief: That men should chase and act vulnerable around them.

Reading and learning more about relationships and communication can be your key to happy love life.

What Is The Percentage Of No Contact Rule Working?

A questionnaire was distributed among 514 people who got their Ex back prior to 9 months of breaking up. And the results were very impressive:

53.3% – Self Improvement

50.9% – Time apart

43.2 – No contact

16.8 – Self-help articles/Youtube

11.2 – Therapy/Relationship coach

6.3 – Other

All research is given credit to this study

Do Women Like Guys With Emotions (How women bend the truth)

Women become more distant, the more their man shows emotions.

Many men fall under the false desire women set out for themselves. Many women state that the no contact rule won’t work. Because a lack of affection and attention after a break-up will only distance her more from the guy.

Women say one thing and do another

There is a major disparity between what women say and what they actually mean. It is mainly because the truth doesn’t always sound so pleasing.

Quotes every guy is used to hearing from women

The nice guy persona is very feminine. The lack of masculinity can make a women become more distant from a man.

Don’t get it the wrong way. Women do sympathize. They are there for you, and they will support you through hardships. But a woman will start to become more distant as you show her weakness through emotions.

A woman desires security and safety from a man. When she sees that he gets to put on his knees because of a relationship, then she’s going to question whether or not you can protect her through life, financially and emotionally.

Women are attracted to the bad boy persona. A very controversial subject, but there is a reason why girls always end up back with their toxic boyfriends. And why women are willing to chase and break their own rules for “Bad Boys”

The “bad boy” ideology has gotten a bad rep about someone who is toxic and Narcissistic. But No! Bad boys are alluring because of their mentality. They are Alpha, they chase their dreams and goals, and in the end, the pretty girls chase them.

Want to know why bad boys are so alluring? Check out this video on 8 MIND TRICKS “Bad Boys” Use.

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What Are The Stages Of No Contact?

Going weeks or even months without contact allows you to build a lot of momentum. Here, I will teach you about the stages of no contact and how it psychologically affects your girlfriend into finally coming back to you.

So what are the stages of no contact?

  1. Relief
  2. Curiosity
  3. Self-development preoccupation
  4. Depression
  5. Fear of loss

1) Relief: (First day till the 2nd week of the break up)

The dumper is going to feel a sense of great freedom and relief after she had dumped you.

Dumping someone requires a lot of courage. And she has been building a case for her self for a while on breaking up with you.

She had been replaying it over and over again in her mind on why she wants to break up with you and how she is going to do it.

Once she breaks up with you, she is going to feel a sense of relief because of the courage and effort she had to go through to tell you it.

What to do during the Relief stage?

Imagine someone you have been intimate with and in a relationship for some time with suddenly comes up to you, out of no where and breaks up with you.

No matter how strong you are, you will get caught off guard with a sudden rush of emotions.

In this stage, it’s ok to chase her with questions and beg her for an explanation.

Beware that no matter how well you try to persuade her to take back what she said, she’s going to reject it without a moment of hesitation.

She going to be a brick wall without a care in the world for you, at this stage.

So, it’s best to tell her this: “Im shocked to hear this from you, but I respect your decision and I’ll give you your space. Take care”

2) Curiosity (3rd week till 5th week since the break up)

After a while of radio silence. Your Ex is going to question, why you are so quit and what you are up to. Her thoughts are going to be flooded with curiosity.

There are two reasons why she will start to become curious and interested in this situation.

  • She expected you to beg and plead for her back by now.
  • She was so used to being so informed about your life and how you were doing. The thought of not knowing what you are up to and how you are doing will slowly push her to do some digging on your whereabouts

What to do during the curiosity stage?

The second stage requires you to be super low-key. Not too many pictures on social media or profile picture updates.

In this phase, however, you want to seem outgoing and happy when you step outside of your house, in order to get any possible informants that are out to tell your girlfriend what you are up to.

3) Self Development Preoccupation (6th week till 9th week since the break up)

During the first few weeks, she was just glad to get it over with and end things with you.

Her ego and confidence would have been through the roof after the breakup because breakups give her a sense of power over you.

During the no contact phase, you would be slowly diminishing her sense of power and ego. Because she was expecting you to beg for her back at least a couple of times.

The curiosity stage for her is just going to get stronger day by day at this stage. She is going to be checking everywhere, in order to see what you are up to.

At this point, she probably can’t even enjoy a meal with her friends without having the urge to check whether or not you have posted anything on Instagram or Facebook.

So, just like many individuals facing relationship problems she is going to learn that the best way for her to forget you is to focus on herself. Such as going to the gym or taking extracurricular activities.

What to do during the self-development stage?

If you both shared intimacy in the relationship, then she isn’t simply going to forget about you. No matter how hard she works on herself.

Letting go of a once intimate and memorable relationship is something that sometimes may not leave one’s mind.

At this stage, try to post 1 or 2 stories of yourself or with a couple of friends.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the list of people who viewed your story. She probably saw it from the Instagram of a mutual friend of yours and hers.

4) Grief: (9th week till 11th week since the break)

At this stage, it is becoming unbearable for her. She is going to start skipping gym sessions because the memories and thoughts about you become too unbearing.

At this point, her logical mind only remembers everything good and exciting that you both shared with each other.

She’ll start questioning every wrong decision she made in the relationship and she’ll start fearing anxiously for losing you forever.

