Is It Okay To Not Have Girl Friends? Guide On Making More Friends

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There is no need to feel unordinary and different from other people if you don’t have any girl friends. Having a girl friend as a guy or girl has it’s own benefits and disadvantages. In this article I’m going to give you a full guide on if It’s okay to not have girl friends?

Having girl friends as a girl is important, as it helps minimize hardships of life’s transitions, lowers blood pressure, and boosts immunity. It is also important for guys to have girl acquaintances because it helps guys become more confident in talking to women as well as becoming more understanding of female nature.

There are still two main issues we must discuss down below. One is, “Why it’s important for a guys to have female friends, but how it could also be bad”? And secondly “How you can start making more female friends if you are a man or woman?”

Why Is It Important For Guys To Have Girl Friends?

Exploring new friends, outside the group of guy friends you have is really important. I see many guys get complacent and too comfortable with their guy friends. I for one was guilty of this.

The worst thing is that if you stick around more in your group of guy friends without meeting girls and having some girl friends, could potentially hurt your self-esteem and confidence more with women in the future.

Why It’s Bad For Guys To Not Have Any Girl Friends?

1) Makes you shy and weak:

I have met many guys that quake, when the thought of just talking to a girl comes to their mind. I used to be one of those guys, and it haunted my everyday life.

What can you do if you’re shy and awkward around girls?

Personally, by just deciding that I wanted to change, was the best decision I’ve ever made. I decided to apply myself and push myself at every opportunity to hang around girls, and to get comfortable around them.

Watching a lot of Youtube videos, on how to be a dominant alpha male with women also helped me greatly.

Check out these two Youtube channels that really helped me understand girls and improve my confidence with them. (Casy Zander & Rich Cooper Clips)

If you still can’t push yourself to hang out with a girl one on one, try to look for group hangouts instead, where there are an equal number of girls and boys.

And when you do apply yourself to talk to more and more women, you would eventually feel more confident and unstoppable.

“Eliminating your shyness by talking to women may be the best thing you could ever do”.

2) No social desirability and you don’t seem scarce to women.

I have seen the looks and the curiosity of other women, when they see me with other women. Truth is, that having a lot of women by your side increases your social presence in the eyes of men and other girls.

P.S. (No ones got to know if you’re dating them). Pretend like there might be something between you and your girl friend when around people, since it could be used as a great tactic to reel in, and get your crush’s attention.

This psychological trick is called the ‘scarcity effect’, which says that people are more attracted to those options or opportunities that are rare, unique or dwindling in availability”.

3) Problems getting a girlfriend.

My dad at an early age once told me to start making more girl friends, because It helps you to understand women and how they think better.

Understanding and learning what women are like is a completely different thing. When we hang out with too many guys we become too masculine and rough, women allow men to explore their feminine side and to become sweeter and more caring.

Hanging out with women allows guys to understand and be aware of all their mood swings and their ups and downs, so when it comes to being in a committed relationship you will be more aware and understanding of your women.

Why Is It Important For Girls To Have Girl friends?

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus; this means women are inherently different than men. Women think and act differently, and are more emotionally driven than logically driven.

“Fulfilling exchange with like-minded women and harnessing your feminine energy, helps you feel connected in your identity as a women”

You can gather confidence and energy by surrounding yourself around friends you admire.

Having girl friends is important because you uplift each other, they will be your cheerleader and your wing women in life.

Male friends can give you positivity too but there is a sense of understanding within female friendships which makes the exchange extra special.

But it’s so frustrating to see many girls complain about how they hate having female friends, because they see them as the shady and jealous type.

Don’t worry though. All you need is time to apply yourself more, and eventually you’ll find your perfect friends.

What can you do to make more girl friends as a girl?

It can get complicated after a certain age where all your precious friends move to different cities and you’re out in this world by yourself. Where making friends, is like going out on a date with a random guy.

Below I have mentioned some tips on making new girl friends.

1) Join extracurricular classes

Explore some new places, especially hobbies and classes. Classes are an excellent way to meet friends with similar interests as you.

2) Propose to take a friend out

Being in the social context where everyone’s busy and has their own friends and plans, you could be persistent and offer to take a friend out.

Say something like this to her: “Hey when are getting off from work? Let’s go grab a pizza, I’ll pick you up”.

3) Join online social platforms.

Being in this crazy pandemic, social media use and making friends online has just taken over the social context. I literally see my friends video call random people they haven’t ever met before.

Here is the link for all the best social media apps for making friends online.

Why Guys Shouldn’t Have Too Many Girl Friends.

I never label the other girls in my life as, ‘girl friends’ beside my actual girlfriend. I prefer to call them my acquaintances.

Why do I call these girls my acquaintances?

Well, it comes down to the 3 rules, on having a girl friend

Girls and guys can’t just be platonic friends.How can a guy or girl be in the presence of each other? without some sexual attraction? Even if there isn’t any feeling towards the beginning, there is always the possibility of something that could happen.
Try to hang out with your girl friends in groups.I only go out with a girl only if I believe there is a possibility to get into a relationship with her. Besides that, why would I go hang out with a girl alone? Try to keep your friendships with girls in groups.
Keep her around. But never closeIt’s always good to have connections and learn how to get comfortable with talking to girls. But never become best friends with a girl, because that’ll cause many problems if you decide to get a girlfriend or if she gets a boyfriend.
Instead, keep her around and hit her up if you need a favor.


Friendships are very important they make you interact, they are there to experience life with them, one of the greatest joys in life is having friends.

Consider if I asked you what was the best memory in your life? You would most likely say that it was shared with one of your friends. And if they weren’t, Wouldn’t your friends be the first to hear you share your amazing stories?

As a guy, it’s important to have girl friends, because it allows us to get comfortable talking to women and allows men to understand female nature more.

As a girl, fulfilling exchange with like-minded women and harnessing your feminine energy, helps you feel connected in your identity as a woman”

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