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OnlyFans seems to have become the hottest topic since the beginning of 2020. Who would have expected a social media platform to make millionaires just because they post explicit and nude pictures? In this article we are going to be giving you the full guide on OnlyFans, as well as; is it ok to have an OnlyFans when you are in a relationship.

Discuss your boundaries with each other, if you are comfortable with your significant other posting content on OnlyFans, then that’s fine. However, If your significant other is not comfortable, then you should compromise and not join or post content on OnlyFans.

The R-rated Instagram. It surely has its obvious benefits, but it is also presenting a lot of ethical issues between couples. Many are labeling the use of this platform as a form of cheating, while many see it as an opportunity to make some good money on the side. Stick around to learn more about the challenges plus opportunities OnlyFans presents to people.

Is It Ok To Have An OnlyFans In a Relationship

The boundaries of the relationship are up to you and your partner. If you and your partner are uncomfortable with it then it’s better to talk about it and compromise for the person you love. OnlyFans isn’t something that can be taken lightly it can even be viewed as cheating. So if you love your partner make sure they are comfortable with what you are going to do.

Imagining your significant other to post nude or explicit pictures and videos of themselves is a huge red flag in a relationship.

but some couples aren’t really too worried whether or not their significant other posts explicit pictures or looks at nude photos of other girls on OnlyFans.

Communication and setting boundaries in a relationship are really important. For example, I’ve had many of my clients tell me that their girlfriend got upset at them for using OnlyFans.

I told them “Your boyfriend’s use of OnlyFans could possibly be that he didn’t consider it cheating, and it is a big misinterpretation as both of you are already fine with watching such videos”.

“Communicating in what you consider right or wrong is important for the health of the realtionship”

Is OnlyFans Bad For Relationships?

OnlyFans is cheating. Just like sending nudes to a random stranger is considered cheating. Therefore it is tenfold worse when you share explicit content online and flirt with thousands of strangers. But if you and your partner agree otherwise then it isn’t bad for the relationship.

Did you tell your boyfriend about how you are planning on opening an OnlyFans account? Did he disagree even when you said that you are just planning to post something as simple as a bikini picture?

You are probably outraged at how sensitive he might seem. Your friends may even be telling you that “there is no problem if you open and post bikini pics on OnlyFans”.

It may not seem like cheating for you or your friends. But you have to understand why he may be uncomfortable with it and why it is a deal-breaker for him.

“If it is a deal breaker for your boyfriend you ultimately have to make up your mind. Would you rather start an OnlyFans or stay with your boyfriend?”

But make sure you set the rule of Not Banning Your Significant Other From OnlyFans If You Were Ok With It In The Beginning.

If you met your boyfriend or girlfriend when they were using OnlyFans, you shouldn’t try to change them. To avoid a bad situation it is better to avoid it completely from the beginning. If you think it’s going to make you upset just don’t immerse yourself in it.

When you get into a relationship with someone who is already using OnlyFans, you are already making the decision to accept the consequences. Be Ok With It Because You Signed Up For It.

Can You Make Money As a Couple On OnlyFans?

Is It Ok To Have An OnlyFans In a Relationship

Just like how any other creator makes money on OnlyFans, making content with your partner on OnlyFans can make you a lot of money because there aren’t many couples making content on the platform. But have it in mind that OnlyFans requires a lot of effort and time in order to succeed.

The positive thing about OnlyFans is that there are 50+ million subscribers all with different preferences on what they want to see. Just like how people have preferences on what they want to watch on adult sites.

If you are thinking about starting an OnlyFans with your significant other, I suggest you to keep a couple of things in mind before starting:

  • The market is not saturated as much with explicit content of couples. But there are a small handful of couples that have gained the intrest of the OnlyFans community. Check out this post to see the most successful couples on OnlyFans
  • In order to succeed in making content as a couple you have to make sure you are offering something which the other creators aren’t doing. I will mention more on that further below.
  • Take OnlyFans professionaily. I have seen some couples fight over OnlyFans because they did not communicate what they are comfortable or not comfortable with. It’s a business dont let your emotions get mixed in this. If you are planning on posting explicit conttent, expect some discomforting messages from fans on the platform.
  • Consider everything before joining OnlyFans. Keeping an offical employment or getting a job may be harder if they find out you have an OnlyFans.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Being On OnlyFans

+You can earn a lot of money. -People will feel like they own you, and will harass you by asking you for nudes or other crazy things.
+Fun and exciting way to make money. Because you can think of cool ways of taking videos and photos.-It can be time-consuming. You have to be consistent and treat it like your job, by posting daily and messaging your fans
+It empowers plus boosts your self-confidence because you look good and because other people pay to see you.-You can get a lot of backlash. Not everyone is going to agree on what you are doing.
+Very flexible. You can decide how many hours a week you want to put the time in.-You have to pay taxes. 30% of whatever you make.
-OnlyFans takes 20% of your money.