“She’ll start wondering if it was her fault that the relationship went so south, even though it was you who broke her heart”

What to do during her grief stage?

Escalate your fun and the pictures you post on social media. Make her see more that she is losing out on you and the fun you are having.

5) Dipping her feet in the water: (Occurs during the 11th week – 13th week)

Every effort dedicated to getting rid of you from her mind has failed. Initiating contact is her last resort. She can’t think of another way to get out of her depression and curiosity about what’s going on with your life.

What to do during the contact stage?

She’s most likely going to come at you very smug and cold. Because she doesn’t want to show that she’d succumbed to the fact that she can’t live without you.

Your best response to her contact is to act like yourself. But not too friendly and outgoing. Instead, give her the impression that you are happy and you don’t hold any grudges against her.

After a similar back and forth over some time, she’ll start calling you instead of texting. This is her attempt to re-kindling the relationship

6) The “Let’s meet up” phase

The stakes are being raised, and you should expect to be asked out on a date by her. Once you go on a date, things are going to be a bit tense in the beginning.

Because both of you just came out from full-on mental warfare with yourselves.

What to do during the meet-up phase?

Refrain from interrogating her on her time apart from you, and refrain from boasting about your own. If you’re experiencing feelings of envy or competitiveness, it’s possible that you haven’t totally recovered from the breakup hurt

 Be courageous truthful and open. But don’t apply it too heavily or too quickly. 

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How To Get a Stubborn Ex-Girlfriend Back?

As defined on Google. Being stubborn is having or showing persistent determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.

Stubborn people may be the strongest in the battle of love. It will seem impossible to break her guard. Getting through someone stubborn requires more sacrifice and weakness from your side in comparison to dating someone who wouldn’t be stubborn

A break-up doesn’t eliminate the feelings and the good memories she had once shared with you.

The key to getting a stubborn girlfriend back is to apply the no-contact method till the point where you feel she has had enough time to herself. Then it’s up to you to initiate the first contact and to apologize for breaking her heart.

Step by Step Guide on getting your stubborn girlfriend back

1. She is breaking up with you to signal that something is very wrong and toxic in the relationship.

2. She will also be applying the No-Contact rule, in order to get you anxious with regret on losing her.

3. Texting her or initiating any type of contact within a month can ruin your chances on patching things up.

4. Go through the no contact for at least a month before you initiate contact.

5. When you want to end the no contact rule, text your Ex like this:

  • Let her know you are thinking of her
  • Remind her of a good memory
  • Keep it light
  • Send her something funny
  • Tell her how much you regret what you did.
  • Tell her that you are changing. Not that you are going to change. But you are actually putting effort to change as well.

Text Example 1:

“I passed by our favorite hang-out place, and it just got me thinking about you. I just wish I could take things back. I have come to realize and accept that I just want what’s best for you, I’m sorry for everything”

Text Example 2:

Hey, I hope you are well. I have been thinking and reflecting on everything that happened between us, and I’ve realized how selfish and toxic I was. I want to take a moment to tell you how much you meant to me. I hope we can give it another try because I don’t want to lose all those good moments we shared with each other.

“But I understand what I caused you. I just want to see you happy. If you don’t find any hope for us then I understand, and I wish you all the best”

Text Example 3:

Hope you are doing well these days. I just started my work as a salesman at XYZ company. I know how much it meant to you. So I thought I’d lets you know. I hope to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will no contact work on a married woman?

Marriages are more serious, so it is not going to work if you do the same no-contact rule you would have done on your girlfriend. In order for the no contact rule to work in a marriage, there should be communication, but only communication on topics related to the both of you, such as talking about the kids, finances, the house, and business.

Under any circumstance during the breakup or divorce process, you must stay calm and accept her for her own decision.

Many men will constantly boss their wives around by telling them that they shouldn’t break up or leave. This forces the wife to put her guard up every time you approach her.

By talking about topics related to both of you, and avoiding raising any questions about the break-up and divorce you would be allowing her to drop her defenses.

Once you nurture a safe and relaxed situation with your wife, she will start to expand the conversation with you over time. Such as getting to know what you are up to on a personal level.

Why is the no contact rule so effective?

No contact is really effective because it creates the feeling and fear of loss. In the beginning of a break up she’s going to be very mad and defensive. But when you disappear completely, she’s going to feel a big void in her life. This separation and no contact will drive her to remember everything that was once sweet and beautiful in the relationship.

Her feelings and emotions will become so overwhelming that she’ll start questioning why she broke up with you and whether she did the wrong thing or not

“We don’t know what we have, until it’s gone”

Do female dumpers always come back?

Most of the time female dumpers do come back when the no contact rule is applied. When she dumps you, she gets an ego boost because she is rejecting you. Therefore this gives her the feeling as if she has power over you.

But, over time when she sees that you aren’t chasing or begging for her to take you back, she is going to lose her ego boost over time.

Many women have a lot of strong egos. Meaning that they believe God had blessed you in being with her. So when you remove her ego boost and through no contact, she is going to start overthinking all her brilliant traits.

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The power of no contact with a woman can be extremely useful and extremely powerful. It puts you as the man in the position of power and only gives one true option to the women to see you. She must submit and enter to your frame, if not, you will find a better option.

If you have been intimate, she will be attached to you, so it’s going to make things much harder for her to move on. She’s going to have anxiety and a lot of fear of losing you.

In order to succeed in the no contact, you have to be very indifferent to whatever the results may be.

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