Girlfriend Hangs Out With Friends More Than Me: (What To Do?)

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In certain parts of our relationships, things can suddenly become very surprising. For example, you’ve probably noticed how your girlfriend suddenly became so distant from you after almost spending all the time with you at the beginning of the relationship.

In this article, I share all that knowledge on what to do when your girlfriend hangs out with friends more than you?

Show her that you are living your best life. Ambitions and hobbies. Put all your focus on those. And show her that you are capable of doing everything with or without her. Once she realizes how determined and independent you are to your own purpose, she will begin to pay more time and attention to you.

Before deciding on how to react to your girlfriend’s absence, you’ve got to first realize whether it’s your own jealousy that is the problem before jumping to the conclusion that something has definitely changed in the relationship. Continue on reading as I reveal to you what it really means when your girlfriend hangs out with her friends more than you.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Hangs Out With Friends More Than You?

Women should have a more direct approach when it comes to dealing with their boyfriend hanging out with their friends all the time. On the other hand, men should have more of an indirect approach when it comes to dealing with their girlfriend

Here’s what I mean about what to do when your girlfriend hangs out with her friends more than you.

  1. Set up your own priorities.
  2. Pay the same amount of attention as she gives you.

1) Set Up Your Own Priorities:

When you are chasing her everywhere and begging for her attention at every turn she’ll start believing that you’re on her leash and that everything is on her demands.

When she’s got a guy who craves her attention and looks for the glaring opportunity to hang out with her, she’s going to enjoy it. Because when women taste desperate and weakness in their men they will begin to be disrespectful and controlling towards you.

In order to get her to hang out with her friends less and to actually put in some time for you, you should never beg. You must never talk. The best thing to do is to focus on your profession and hobbies.

When you dial down and truly focus on yourself. Having the goal to be the best version of yourself. She’s going to take notice and will eventually drop everything and beg you for your attention. But you must stay composed and still remain dedicated to your own craft (Don’t let up too early.)

Bottom Line: Focus on yourself and let her be the onethat comes back for your attention and time.

If you see no change in her behavior at all, then you’ll be glad to realize where you stand in the relationship. If she truly loved you, she would have made a change. But if she doesn’t change then she doesn’t care about you

Stop selling yourself short, if she’s not going to respect you. You have to have a proper conversation about it with yourself and decide to leave her.

2) Pay The Same Amount Of Attention as She Gives You

Set your priorities straight, but don’t ignore her. There is still a relationship, and there still must be effort. I advised you, not to seem desperate to only her needs and her schedule with her friends.

You can’t go through a relationship where you’re the only one putting in the effort. Sensing like you’re are being used by her? No problem, drawback the amount of affection and attention you give her, only to the point where she reciprocates the same for you.

Reflect exactly the same things she does and doesn’t do for you.

Love should be unconditional. But tough times require tough decisions and action. She must understand that your care and time should not be taken for granted.

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Why Do I Get Jealous When My Girlfriend Hangs Out With Her Friends?

The attention and time we all seem to want from our girlfriends is something totally different from any other friendship. When we become very close to someone on an intimate level we develop a heightened expectation from them.

An expectation that they must be there all the time for us. This is a very common form of jealousy found in relationships and is labeled as irrational jealousy.

As I was reading some articles on jealousy, I came upon irrational jealousy which is defined as attention that becomes very demanding.

This is when we expect our spouse to be only with us. When we are jealous, we don’t want our spouse to be linked to anybody other than ourselves because we see it as a threat to our relationship.

Jealousy is a key component a girl uses to test her man. Find out here what it means when a girl tries to make you jealous

How Do I Stop Being Jealous Of My Girlfriends Friends?

Any jealousy that we have, on some level, comes from comparison. So, when your girlfriend hangs out with a friend who constantly makes her laugh, what happens is that you eventually begin to compare yourself to your girlfriend’s friend.

You are probably thinking: “How much funnier your girlfriend’s friend is compared to me”? or “How much more charismatic and more fun they are than me”?

The truth is that no matter how funny you are or even how handsome you are, there will always be someone out there who is better than you in some way.

Your girlfriend’s friend may be more fun and interesting than you. But why is your girlfriend with you?

Look at it this way. Your girlfriend’s friend may be funny but ask yourself this. Is she funny and as compassionate as you? Is she as charismatic and good-looking as you?

Look at the whole picture. It’s not just one particular trait that made your girlfriend love you. It’s the many things that you process that attracted her to you.

“Have the outlook that it doesn’t matter how funny your girlfriends friends are, because at the end of the day your girlfriend loves you. You are the complete package of everything she wants and needs.”


Women can sometimes get the wrong idea about how they should treat men in a relationship

Many women treat themselves like goddesses who can do whatever they want. These women will go to parties, they will ask you for money and spend it for themselves or with their friends.

Women these days have this very powerful belief that their men should treat them like queens if they want them her to stay. However, it’s the total opposite. Women are chasing commitment, marriage, and a future with a man. These 3 desires are very hard to obtain for a woman.

Sure she has a lot of options. But these men are only looking to sleep with her a couple of times. Commitment is a hard commodity to come by for a woman.

Here’s the bulleted conclusion on what you must do when your girlfriend hangs out with her friends more than you

  • Change your mindset – Your jealousy comes from comparison and losing your girlfriend to her friend. Understand that your girl went into a relationship with you because you have something no one has.
  • Becoming your best version – Gain respect for yourself and in turn, people will have respect for you. Do sports and work on your profession, when your girlfriend sees your self-dedication she’s going to come back to you
  • Don’t give her the world when you see that she doesn’t even give you her time – Have respect for your time and make her earn your time and attention. Therefore pay her attention the exact amount she puts in for you.
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