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Tips To Succeed On OnlyFans

1) Making a Great First Impression

Make sure you make a great first impression when making your profile. Your potential subscribers will have very few things they’ll see on your page before deciding on subscribing.

Having an attractive and inviting header that will motivate them to subscribe is really important (But No Nudity Though).

2) Write An Attractive Bio

Mention what someone might get if they subscribe to your OnlyFans account. Be as descriptive and less confusing as possible.

Such as:

  • Will you be replying to fans, and how often?
  • How many times a week are you going to be uploading new content?
  • Types of content you are going to put out.

3) How Much Will Your Monthly Subscription Be?

The average price for subscribing to an OnlyFans account is $9.99 and the minimum is $5.00. Deciding how much your monthly subscription will be can be very crucial, so make the right choices on what you want to accomplish.

Tips on setting your price: Make your price higher if you dont think you’ll get a lot of subscribers. And lower your price if you think you can get a lot of subscribers.

The more subscribers you have the better, because from having more people follow you, you are also going to have a lot of people that are going to be talking about you. Which will in turn lead to more people exploring and subscribing to your page.

4) Send a Welcome Invitation Email To New Subscribers

Enable the mail tab in your setting. This allows OnlyFans to send an invitation letter to all your new subscribers. This will make them feel welcome and excited in joining your OnlyFans page.

I recommend you to take a 2 min video introducing yourself and giving concise information on what you are going to offer.

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Why Do Girls Post On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is mainly seen as a get-rich-quick scheme for women. Where content creators give 20% of their profit and keep the rest. It also empowers women as they can earn enough money to own a house a car as well as get unlimited attention, likes, and fans that would go crazy over a simple nude picture or a text message from these girls.

OnlyFans Offers: Desire + Money + Attention = Everything a Girl Would Ever Want.

Bottom line is that “sex sells”. From billboards, magazines, Instagram and BurgerKing commercials. A woman’s naked body is the pinnacle of a man’s pleasure point in the brain.

Sex sells because it immediately grabs people’s attention and because men are genetically wired to view any exposed and nude women as potential mates.

Although it is seen as taboo and risky in the views of many people. The history of women selling their bodies in person or in images has been a part of history for hundreds and thousands of years.

Where once upon a time you needed producers, directors, and an agent before entering the modeling and sex industry, OnlyFans has simplified and truly become the platform where “sex does sell” for many women.

OnlyFans is primarily for adult content. And money can be made using various methods.

Methods Girls Use, To Make Money On OnlyFans

1) Subscription prices: Where you set your price for simple subscriptions and bundles. Your followers then pay a fee per month regarding what your price is

2) Pay per view messages (PPVM): This is content girls share, via messages with their fans, but their fans must pay to view these messages. Girls can also send PPVs to individual accounts by going to their messages and attaching media or writing a message.

3) Tips: Many viewers actually tip a creator’s posts, direct messages, and live stream sessions. Tipping may sound silly considering that people are already paying to view a girl’s posts. But, girls on OnlyFans are clever. They keep their fans hooked on their content by offering more, for a hefty tip.

4) Live Streaming: Live videos, to connect with their audience and make money. Girls either give a Vlog or strip in front of the stream. The viewers can tip through the session. And of course, the more a girl shows the bigger the tips.

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OnlyFans can notoriously be seen as digital prostitution where women sell their sexuality. The platform was launched in 2016 but it gained massive popularity in the year 2020 with 50 million users and 1 million content creators. OnlyFans is a pay-per-view, users are able to subscribe send tips, and have private chats.

OnlyFans has been the main topic of the past couple of years. With issues on if it’s considered cheating as well as how to succeed on the R-rated platform.

This OnlyFans article covered the introduction of OnlyFans as well as if it is ok for couples to use OnlyFans, or to start an account together. So here is a short summary of everything that was covered.

Is OnlyFans Bad For Relationships?

It is better to discuss it with your significant other if you are thinking of chatting or looking at nude girls on OnlyFans. have a talk, especially if you are thinking of posting nude shots on OnlyFans to make money.

Nudity and chatting with the opposite sex outside your relationship is a touchy subject and can hurt your significant other’s feelings. So make sure to communicate it before going off and doing such things.

Can You Make Money As a Couple On OnlyFans?

As a couple, you can make a lot of money from OnlyFans because sex sells! And on OnlyFans people can get plenty of that. OnlyFans has shown to be a successful business model. But just like any other business, you would need to be innovative and smart on what you want to offer people.

Why Do Girls Post On OnlyFans?

To get super-rich by just posting explicit and nude photos. OnlyFans has made thousands of women rich overnight, many even quitting their 9 to 5 jobs. OnlyFans leads to women empowerment because it not only makes them rich, it gives them the attention of thousands of men paying to watch them naked.

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